Great Electric Bike = Better Health and Save Money

Great Electric Bike = Better Health and Save Money

For a long time I’ve been a fan of electric bikes, I think they have so many advantages we should all consider owning one if we can. Here are some of there advantages:
1) They can help us get healthier without doing damage to our joints because bike riding is low impact.
2) We can save money by avoiding trips into town in our gas guzzling vans or RVs
3) We don’t have to break camp to take quick trips into town.
4) They are far better for the planet since we can charge them off solar and not burn gas.
Their two big disadvantages are their cost and the amount of room they take–so what we need is to find a good inexpensive folding electric bike–but there aren’t any of those, UNTIL NOW!!
A company based out of Phoenix is now making exactly that bike and they sent me one to test!! My initial report to you is IT IS TERRIFIC AND MEETS ALL OUR NEEDS!! Today’s video is my initial review of the Lectric Folding, Fat-tire electric bike which is available right now for an incredibly low introductory price of $899. I think you are probably going to be like me and fall in love with it. To get more information, here is their website:
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Readers Comments (50)

  1. I weigh 440lbs. What is the max amount of weight it can handle?

  2. This would be great for me to take instead of the Train.

  3. Santa made off with my ebike last Christmas!

  4. So this is what Letterman is doing these days!

  5. Up until a couple of years ago I road my bike all the time. Only on side streets, sidewalks, bike trails, etc. It is very dangerous to ride on the road with cars for obvious reasons. $900.00 is not that much money for a non electric bike unless you buy a used bike which comes with its own set of risks. The quietness of an electric bike as opposed to a small motorcycle or gas powered stand up scooter – I don’t want to listen to an engine while I’m exploring unless I have to.

  6. thank BOB looks like a great product

  7. I’m so glad you did a review of this bike it is by far the best electric bike for the money in the three guys who run the company are the best you will not find a better electric bike for the money out there. Just a great group of PPL.

  8. Thank you so much for your review! I so identify with your knee problems and like your videos. This is the bike I will buy. Thank you for all your information

  9. Wheres your sled santa claus? Did u trade it in for the bike?

  10. It will work for me. Thanks

  11. I would love to own an e bike wold be a great help with my bad knees can’t wait to save up for one

  12. Well Bob! I did it! I just ordered my bike in black. 3/7/20 It’s still 899.00 with free shipping. I live alone and whenever I have to take my van or explorer to the garage over night for service etc. I have to bother my sister for a ride home or to pick it up. Now I can put the bike in the back and ride home. Like you I’m in my early sixties and have a very bad back. I live in the Appalachian Mountains of PA and the 2 mile walk to town is up hill on the way home and is a thing of the past! Thanks for the great video and recommendation. I’ll see you at the 2021 RTR [my first]! Don.

  13. I just ordered one of these so I can hop about town without having to drive. (They’re still $900.) I’m a tree hugger so I appreciate the emissions-free ride, but I also want to be able to enjoy a beautiful day in the mountains without having to pedal up hills. Thanks for the review!

  14. Geraldine Hallisy December 29, 2020 @ 10:12 pm

    As we get older this bike is great but still we have to be good at riding a bike.

  15. I ordered the step thru letric ebike because of you. I am looking forward to the day it arrives. It should be soon

  16. Hey Bob&KC! Thanks to you I ordered the black XP, cyber Friday special; came with huge springer seat, suspension seat post, and the pannier bags, no charge! I got the extra battery and charger for extra range, and of course extra Fun!

  17. Nobody has yet mentioned the fact that it鈥檚 zero emissions, produces no smoke, and is almost whisper-quiet.

  18. 馃巺 Santa

  19. I鈥檓 running a 2019 RadRover, talk about a black hole, I can鈥檛 stop upgrading it.馃憤馃ゴ

  20. Great honest review. Thank you so much!

  21. Love the ebikes they are so helpful for carbon footprint

  22. There seems to be some confusion about California banning e-bikes. Including national parks but they have no authority over national parks

  23. Ordering one on Monday. Thanks Bob for the recommendation. I’ll be sure to tell them your video helped with the sale!

