HOW IS EROKTIC SO RICH? (and how YOU can be too) | Escape From Tarkov

HOW IS EROKTIC SO RICH? (and how YOU can be too) | Escape From Tarkov

A hundred years ago, the almighty Mikhail Kalashnikov taught Eroktic how to make profit. The time has come for Eroktic to share the knowledge!

Economy is a joke BTW

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  1. øyvind stadsnes March 5, 2021 @ 10:18 pm

    I realy dont understand why every body care so much about be rich and the farming. Why not Just play to play not run around like an idiot and hope u get all the good shit to have 30mill when the wipe come. But i guess thats the hippie in me :p

  2. 09:10 I love when Streamers dont steal items from lower levels, i think its the moral / kind thing to do! Nice one dude!,

  3. 12mil is nothing tbh.

  4. Reducing loot by 50 percent would ruin the game for most people

  5. Kinda silly how you can spawn in as a scav with some of the most sought after items in the game like Labs access keycards and Paracords and then just extract instantly and make huge profit. You should have to work for your fat loot.

  6. yeah u got the best intro ive seen

  7. Intro words are so true its a nice time to be in tarkov. Also you are not forced to only loot safes and weapon case

  8. Reducing loot? This guys is crazy I cant get shit on raid 🤣😂 this guy is crazy

  9. 8:40 a true GAMER

  10. Swervin Skirvin March 5, 2021 @ 10:29 pm

    key words. Gamma T-T feels bad. I’ma poor boi.

  11. Сергей Чекмасов March 5, 2021 @ 10:31 pm


  12. One of the best spots to loot as a new player is woods in the night. Take big rig, bag +30 slots, go to a military camp and loot everything, escape with 400-500k+ of loot. It’s even easy to escape just take 4k roubles to the bridge extract if you start on the outskirts side. You could even search 3 houses near bridge extract. A lot of scavs, about 400-500k+ of loot, the extract is very close. Almost no one goes there

  13. i like how everything is profit if they reduced anything i would quit

  14. i feel like the majority of items like light bulbs and hard drives etc should be worth like 50 rubles seriously they could severely drop the price of those typed of items so that people dont farm them because the profit is so minor thats it wouldnt make sense .. idk just an idea that way your not getting 1000$ for wire lol

  15. Edward the crackhead March 5, 2021 @ 10:34 pm

    What was the ak build you were using on shoreline just wondering

  16. Noob spaying and he died

  17. reminder that like/dislike =/= interaction which is all that has and will matter to the algorithm

  18. Like the content brother subbed the first video I seen keep it up…..

  19. That shaky voice when saying someones question is the funniest thing ive ever heard haha

  20. more player base means a bigger demand in econ , so its reasonable to increase supply too .

  21. what is the name of the intro?

  22. Von Vanvolkvon March 5, 2021 @ 10:43 pm

    I am level 10, nothing above level 2 in my hideout and I am already sitting on 3 million. I am mediocre at best in combat. Be a Rat. Sneak, don’t run into fights. If you get something valuable and you can’t stick it in your prison wallet, evac. Only attack if you have to or have an easy kill from behind.
    You don’t have to be a sweaty boy to make the money. Let them kill each other then come in at the end and loot all the glorious leftovers. 🐭

  23. The problem with these videos that basically have a larger viewership (almost 30k there) is that in a day or so every kid and their dog is running stashes around the shoreline and you consequently DO touch pvp because in a very short amount of time after making this video people will be running stashes and the resort will be the "easy empty safe route". So these things constantly kinda cycle. You can do stashes and then realize oh shit there’s 10 other people doing the same thing because of this video. So ok.. in a way yes you can run stashes but then again you can’t. You very quickly devalue the run when you publicize it.

  24. Great vid😂

  25. Shadow Miracles March 5, 2021 @ 10:46 pm

    I completely disagree because it’s all on playstyle. I would love to have more loot in the game. But I would like more pvp as well.

