Gocycle G3 Video Review – High-Tech Folding Electric Bike

Gocycle G3 Video Review – High-Tech Folding Electric Bike

https://electricbikereview.com/gocycle/g3/ The Gocycle G3 is a futuristic folding electric bike with lightweight Magnesium frame, mid-body suspension bumper and enclosed chain and wires for clean transport and storage, the chan is not expos. Now available in four color choices, a 25% larger battery pack and improved wheel locking system vs. the older G2 model from Gocycle, three-speed internally geared hub with auto electronic shifting. A daytime running light “tube” helps keep you seen along with reflective tires and optional Bush & Müller LED Lights, optional fenders, front bag and water-resistant “docking station” for travel. You get what you pay for and this product costs a pretty penny (especially with accessories), the gearless motor produces some cogging drag when unpowered and whirring noise when operating. The Gocycle products use marine grade parts and are excellent for use on boats, yachts, rv’s and airplanes because they are light and stay very clean. They can fit a wide range of riders due to an adjustable stem and angled seat tube with longer seat post. EBR was paid to perform this review #Sponsored We try to be honest, thorough, and fun! Comparison tools, shop directory, and forums at: ElectricBikeReview.com

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  1. You can tell the speed, download the app, and link bike and phone via Bluetooth, attach the phone to the bike when cycling, the app shows your speed, Battey life, etc etc….

  2. Oh, I wish the kickstarted wasn’t over yet(4 GS model), eh…wish you would reviewed when it’s still on….great e-bike, thx 4 cool vid

  3. Would this be safe for air travel (check bag) inside the portable docking station and cover?

  4. This bike is using many design features from the 50 yr old Moulton.

  5. I love it but….. it’s a bit expensive for me!! 😀 But very amazing!!

  6. The bike comes essentially assembled✳✳>share4.photo/ebicycle?ㅣ120 Install handlebars, seat post and seat, and front wheel and it was ready to go. Bike moves at a comfortable bicycle speed, approximately 15 miles an hour on level. (I weigh 210 lbs.) Slower going up incline, but switching to peddle assist is easy to move it along with effort. Steep hills might be an issue, but the 21 speed gear set is also great. It’s perfect for my friend. I recommend and would buy another one if ever needed.

  7. wonder how high the seat can go, distance between seat and pedal on my bikes is about 32"

  8. I find myshelf shifting to lololololo!

  9. where did you show it folding up? do the wheels have to come off to fold?

  10. this dude talks too much.

  11. Sorry but.. holy effin’ wind man! Thanks for the review though.

  12. Tankbits Scatter November 30, 2020 @ 8:22 pm

    Thanks for featuring his helmet at the end. It’s pretty cool especially for people like me who ride home at night time in the city (I’m in Toronto, Canada). Visibility and communication between drivers on the road are important for bike safety!

  13. 4500 dollars I was thinking no more than 3000 you can get a decent range of bikes for that.

  14. The lights flashing back and forth remind me of Kitt on Knight Rider not IBM… oh I mean HAL.

  15. Yeah, I really loved this bike when I got it. I love how it took someone less than 30 seconds to cut through the supplied cable and take it. Well that was $7k well spent

  16. I wonder how easy for this wheels to get stolen

  17. With all the unique parts and design, how hard will it be to get the thing serviced?

  18. This bike made me bukkake myself.. The frame is lightweight magnesium and it made me ejaculate multiple times on my own face.

  19. How was throttle response and top speed?

  20. My co-worker has one of these and I got to test ride it. It’s a cool bike, and I like the fact that there are no exposed cables or battery packs, and the wheels are easy to remove for flat repair or transport. It’s probably fine for riding in a city with good bike lane surfaces, but not on the rough asphalt patches I have to contend with on my commute. There are definitely better ebike choices for a lot less than $4500.

  21. good to see Jonathan and cory together in brooklyn, Jonathan’s one of the best and smartest ebike mechanic on the east coast, and cory is a smart ebike guy,"hey jonathan" the neon prox is still running great..