  24. 900 dollars is not that expansive considering some bicycles can cost upwards of 6000 dollars.

  25. Looks like a great bike! Anyone have thoughts about riding on a road with a 35 mph speed limit (so everyone goes 40-45mph, not legal to ride on the few sidewalks)?

  26. Dear people, does anyone volunteer with me and direct me with an electric biscuit? I am sick, but I cannot buy one because I am poor, so whoever wants to help me I live in Illinois

  27. I had a motor scooter while living in Mexico. I think this is a much better alternative, and often wished I had this instead. Would have saved me a lot of trouble. I’ll come back here to use your link, Bob!

  28. After watching a number of videos, I finally subscribed. This was a fantastic presentation. One of my favorite channels.

  29. HighlanderMikeGolf December 29, 2020 @ 10:28 pm

    Thanks for the review! Just ordered 3 of these for the family…can鈥檛 wait to ride them! Very useful and fun at the same time!

  30. That looks so fun! It’s fun watching you have fun out there Bob. Also looks like a really useful tool for the nomad lifestyle. Thanks for the review Bob and a thanks also to Lectricebike for sending one out to you so we could see it in action. Be well Bob and happy trails!

  31. Don鈥檛 know how to ride a bike. I need an electric tricycle.

  32. Apostle Emil Cedeno December 29, 2020 @ 10:34 pm

    Wow Bob, I’m so happy for you!

  33. So often walking is too slow and driving is too fast to sightsee an area. I like bikes for that medium pace to take in a small region.
    The great thing about electric bikes is they increase the coverage of an area without exhausting yourself. Hills? Just add some assist. Want more exercise? Set the boost to zero or assist one. Also, if you are biking with someone who also has an ebike, you can set your assist levels differently to balance each other’s strength.
    Also, lets say you simply want to go to the grocery store and do a few other errands? One can do that quite easily with an electric bike with the assist levels set higher, and ride to the destination at 20+mph. That makes a five mile ride to the destination rather quick.
    What am I riding? The Juiced company’s RipCurrent S, XL frame. A big bike, but when you take up lots of space and use extra resources, well everything needs to be XL 馃槈

  34. UNITY CHURCH OF SAN MARCOS UNITY December 29, 2020 @ 10:36 pm

    Do you have a cart to pull your laundry and groceries with?

  35. He Gave The Reindeer a Break I see!

  36. It’s just too easy for someone to stole it and bye bye investment. The cost needs to go way down in my opinion.

  37. Hi! I’m 6 ft 4 and weigh 289, would I be comfortable on the bike and maybe I’m too big for it. Can you tell me if you think I would like it? Thank you

  38. WoW! With my disability issues and walking problems, that would be amazing in so many ways. What a wonderful bike.

  39. My knees are crappy too from skateboarding and doing squats when I was younger. Really like this bike, been looking at it for a while, I like how it folds up so you could hitch with it lol

  40. Bob, could you link the bike carrier that you talked about? I can鈥檛 seem to find a clip about it.

  41. I just ordered one and hope to get it in August. I’m so excited about it. Thanks for demoing this…otherwise I never would have bought it Once again Bob, thank you

  42. Sure wish I could afford one. Being older and handicapped with a really bad back and knees would sure make getting around locally so sweet

  43. Can’t peddle long distance any more & short either , it would be great to not have to.

  44. do you have a good lock for it as you’re shopping?

  45. Bob, you were made for this job!

  46. VERY Good informative video review! Thanks for sharing! I just subbed your channel….

  47. I love how you explain everything so thoroughly. I appreciate that. I would love one of these and the price is great! Also, love how it folds down too!

  48. RAD Bike looks more durable even though it is more expensive. What are your thoughts?

  49. My first car was 75 dollars

  50. Hey Bob, don’t forget to pedal lol

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