  26. you look like pep hehe

  27. Whats the song in the background during the phonecall? 🙂

  28. Kobi Kobijansen March 5, 2021 @ 10:50 pm

    10:07 every time i understand "I AM GERMAN, ‘DIOT" xD

  29. Fekin rats

  30. 12m roubles ain’t nothin I risk a tenth of that sometimes when I just go on a run.

  31. Had the game for a week, ended a raid realizing I had this thing called a Red Labs Keycard in my inventory and now I’m filthy rich

  32. Seems easy to make profit if you’ve paid full wack for the game. Us standard edition guys only have 4 safe spaces, and usually 1 is taken up by something important, such as the keytool. Makes it a whole lot harder to make a profit compared to you gamma case guys, who have it sooooo easy. You can fill that sucker up and guarantee yourself a profit, regardless if you survive the raid.

  33. he sounds like a russian XQC

  34. The Outro 😀 "DJEEEEWD!

  35. I heard a great idea from someone, dont remember who, but they said to make it to where you cant put anything in your gamma in raid besides dogtags. That would help with the suicide hatchlings at least. Dont get anything unless you extract.

  36. Reduction of loot is a ridiculous idea. This dude does NOTHING but play the game. Thats why he has so much money. I play a lot too, and I make good money. Its not difficult but there are people that do not want to game full-time. You cant make the game inaccessible to them.

  37. dont go cheap on ya bullets m8

  38. Don’t forget that this dude shits on players is constantly selling dope shit!

  39. Where can we download the songs Skraaaaaaaaa

  40. Kroję Warzywa March 5, 2021 @ 11:05 pm

    5:18 feel my pain

  41. Welp that ruined many people’s Runs

  42. Kristopher Kohlmeier March 5, 2021 @ 11:06 pm

    I like how more loot is valuable in the game now. Before you were forced to play meta map spawns in extremely specific locations where everyone is going to go. Now you don’t need to do that. Go loot the abandoned villas and jacket pockets, explore the maps more rather than be sardined into the same fucking location as everyone else on the map because it would be the only location to get any profitable loot. I really disliked Tarkov’s loot system before .12, and because looting is my favorite aspect of the game it was unbearable and I didn’t play. Now, at least I have so many more places I can find profitable loot, while the extremely high tier spawns still have their place in the game for players who need to gun for that loot can go with the risk of running into some players, but at least it’s not the entire map of players now.

    While it has caused some interesting gameplay such as some players treating the flea more like the stock market than anything else, it has also made the maps feel so much more full and useful rather than massive expanses of crap loot with maybe a few rare loots spawn in very specific spots you already know everyone on the map is going to b-line for as soon as they spawn.

  43. Hes got 12 milion,shroud has 150 milion in the world

  44. I have to say, kinda like the intro! Its dope!

  45. For anyone actually wondering how you make money, most bullshit barter items are like 10k+ rn. Pick all of those up except for cricket lights and cigarettes those are worthless. In addition to that have an exit number. The urge to loot is very very strong in me atleast and I assume most people playing video games. I’ll keep looting past when my bag is full just for the joy caused by finding slightly better items. Dont do this. If you have 200k in your bag even if it looks like ugly junk, leave. Leave and loot another day. Think of every item you pick up as additional risk, maybe your okay with risking 100k in gear, or 200k or 500k depends on where your at in the game, but if you brought in 100k in great and now have 200k loot you risk 300k, if you wouldn’t bring a 300k kit into the game to begin with you probably shouldnt be running around with it for very long.

  46. shroud has over 100mil as of last vid

  47. Surplusgravy x March 5, 2021 @ 11:12 pm

    im sitting at 32 mil, really easy to get rich when you know what to do and know where all the high price items spawn at

  48. Spooky Lockheed March 5, 2021 @ 11:13 pm

    Omg the phone is back !!!!

  49. Best thing i did this week is finding your channel. Good content dude !

  50. I’m really happy i found your channel dude, great content !

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