Gocycle GX fast-folding electric bike – Robert Llewellyn’s Gocycle review | Fully Charged

Gocycle GX fast-folding electric bike – Robert Llewellyn’s Gocycle review | Fully Charged

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Robert Llewellyn has been using the Gocycle G3 folding electric commuter bike for some time now and loves it. But look, Gocycle have been busy working on an even lighter and faster folding electric commuter bike, the Gocycle GX.

Robert talks to Richard Thorpe, founder and Managing Director of Gocycle, about the improvements in the Gocycle GX model and takes it for a spin. They compare it with the Gocycle G3C and also discuss the benefits of commuting by bike as well as Gocycle’s innovative #ebikemiles scheme (where employees are paid per mile for commuting by e-bike).

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Presented by Robert Llewellyn @bobbyllew
Shot by Nick Poole @mrnjpoole nickpoolecreator.com & Stuart Lanceley @slanceley
Edited by Stuart Lanceley @slanceley & Mark Taylor-Hankins @inksharkman
‘City of Lights’ by Joe Henson & Alexis Smith
’Impala’ by Alex Arcoleo.

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Readers Comments (50)

  1. Looks great but the price! I just bought a volvo c30 with 50k miles on it for that price.

  2. Love the show

  3. Gocycle GX U.S. list price $3300 (:-(

  4. Why is everyone complaining about the price? It’s a British company paying British wages with a completely proprietary product. The Swiss will charge you £10k+ for a wristwatch. Not everything in life is cheap junk from a sweatshop.

  5. I was interested till I saw the price. Further interest shot down on initial take off. Yes I know the excuses but there are certain other truths to consider. There’s always a workable middle ground between garbage and luxury. There will always be a market for a solid built product that might not have nor its user require all the bells and whistles. These must exist for eBikes as well. I’d like to see a show that tests and reviews those. Expose the fakers but praise just a good old fashioned good if not great eBike that doesn’t cost an arm and leg.

  6. Yes, it’s expensive. But a lot of it it’s custom-made and probably low-volume (as opposed to most other bikes with mostly off-the-shelf components). And after months of locking and lugging around my current eBike (Lectric XP) I can see the value of a super light, clean bike that’s easier to carry around.
    There are tons of cheaper options to get started (I do like my XP quite a bit!), but this is not aimed to be one of those.

    (Also, while it is expensive it’s not that crazy compared to other bikes. There are non-electric bicycles 3x the price of this one)

  7. Shawn Vega Velez December 17, 2020 @ 9:58 pm

    If you haven’t yet. I’d like to see a Cannondale Treadwell Neo EQ review.

  8. Stridey Gaming Jesters December 17, 2020 @ 10:00 pm

    The Price is pricing out those on a lower income that care about the future of the planet. Producing a product that is more affordable to the many, instead of the few should be your goal.

  9. For that price you can get a Honda Forza 125

  10. £4500!!! The price is RIDICULOUS!!!

  11. will this fit in Harry Metcalf`s Testarossa?

  12. Electric bicycle? What’s wrong with your legs?

  13. It’s the same old story, only a select few people will be able to afford these but consider this, while while they’re happily riding their ebike down the road they’re breathing in our filthy diesel fumes, so perhaps not so healthy after all.

  14. but the battery is specific for this model, will newer batteries be backward compatible ?

  15. Make Everything Free December 17, 2020 @ 10:14 pm

    It doesn’t look like a proper bike. I know its foldable and all, but e-bikes should look better than regular bikes.

  16. Nice, but after my stroke, my balance will not let me enjoy the activity. A compact foldable electronic trike would be very interesting though.

  17. Why don’t they use a Kevlar belt like they do on a motorcycle instead of a chain ???? Just a thought 🙂

  18. *Just gave the bike a pretty good shakedown cruise◔◔>>**share4.photo/ebicycle?38んh** Ran it until it went dead. Ran into a good headwind part of the way. Power on about all of the time, averaged about 10 mph, went about 18 miles. Recharged from a dead battery in 4 1/2 hours. All is good!*

  19. Could you try the EMOV Brisa 2 for people who is not intereseted in the foldable thing?

  20. I’m 71. I’m a lifelong cyclist. I never complain about the cost of a bicycle. The research and development of a high quality bicycle is expensive. The cost of a bike is nothing compared to ill health. I bought a Brompton M6R last June. I’m selling it and going to support Gocycle.

