How And When To Change Gear On Your E Bike | E MTB Shifting & Mode Selection Explained

How And When To Change Gear On Your E Bike | E MTB Shifting & Mode Selection Explained

Do you ever wonder if you are in the best gear and mode on your electric mountain bike? Are you pedalling at the best cadence? Are you getting the most range out of a battery? Do you change through the gears at the perfect time? If you find yourself asking these questions but just want to concentrate on having fun then this is the EMBN video for you 👍.

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Readers Comments (24)

  1. I prefer trail mode and eco mode at 80-90 cadence

  2. I have a question. I just got a new ebike (treck powerfly 5) and I can only shift up or down one gear at a time. Is this normal? I am used to being able to shift up 3 at once by pressing hard on the shifter.

  3. Why is your dropper always in low position when climbing?

  4. Shimano e8000 seems to back off when I reach 100 rpm – it’s like the power drops off about 25% or so. Merida eOne Forty

  5. Electric Mountain Bike Network December 1, 2020 @ 8:00 pm

    Are you as good as you could be with gear and mode selection? Let us know 👇

  6. What gear up or down when climbing and not?

  7. Good vid j o there Steve

  8. Do not shift under load!

  9. I only ride a road e-bike, so this might be a little different than off road. But I have found that the bike motor makes certain sounds when you are not in the correct cadence. High pitch and loud when you are spinning too fast. No sound at all when you are too slow, like on a hill and too high of a gear. Just a low noise when you are in the sweet spot. Unless you have a bike computer to see your cadence, it takes a while to get it right. You can of hear it in the video with the whining of the motor.

  10. Great to see a facts/information based video rather than another opinion/BS piece about the latest bike/equipment/etc.

  11. Good video

  12. On a Hub Motor, what is the difference between Power(W) and Torque(Nm)? How come they don’t usually mention torque for hubs?

  13. I’ve started using the gears, dropper and getting out the saddle a lot more on my ebike, never did that much on my standard.

  14. I got my first ebike yesterday, a Haibike xduro allmtn 3.0 and I found out the hard way its not the same as a traditional mtb when it comes to gears. Within 1.5 miles of my first ride, I snapped the chain. In turbo mode going up a steep hill, in way too hard a gear, i tried to change gears under load. Doh.

    Live and learn.

  15. 3 months in to e-biking and never really understood about cadence until this video. I’m seeing so much difference. Thanks embn !

  16. Top gear, full power, maximum rock and roll unless absolutely necessary

  17. Im a complete novice at riding an e bike whats the best gearto start of on

  18. 1X systems have ‘dumbed down’ new riders. You can consider the e-mode as a front derailleur, and find the proper range for the terrain.

    Other things to consider is shifting under a load, such as climbing into a lower gear (bigger cog) – slightly increase cadence before the shift and back off the cadence when you shift – it will save your chain and cogset. If you hear a grinding while climbing (which is your chainwheel overtightening with your chain), you are in too high of gear and need to shift to a bigger cog.

    As a super-clydesdale rider, I break things more than most. I use Deore XT 11sp cogs, because they last. I have broken teeth off of SLX cogs, and the SunRace cogs (which work well on my regular bikes) are too soft of material for the extra torque of an ebike under load, and the teeth will bend if you downshift (go to bigger cog) under a load.

  19. I live in a fairly flat town so my peddle assist fittings went in the bin on my home build and stay in the maximum gear. Not changed gears in well over 4 months now 😀

  20. What does under load mean?

  21. A great guide for any one buying their first e mountain bike but I do wonder how many subscribers to embn don’t already own one. I certainly didn’t know anything about embn when I bought my ebike. How can you best reach out to those people out there who know nothing about you. I guess we can all pass info on to fellow mountain bikers who are considering swapping over to emtb’s. food for thought.

  22. #askembn I’m from England, if I get the euro tunnel into France do you know where the nearest ski lift is with good trails which I can take my ebike on? Thanks

  23. Oh my god your bike blows.. You guys really need to push your legislators for more wattage.

  24. My Haibike doesn’t show cadence can you recommend an add-on for this?

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