In the video I tell you exciting news about Gtech’s eBike batteries and explain why their current battery supplier going bankrupt is actually a great thing!

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Readers Comments (15)

  1. 3 years mk1 battery still going strong every day ride was 30 mile range when new now down to 15 mile range , changed frount wheel , & added a brooks seat plus doubble paniers , good reliable work horse took a gamble but very happy with Gtech

  2. Good video Steve!

    Two things – a 20% failure rate for batteries (or anything) would be considered unacceptable by just about any other manufacturer and it’s great to see Gtech taking the issue, but they have yet to solve their servicing and spare parts issues.

    So great to see things moving in a positive direction and I hope that will apply to serving and parts supply too.

  3. Mr. E Productions April 17, 2021 @ 11:52 pm

    Hi Steve, great video as usual, I keep checking the Gtech website, and various e bike retailers, for the Gtech Sport e bike. Gtech have been out of stock for almost a year. I emailed their customer services, and they were pretty vague and just said they couldn’t tell me when they will be back in stock, but they still advertise them with a price on the website.

    You quite often come up with information that’s not available elsewhere and hoped you might have some insight with this? Any info would be welcomed, many thanks.

  4. Thanks for the video. Its good to know that gtech are back in control. (My 5 year old mk1 battery isnt going to last forever and I want to plan ahead for its sad demise)

  5. Great video as always,but can V2 battery be used on V1 ? If not why not ? My V1 bike is coming up for 5 yrs old,have replaced original battery with eBay buy (lucky it was good, but wouldn’t do it again, sometimes silly prices and too many duff batteries around) is my expensive bike only as good as my battery is? Do I have to face the fact that I’ll have to convert to other make battery pack,ok rant over cheers

  6. Nice one mate 😉

  7. I don’t think Cycle Republic went bankrupt as they were wholly owned by Halfords I think they closed the stores as overall they weren’t profitable so were dragging Halfords profits down. Probably a poor move with the huge sales of cycles due to Covid 19, they probably could have kept them open another year or so but I guess they had the closures planned before the pandemic.

    The battery packs are likely manufactured in China and unsure if you meant a battery manufacturer there has gone out of business and been replaced by the factory that built the mk 1 batteries. As consumers we don’t normally get access to info on which factories are used in China. I have no idea which factory makes the Gtech bikes in the far east. There are companies like fuji-ta that make a lot of bikes for western brands.

    I think the Gtech batteries are more prone to problems due to their small capacity. The larger the capacity of a battery the better it will cope with huge current demands. If a battery contains 50 18650 cells it will last longer than a small battery with only 20 cells of the same type because the smaller battery will be under more strain if the motor wants peak current lets say of 10A. The Gtech battery gets a much harder life than other ebike batteries of higher capacity. My ebike has a battery of 48V, 12.5A with I think a claimed exact watt capacity of 624Wh it weighs about 3x that of a Gtech battery although that maybe because it uses the respectable and cheap but not high performance Samsung 2500mAh cells so is a heavier pack.

    Once people’s bikes are out of warranty perhaps it would be worth hacking a standard battery pack in place of the Gtech battery. Maybe a hailong battery pack. Depending on how the Gtech battery works you might also need a separate controller box if that is integrated in the battery.

  8. Great video, I have 3x V2 batteries however when charged 2 say full and 1 says max just wondered because all your V2 batteries here on the video said full Keep up the good work

  9. Really good video. You deserve more subscribers! Check Smzeus . c o m, I’ve been using it on my main channel to promote my videos.

  10. Just watched a couple of your videos and found them very helpful. I have a first generation V2 battery which today failed. It was fine to 73% then directly went to zero%. Hard ride home but probably good for me. My wife’s Gtech has a V2 battery which continues to perform. Looks like I will have to replace mine so hoping they have a discount soon.
    PS Very jealous of your Tesla S but at 76 probably would get me into trouble. Thanks

  11. Great video. I enjoyed it very much keep up posting such interesting videos. Will be back to watch more in the future

  12. Thanks for the update Steve, was there any word on the continuity of supply for the Mk 1 battery?

  13. Thanks for that Steve. My 2 batteries are currently working ok but in the New Year I’m thinking of getting a third and doing some much longer riding next spring/summer so good to hear they are back on it. Maybe they will have replacement bottom brackets for the escent again soon!

  14. William Towning April 18, 2021 @ 12:37 am

    Great video once again. I’ve had the need to contact Gtech customer suport recently and can say that they have been really quick to respond and very helpful.

  15. Akram Al-saroori April 18, 2021 @ 12:45 am

    Hi, thanks for the video. Is there any way of telling if you have a new battery? Such as looking at the serial/product number on the back of the battery. Thanks.

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