HeroKit (Easy Game Maker)

HeroKit (Easy Game Maker)

You want to make the game of your dreams. You want it to be great. You don’t want it to take years. This is an overview of what you can do with HeroKit to make amazing games with little or no programming. Deploy your game to dozens of platforms including iOS, PC, and Android. Make large RPGs, SIMs, Adventure Games, FPSs quickly! Source Code included.

Scene: Not_Lonely (http://not-lonely.com)
Models: Picturefry Games (https://picturefry.wixsite.com/assetstore)
Music: Max-Fast (https://audiojungle.net/user/max-fax/portfolio)

Readers Comments (8)

  1. Can i import my custom assets, but assign your states to them?

  2. Is there a raycasting system? Just wondering :3 still not stopping me from getting it.

  3. Interesting! Does it come with some game/scene examples?

  4. can make any 2D mobile games with this?

  5. name Logiciel Please

  6. is that demo included ?

  7. where can i find this software

  8. This game maker is also a game馃憦馃槀

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