How FAST is a $5000 electric bike? The Trek Super Commuter+ 8S.

How FAST is a $5000 electric bike? The Trek Super Commuter+ 8S.
Too expensive check these out-

Today we are looking at an amazing city commuter. The Trek Super Commuter+ 8s is an electric bicycle that can take you up to 28 mph and has a maximum range up to 90 miles (on ECO mode and a lot of pedaling) If you have it on turbo it will probably make it about 20 miles.

This bike feels planted and firm but the large tires smooth out the ride nicely of all those bad city roads. (I said “city”) . Check out this review if you are thinking about getting an electric bike and you have about a 5000 budget.

For under $4000 you can get the new Super Commuter+ 7 using the link above.

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–Sony a7iii
–Canon G7x
–GoPro 8 Black
–Insta360 One X

–90mm Macro
–85mm f1.8
–50mm f1.8
–16-35mm f4.0

–Zoom H6
–Rode NTG2 mic
–Rode Wireless Go

–Studio Pro Lights

Readers Comments (29)

  1. I just got the summer 2020 Bosch software upgrade installed on my 2019 Trek Super Commuter+ 8s- much smoother feel in all gears when pedaling and shifting.

  2. 馃榿馃榿馃榿馃憤馃憤馃憤

  3. Bout as fast as every e bike… only twice the cost! Does it really look much better? What makes this $5000.0000000000000000000000? The zeros are just so you really see the price…. I’ll never spend more than 2500.00 for an e bike because then I’d just buy a fancy car…. in fact I’ll never buy a trek product based on the price of this… thing… I’ll never forget the day I decided trek was ridiculous…

  4. How fast will that bike go? 28 miles per hour! X27 times saying this during your video = 756 MPH!

  5. Taking notes 馃摑

  6. I think I saw a similar one at Costco different brand though

  7. The SuperCommuter was retired/archived this past fall. Trek has unveiled their new "Allant+" line.

  8. Nice bike but if you come off it at 28 mph, that ball cap is not going to protect the most vital part of your body, your skull. To promote safety you should wear one for your demos! Sorry but that is just common sense.

  9. Super. Just super

  10. Basic conversion kit and 52v 20amp battery

  11. Gy6 150cc $1000 52-66mph ????

  12. Let鈥檚 race

  13. Youch! $5k keeps it out of the hands of all but a few. Great idea, and would be awesome if you don’t live in a super rural area. Here in southern Idaho, not practical at all. But in a bigger town with the biking infrastructure, this would be awesome!

  14. I have run this bike for 2 years now. Forget the price. This is one exceptional bike.

  15. I have this bike ! AWESOME !! I use speed speed box 4 tuning and cancel the limitation of the motor speed ! Now I have the record of 89km instead of 45km !馃挭

  16. My e bike goes 40 top

  17. Great review

  18. Will this hold up for 9000km spread out over 2 years? Yes I would do check-ups, but overall would it last?

  19. what size is this bike?

  20. no suspension for 5k LOL

  21. Is the link in the annotations or description? Anyway, to be honest, I’d rather get a robot mower, robot vacuum cleaner, and buy a standard bike for the same price. Perhaps a used car. 馃ぃ

  22. I Have Specialized vado 5.0 and 3.0 the 5.0 is a 28mls bike the 3.0 18 up a hill the 5.0 is NOT FASTER or stronger on a streight road it is faster but not strong it has 602wht battery the brose motor has 90nm power on 3.0 and 5.0 but the 5.0 only assist me to a higher speed

  23. Yahawadah wellness channel December 1, 2020 @ 8:32 pm

    Its gas motor bicycles for 500 bucks that go 50mph lol

  24. 5k I can buy a smart car

  25. Thank you for this review! It seems similar to all of Treks Ebikes in terms of modes available, MPH etc.! I want to get the Domane’s (Road Bike) version of this and its specs seem to be similar based on what I’ve read! Please do a review on that or the new 2020 line of Treks Domane Ebikes! This review here has been the only 1 I’ve been able to find on ANY of them and I’m guessing that’s more so DUE TO PRICE! All of Treks Ebikes with the features mentioned in this video all cost in that 4-5K range!

  26. Hi all, I have the same bike as in the video. Think you are bit too positive with your comment. For instance, When you ride in turbo you see the range you can ride drop really, really fast. Personally I ride 25 miles every day five times a week. The most miles I can ride is like 50 miles and that is in eco-modus with litte wind.
    When you get a flat tire on the way, getting the tire from te rim is like very hard to do. It could use some suspension. Especially when riding on roads in bad shape.
    I have now about 4350 miles on the counter. Had 4 flat tires, new chain, new geer wheals, new break shoes, new battery, new rear wheel. Can tell you the bike doesn’t come cheap, but you have to take the cost of repair also in account.
    Don’t know if I would choose this bike again. The thing that bothers me most is the low range you can ride on one battery load.

  27. Another great review..thanks for adding the Con’s 馃憤 love to hear true honest opinions

  28. This is pretty expensive for sure but your right no license all that bs and get around faster than on a regular bike skateboard or walking 馃檶馃檶…this is worth the extra cash..if you got that cash 馃槃馃槃馃槃馃槃

  29. Bought this bike here in Ireland 10 months ago for 2700e as a demo model with zero mileage. Very happy with it. I average about 200=220kms weekly commuting to work and some part time courier around the city. Ive replaced pads twice and chain every 10-12 weeks. The battery has lost about 30% capacity in @ 200 cycles. It is a great bike.

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