In this video I put my upgraded Gtech Ebike Sport through its paces in this tough range review.

My Gtech Ebike Sport now has:

– Front suspension.
– Seat Suspension.
– Slime in the tires.
– Great brakes.
– Better Seat.
– Second Battery Holder.

All in all, this is now the Ebike that Gtech should have built!

For more info on all the upgrades I have made to my Gtech Ebike sport, watch the first video in this two part series here:

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  1. Great channel! V tempted to buy a GTech

  2. TheKnight OfDoom February 7, 2021 @ 8:32 pm

    Cheers Steve for these videos I’m going to get one using the cycle to work scheme. If they let me though I’m going for a Yorkic trike :D.

  3. Done the same to my gtech bike and totally agree with you (they should have done this at the factory) Added front suspension, seat suspension, changed seat and brakes. But also changed tyres for some 700c knobby tyres and some wider handlebars and grips. Which have helped so much at park tracks/grass etc. Thanks for putting on your correct mileage (thought I was going mad with only getting about the same) gtech says 30ish miles (with the wind with you and average rider weight of 4 stone 馃槀)

  4. Steve, very interesting good review. A question / comment from me. Once you factor in the relatively low mileage you got on what looks like a flattish route, so for longer trips need extra spend on a couple of batteries, plus new seat, suspension and better tyres, mudguards (you really need those!) and perhaps add a pannier, do other ebikes that come with all these for maybe 拢2k work out the same sort of price in reality?

  5. What’s the taller battery at the back?

  6. Hi EV Steve, I watched all your review of the Gtech Sports and as a result purchased one that arrived today. Have been out on it all day and to be honest I love it. Your reviews have been absolutely spot on. I didn’t bother with the Gtech sadlle, I just built it from the box with my own comfy one. You are also so right about the front suspension, Gtech ought to build the bike with it, the vibration over a bump is actually a bit scary so like you, I am going to put front suspension on it. Can you recommend what suspension forks you purchased? Thanks once again for these great honest reviews!

  7. Hi Steve where would you buy the front suspension forks and seat suspension post for both city and sport thanks

  8. Can you tell me the make or link to your front suspension forks, cheers 馃憤

  9. Steve thanks for the great videos watched them all and followed a lot of your recommendations.. can I ask your second drinks holder which you use for your 2 nd battery are there 2 x female bolts to hold it in place there are no drinks holders fixing points? Is this just my bike? How did you fix yours馃憤?

  10. Haroldas Martinkus February 7, 2021 @ 9:12 pm

    Hello, i can not find where to buy a battery for GTech bike, can someone give me a link?

  11. Hey Steve, I love your brilliantly informative and friendly presenting style. I have just ordered the g-tech sport and I’m excited about upgrading it as per your suggestions. Particularly worried about a potential sore back plus saddle issues! Would you recommend Halfords or similar to do assembly and upgrades, or could a total duffer like me manage it in the garden do you reckon? Thanks!

  12. You can buy mudguards for these bikes. That would have massively reduced the spray.

  13. Could you make a video of how to hack the speed limiter on the Gtech ebike. I search on the internet but I could not find one. If you know how, it would be great

  14. Yeah you definitely need some waterproof seat covers and a bootliner. Don’t reckon your wife will be too impressed that you’re using the bath towels! Lol. For mountain biking I eventually bought a Nomad portable pressure washer just to hose the bikes (and us!) down before getting in the car.

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