Himiway Cruiser e-bike review. Fast?✔️Far?✔️Cheap?✔️

Himiway Cruiser e-bike review. Fast?✔️Far?✔️Cheap?✔️

The Himiway Cruiser ($1,399 https://bit.ly/Himiway-Cruiser) is a value-oriented e-bike that matches moderate quality components with great performance numbers. Check out our full review article at https://electrek.co/?p=151769

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Emove Cruiser: http://bit.ly/Emove_Cruiser

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0:20 Riding footage
0:41 Performance
1:38 Components
2:30 Off-road riding
3:23 Summary
3:52 Outro

Readers Comments (50)

  1. Can you do a review on the Hemingway escape moped bike

  2. This e-bike model available in Phils.? can u mention the location ty

  3. This is pretty close to the sweet spot for me with Class III speed capability to tool around and go to tennis with the guys. I kinda wish it only had 3" tires since the little bit of trail riding I might ever do, they would suffice and I just think they throw away some distance with the rolling resistance of 4" fat tires. But a Class III with 17ah for $1500 is definitely a head turner. It would be my 2nd eBike since I have a folding Rize Bolt with 17ah for traveling in my van.

    Sadly they went in the wrong direction for only 3 months after this review: $100 more, and removed the fenders… Ah, the search continues…

  4. Nice Video.

  5. Hello Micah, what is your thoughts on the Himiway Cruiser vs Sondors XS?? Great work. Thanks.

  6. Michael Kinsella February 17, 2021 @ 9:38 pm

    Great Review and I think is is nice bike, just needs 2 battery level for that extra distance but these bikes are great for the average person.

  7. ok….so, lets get to it….RadRover 5 or Himiway Cruiser???

  8. Enjoy your review of this bike, I don’t usually go off-road, but I like the fat tyre,. Question: Can I use this bike mainly for use for urban on the road riding mainly because the fat tyre will give me a much softer and smoother ride over the standard urban tyre?

  9. Hi micah What is your favorite bike for you to own that is electric and belt driven? Thanks for your response. V.

  10. im not seeing 1399

  11. Real Life Science February 17, 2021 @ 9:42 pm

    72lbs >_< Also, what brand motor and what brand fork do they use? They don’t share this on their site.

  12. I love this guys reviews ,all have been good so far

  13. What about customer support?

  14. looks like RadRovber 5

  15. Where can I buy this

  16. If we can get a better deal in canada.

  17. Thank you for reviewing this bike. I enjoyed your video.

  18. If you guys are interested in this ebike check out the Sondors MadMods that come with a 750 watt motor, 48V21Ah battery and full suspension and 28mph for $1,499. They’re set to launch for March 2021 since they’re a newly introduced line from Sondors. If you like Scrambler or café style bikes it’s worth a look. You’re welcome.😁

  19. Micah, since this is a bike that can’t be ridden at my local bike shop, it would be great if you could talk about the feel of power delivery. My understanding is that this bike only has a cadence sensor. I expect that creates a different riding experience from a hub drive with both cadence and torque sensor. When considering a purchase this is important to understand as different people are looking for different riding experiences. Thanks for the review!

  20. This Himiway cruiser’s spec, would this bike become illegal say in Singapore or Asia?

  21. Bikes for people who bought regular bikes and then left them to Rust in their garages. Plus this clueless review is breaking the law everytime he turns into a bike or multi-use community pathway. Motorized Vehicles are not allowed on Bike or Multi-use path. And e-bikes have motor and only belong on the road.
    If you insist on riding motorized Vehicles on our bikes paths you will have insults thrown your way and you will discover you are not only not welcomed but viewed as a scourge in need of being removed.
    What is wrong with you people? Do you think because it’s quiet and doesn’t polute that it doesn’t count as be a motor. Electric motors are the only true motor. Gasoline engines are just that, engines, the only motor under the hood of a gasoline powered car is your starter.

  22. Buy american Admotor better made a few more bucks .

  23. Will you guys ever do a review on the surron light bee x?

  24. I just picked 2 of them up at the warehouse in Chino, CA. A black one for me and a white one for my wife. We have lots of hills around us, and these bikes should eat them up!

  25. Free Music Chito February 17, 2021 @ 9:55 pm

    How many amp is the controller and what is the capacity of the battery.

  26. I bought both styles mid October stilll haven’t received the step through

  27. I live in Puerto Rico but we don’t have any market of ebikes yet.
    I wonder it’s there a company who can ship to my island. Already tried with Aventon and Rad, but they don’t offer that option.

  28. Any plans for adding rear suspension in future models?

  29. $1499. 2-9-2021

  30. After paying $1000 plus change for my Hibikes battery upgrade @ 7000+ miles, $1400 for a whole bike could work as a back up or 2cd person guest rider…

  31. Alejandro Sánchez Puche February 17, 2021 @ 10:07 pm

    probably a good idea to follow up with 5 reasons not to buy a Himiway bike:
    -looks like a scam, smells like a scam, feels like a scam but its just how himiway does business.
    -Customer service is non existant rude and ready to hang up in order to not face the customer.
    -Shipping is never on time.
    -there is an undisclosed foreign transaction fee which is non refundable,
    -they charge a cancellation fee. whopping 15%!

    BEWARE!!! you’re better off spending a bit more rather than losing your money on what is still in my case a gamble because who knows what I’ll receive and when.