  22. I love this bike

  23. Please fix the wind noise.

  24. good to see Jonathan and cory together in brooklyn, Jonathan’s one of the best and smartest ebike mechanic on the east coast, and cory is a smart ebike guy,"hey jonathan" the neon prox is still running great..

  25. I’m glad you got around to reviewing the G3! I’ve got about 400 miles on mine so far and it’s been a great bike. I love that it’s only @ 36 lbs as I carry it up and down stairs with ease. The portability of it really opens up the possibilities and it feels really well made. I would love a 4th gear on it, however.

  26. The dude did NOT look comfortable on camera.

  27. I wish I can have 1electric bike.I have leg issue and hard to cycle on normal bikes…hope someone would help me…

  28. For the price of Gocycle bikes, I think they should come with their own LCD displays and not have to rely on your mobile using their app

  29. FYI: $3660 with lights, fenders, docking station, rear rack. Without docking station you will be left with pieces.

  30. I own one in in black.. Very funky bike, I get lots of admiring looks! I commute in central London, and these bikes are mostly owned by affluent city folk who can afford to buy it. I watch all your vids, but this bike is Top! would not choose another bike over this one.. you can take it anywhere in the world with travel case! fashionable and very clued up to the people in the know. Thanks for giving it props.. 🙂

  31. What’s name of helment w/LED lights in front?

  32. A shy salesman ??

  33. love your way to show what it does and so far your review is the best

  34. DogDaysofSanford November 30, 2020 @ 8:55 pm

    lack of belt drive is the only thing keeping this bike from being perfect

  35. Digging the Lumos helmet. I have the Lumos Matrix. You feel more visible with it.

  36. Looks like it needs more gears, black guys legs were pumping like crazy to get up to speed

  37. haha i went in this store once to buy an e-joe , and there were two black dudes in there , i told them about the electricbikereview guy saying the e joes were good , and they were laughing playfully like " oh that guy? eff that dude he doesnt know what hes talking about , the e-Joe’s suck, dont buy one" ! … years later its funny to see the same dude chilling with the ebikereview dude in this video and you can see the black dude is still thinking the same thing like " eff this dude " lol (playfully though)

  38. You forgot to mention the anti theft mode, ejector seat reacts when the bike detects a different backside to the owners.

  39. I like just about everything about this bike, save for the goofy handlebar "dashboard." Just give it a proper display, for gosh sakes. The only other thing I would wish for personally would be a drop bar option.

  40. good to see Jonathan and cory together in brooklyn, Jonathan’s one of the best and smartest ebike mechanic on the east coast, and cory is a smart ebike guy,"hey jonathan" the neon prox is still running great..

  41. can you board a plane with this? I could see me taking this on my yearly Florida trips. nice review.

  42. Enjoyed the video. That is a nice looking bike. I can see that it wouldn’t matter much most of the time, but at speed in the wet, would those slick tires cause an issue?

  43. All electric bikes should learn from this bike, you see no wires at all. No wires clutter in the front, it’s so clean!
    I was really hoping they would have made a full bike by now, the tech on this bikes is like 10 years in the future!

  44. Do they have a trike version of this for those with balance issues?

  45. The front wheel has a freewheel so there is in fact no drag from the motor when not in use. The wheels are very light and have low rotational mass, a key benefit of compact wheels.  Spinning a Gocycle wheel is very different from spinning a larger wheel – the larger wheel will tend to appear to run for a longer time, but that is not an accurate comparison. The front wheel is slowing down more than the rear due to the rubber seals of the high quality Japanese bearings used in the front wheel drive system. These do free up over time. The wheels hold the world speed record from 2013 set for human power only at 83 mph. Compact wheels have many advantages over larger wheels. At any rate, the Gocycle is a very easy rolling product with zero motor drag.

  46. George Of The Jungle November 30, 2020 @ 9:11 pm

    I see what you did there…

  47. You pronounce the name like ‘Go-sikul’, I always thought it was more like GoCycle (pron: Gokikul) . Which is correct?

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