  21. Saw the price and clicked off. Also dislike. You’re better off with a scooter.

  22. Luxury product for rich and famous. Average commuter could never consider this as a viable option. Most commuters would think I could buy a decent petrol scooter albeit 2nd hand for that price. Love the bike though, not the price.

  23. I bought 4 of these for my family’s holiday house. They’re a bit fun and knowing that we’ve saved climate change makes us feel pretty superior.

  24. Fantastic………….but the cost of it!

  25. its not about the price, is about when people don’t earn enough money, blame yourself if you’re a poor and can’t afford anything, there are enough cheap china ebikes on the market…..

  26. Lot of comments about price 🤦🏻‍♂️A half decent lightweight folder, a Brompton or a Birdy will set you back most of £2k. And they aren’t electric. There’s a huge difference between a custom built ebike like the Gocycle and a Chinese motor and battery stuck on a cheap bike. But hej you get to choose

  27. So um they’re still cycling…..

  28. No doubt a very nice eBike. I always give extra points if when folded it can be wheeled around. Not all of us are 6ft+ guys that can easily lug 35+ lbs under one arm ON TOP of a work bag or whatever.

  29. I wonder why so many comments compare the price of a *new* Gocycle with the price of a *used* car; compare new with new, or used with used.

  30. Stupid price
    And that’s why people buy older diesels still

    If we/you/the govt genuinely want to do something about city pollution then make these things less than £1000 as £3000 and up is not in the budget of the vast majority of people

  31. Just looking to order one, thanks Robert really helpful 👍

  32. I paid less for a regular non folding e-bike thats got 485w of battery power and a max range of 120km. Its non folding ok. They are not that practicul as a bike. Who uses them i only have ever seen one.

  33. A big deal about a bike like this, every part is custom, like an Apple product you will never get spares in 5 /10

  34. way overpriced 🤦‍♂️

  35. Does Fullychargedlive have a position, or opinions on e-scooters? Thinking about the debate in the UK just now about whether or not to legalise.

  36. or you can buy a normal bicycle and get exercise for 99 dollars.

  37. you are only allowed to review bikes from here on

  38. Who else got a swytch add on this video?

  39. Salish Sea Sailor December 17, 2020 @ 10:31 pm

    That was 23 seconds from folded to ready to ride, and not even rushing a bit!

  40. You made me watch 13+ minutes and didn’t discuss security. If you live in a city how do you stop it from getting stolen? Is this a bike for a door-to-door commute or leisure bike ride, no stopping off at the shops on the way?

  41. Looks like a very nervous ride ..

  42. Brilliant. No gears though.

  43. If you would like more e-bikes on the show, let us know what sort of bikes you’d like to see!

  44. I love this bike! But the price is a bit out of reach for me.

  45. I’m interested in buying a GXi however they are out of stock here in Australia and elsewhere.
    Do you guys know when they will be available again. Is there a production hold up at gocycle . What’s the story?? Please.

  46. One of the nice things about my G3 is the hidden cables and the fact that the GX seems to have gone back to the G1 in terms of the ergonomics has put me off getting one.

  47. I was noticing the newer bike had a taller pedal ratio. Do these even have hub or bottom-bracket gears? Are they single speeds?

  48. Hey Fullycharged. Can we see a full comparison between different electric bicycles? Radpower, Gocycle, Bolton, and other companies?
    Automotive Territory did a Top 10. But want to see a live review

  49. Got one…been more than a few weeks…still trying to get the bike to work with the phone ap. They say its a glitch on their side. So I use the bike in default mode which is ok. In the default mode the bike still rides good. Its fast. Hope to get the ap to interface soon.

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