How this eBike Hater Became an Ambassador

How this eBike Hater Became an Ambassador

Longtime fitness advocate and journalist Jenny Hadfield discusses how she went from eBike hater to supporter. She uses to scorn those who would pass her on the road, now she rides almost daily. I think many “hardcore cyclists” can learn somethings from her talk.

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  1. i got an e bike mountain bike and its really got me outside i really enjoy going out and biking all around my area i baught another bettery as well so i can high mode it for 100+ miles if i wanted too it takes around 8hrs of eco mode to kill the battery and 4 ish with turbo / high mode.

  2. So many to proud for them selves to allow these "cheaters" to be on bikes , only later to realize later, wow that’s a good idea. Please ride for your personal benefits and don’t judge

  3. Herr Frankenstein March 10, 2021 @ 10:33 pm

    Let’s clear up the air…. e things can help…. make it safe… half of the road for cars… half for people…

  4. I led family friendly group rides and one of our riders would always give me crap about my electric bike. I told him it’s really fun and helps with all the equipment I’m carrying. One day, he shows up with a much nicer electric bike than mine. Basically, I finally tried one out and loved it so much he bought one for him and his wife. 🙂

  5. I got an EMTB about a month ago after riding road and MTB for about 20 years. In the last month I have done more Kms than I have for months, explored more routes and just loving it. I know there are haters out there but if you love cycling, don’t knock it, give it a try, it is amazing.

  6. negative comments about E bikes are always from those least informed.

  7. Nice story 👍🏽 , I love my Ebike

  8. e-bikes – like every other energy intensive product (to make or use) in the usa (and around the world) is subsidized via cheap dirty energy. until we get the cost of energy up to a fair level (carbon tax! accountable for the pollution/emissions) we will be having this conflict/confusion of what is the appropriate bicycle.

  9. Michael Littlewood March 10, 2021 @ 10:57 pm

    It’s a silent motorcycle. Should require insurance, licensing, helmet and age restrictions. Too many novices hurting themselves and others.

  10. E Bikes take the head wind out of cycling…and put the fun back in.

  11. PasscodeAdvance March 10, 2021 @ 11:02 pm

    Not a fast runner then.

  12. I Got my Kalkhoff E bike 18 months ago. Its simply the best transportation system. It almost better than any psychoactive drugs i am taking. The only thing i find better than e bike is skiing or snowboarding! Except i can E-Bike anytime anywhere anyhow! I can have big rucksack of shopping and i can power up to assist and get home easy 👍😉

  13. I’m a senior. I bike alot, but every summer is getting more difficult. I was resting on a path and a fellow on a ebike stopped to see if I was ok. After we talked a bit, he offered me to try his bike. In 5 minutes it had me sold on ebikes. I don’t care what anyone says, if something makes it possible for me doing what I enjoy or not do it at all, I’ll take the other. My first purchase this spring will be an ebike. So haters, hate all you want and I’ll just smile going by.

  14. Erwin Landlubber March 10, 2021 @ 11:12 pm

    Until 4 months ago, I thought of ebikes as an expensive yuppie toy. I had seen the Radpower adverts on fb and clicked on them, only to scoff at spending $1500 on a bike when I don’t even ride the bike I already have that much, if at all. Well. We were in Tel Aviv in March, right as the country began lockdown, and all of the restaurants and cafes closed and being in a hotel without so much as a refrigerator in our rooms, we were wondering if we would just be snacking on chips or granola bars for the rest of our time, until I found the Israeli equivalent of Grubhub/DoorDash, Wolt. I placed my first order and was pleased to see an icon for my delivery driver heading speedily toward the restaurant that was making our dinner that night, far across the city, a good 15 minute drive away. The icon picked up my order and was soon speeding west back across town, and I went down to the street to meet what I assumed would be a speedy little hatchback with a young kid at the wheel. The man standing before me on the sidewalk wasn’t what I had expected. He was a middle aged man on a bike! I expressed my incredulity and explained that yes, the restaurant was 15 minutes away by car and it would be faster to take a car BUT that only a couple of roads/parkways would allow him to get across town in 15 minutes and the bike got him across town on the beautiful, quiet side streets in 20 minutes, no gas needed. He could park closer to his delivery locations instead of sometimes having to legally park blocks away or get stuck in traffic while food goes cold. 20 minutes across town at rush hour was an accomplishment in a car, but completely normal on an ebike. I started paying attention to ebikes (and escooters) there and it really blew my mind. These were family/work/exercise/ and MOBILITY devices! I started doing research as soon as I got back to the states and I am now the proud owner of an ebike (that cost quite a bit more than the Radpower bikes) and enjoying the heck out of riding a bike up the hill to the house I sold 15 years ago because I was tired of walking my bike up the hill or having to drive everywhere. I’m a larger-bodied person with awful knees and an inner ear condition that has left me without much balance so a lot of traditional exercise is very difficult for me. I’ve biked nearly 200 miles in the past 2 weeks. That’s more distance than I’ve done on my regular bike in a year, if I’m being honest. All the ebikes of Tel Aviv, I thank you. I saw large religious families using cargo bikes to schlep 2-4 kids PER BIKE! They’re absolutely capable of being minivan replacements with the right accessories. For me, I wanted a convertible or a moped for my 40th birthday last month, but I got an ebike instead and it definitely scratched any itch I had to feel the wind on my face, but has done it without gasoline, registration, insurance, or license. I’ve gone from being not a hater, per se, but maybe more of a naysayer to being a proselytizer for the cult of ebikes. I encourage everyone to do their research and find the exact right ebike to suit your current life AND what you’d like to do with it in the future. Don’t just get a Radpower because they advertise heavily on fb.

  15. Great speech, so true all of it. We all have our stories, we all most probably were e bike haters at first (I was a classic hater as a regular cyclist) but I changed my opinion when I opened up to a trial that showed me just how much more cycling I could do with an e-bike. Thanks for sharing that great video, Propel, such a big part of the e bike world online! eB

  16. Christopher Harmon March 10, 2021 @ 11:17 pm

    I used to think ebikes were stupid, until I test rode one. My opinion of ebikes changed immediately. Commuter? Absolutely! A quick run to the grocery store? Sure. A tool for a slower cyclists to keep up with their significant other? A recovery device for injured people? A distance extender for people with arthritis? Yes, yes, and yes.

  17. i saw the light to i love em now

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