  32. Why would they have fat tires?

  33. That’s a nice bike for the price damm

  34. Would thus be suitable for Uber eats delivery? What kind of bag will work with it or front rack?

  35. To expensive. Still just a bike.

  36. this is not a bad deal. if you’re not letting perfect be the enemy of good, and this is what you can afford…. i paid way more for my rover a year and a half ago, cuz i had to add the fenders, front and rear racks – and rpb is proud of all those accessories!

  37. "The only knowledge is experience." Alfred Einstein

    Do you want a bike with virtually no meaningful customer support?

    Do you want to spend week after week after week explaining to someone in customer support the bike was delivered damaged and why it is unrideable?

    Do you want to spend another six weeks waiting for a replacement part for the replacement bike that is supposed to be covered under warranty?

    Do you want to collect endless emails from a company on why they aren’t responsible?

    Do you want a bike that is essentially a giant paperweight?

    Then HimiwayBike might be your bike!

  38. Real Life Science February 17, 2021 @ 10:14 pm

    They don’t have any neutral review sites? Facebook, or google, or yelp reviews? Only the reviews they have on their own site or paid reviews? Makes it hard to tell how many have a bad experience if they control the reviews.

  39. In as much as I like Micah’s e-bike and e-scooter reviews, I wish he wasn’t so "apologetic" about the budget components when we’re looking at an affordable bike. It would be however if the price point was north of say $2,000.

    It’s to be expected that entry level components are to be found on a sub $2,000 bike, and over emphasizing that matter doesn’t in my humble opinion contribute much to the quality of the review, and may present the product in a bit of a bad light.

    Having owned a lot of non assisted bikes (I own one e-bike, and yes, it’s cheap) in my lifetime I can say that the low end vs high end component debate is too overstated. Today’s budget components are plenty good enough to get the job done right. Keep them properly adjusted and well maintained and they’ll last for years. There is no need to call them out like it is a negative. Just my "dos centavos" for what it’s worth.

  40. A most interesting Hamiway cruiser review. Such power and speed to cruise around…Truly magnificent….

  41. Nice bike but after 700 miles, I’m pretty happy with my $899 fat tire folding 28mph Lectric XP ebike made in Arizona.

  42. Nice cost performance, the remaining BIG question is reliability

  43. 1.3k? I’m hoping for something like this under 350 dollars.

  44. It is almost identical to the Rad Power Bike, but a little better.

  45. Goodluck getting spares after 2 years

  46. I Love This

  47. Salvador Gutierrez February 17, 2021 @ 10:30 pm

    Where I Can buy this Bike?

  48. Captions: Mikey here. Lolololol!!!

  49. Which bike will you recommend for my first e bike? This one or the rad bike?

  50. I’ve tested my Himiway bike for a few hundred miles and am offering my feedback. I’ve had several electric bikes previous to Himiway. I’ve had to modify all of them to fit my needs. I ride mostly on back country dirt roads, old logging roads, and forest trails. I’ve put 25,000+ miles or so on e-bikes over the past 10 years. Maybe 5-10 % of that has been extreme conditions with lots of gravel, rocks, ruts, potholes, mud, and steep curvy narrow paths. 

    I purchased my (all terrain) Himiway without trying it based on specs, but mostly due to testimonials, which in hindsight, I realize are mostly from casual and inexperienced e-bikers. This bike is best for predictable conditions. It’s probably fabulous for beach riding. I don’t recommend it for rough terrain. It’s like the Harley of e-bikes, a very heavy bike that requires the assist  being on to use the throttle. When you start to peddle and are pointed toward a rock or hole, the bike lunges forward. Obstacles are hard to avoid.

    I ordered the black men’s bike and received a white step through. I’m glad Himiway sent me the wrong bike. I’ve had to plant my feet firmly on the ground to avoid crashing into obstacles several times. I was frustrated that I received the bike almost a month later than expected.

    On the whole, the bike is well designed and easily put together. The threads on the left pedal arrived squashed at the end, but I ground them down and installed the pedal. I was pleased to see that Himiway quickly sent a replacement. Another small problem I’ve had is the kickstand loosens up over rough terrain and rattles until I tighten it up again. I love the compact and nifty little tool kit provided by Himiway.

    The 48V 17.5 amp battery is a plus, though I’m skeptical about Himiway’s recommendation to leave it fully charged. Every battery spokesman says it will have a longer life if I don’t. I have a 48 volt 15 amp battery on my BionX bike with a 1,000 watt motor. I expected to get better mileage with Himiway, but because the BionX charges while coasting and braking, I get similar mileage. BionX leaves the Himiway in the dust when climbing a steep hill, but mainly because I’m peddling twice as fast on the Himiway at 20 mph as I am on the other at 30mph. I’m going to look into modifying the gearing and into the possibility of charging the battery on the go. 

    After my first ride, I instantly upgraded by installing a water bottle, small saddle bag, and gel seat cover, which added another 5 lbs. I began by leaving the bike in 7th gear (for 20 miles) while using the motor to maintain speed. I tried shifting gears and using the motor as little as possible for the next 20 miles. I’m using a combo now. The two main changes I’m making to the bike at the moment are installing a 5" tire on the front for rocks, potholes, and snow and modifying the gearing by replacing the set of seven gears with a higher and lower ratio set, or installing two or three front gears and derailleur with the current size as the middle gear. I’ll keep you updated and share my successes and failures with you. thanks, mark

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