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  1. Filmed in a dungeon in central china… Great vid though

  2. MrBluemoonhalos April 11, 2021 @ 11:33 pm

    Nice, Would you make of with the NCM Moscow Plus?

  3. I was looking for a review of NCM Lyon, there isn’t any on YouTube

  4. Would be nice if you told us what to do if the front wheel is rubbing against a breakpad

  5. My NCM Milano was initially great two months ago.The range is outstanding. However the rear wheel has not been built properly. This is my third ebike. I’ve never before had trouble with spokes. I’m learning fast all about them. I’ve just come back from a ride and another one has gone. I’m really good at recognising the sound. I’m even better at removing the rear wheel, tyre and inner tube and replacing the spoke. I’ve emailed Leon cycles and Info at ncm UK.No reply yet from either. It’s obvious in retrospect that the rear wheel spoking was deficient. Every spoke was at a different tension. The front wheel is fine with every spoke pinging at a similar frequency. I have no desire to be off the road for ages, so I’m getting the local bike shop to sort out the wheel. It really needs a rebuild or replacement. At least the Shimano derailleur and hanger were only £30 to replace after the broken spoke mangled them. It was a bit of a pain getting home.

  6. Thanks Doug. Very informative.

  7. Matt The Scooter April 12, 2021 @ 12:04 am

    I run a 24/7 roadside repair service for London Ontario and surrounding areas. I recently converted from driving a moped to the Moscor plus! Its a fantastic ebike to ride. It shows that it was designed with the intention to stand out from the rest. The motor power is impressive and is quiet compared to others, its design with comfort at mind, and made with top quality material ! Oh lets not forget the range. I never got range like that from any bike before. I was so impressed that I reached out to Leon’s to express my interest in providing repair service for their clients that live in my surrounding area. After explaining my extensive experience and knowledge in the industry it didn’t take them long to realize I am unique to my experience. I would rather be notoriously good at something then be famous for nothing. I will always go the extra mile to help a fellow ebike rider back on the road . I look forward to my future business with Leon’s. The only thing that really really worries me. I doubt i am going to get a lot of service calls for repairs. These bikes are built to last and easy to maintain.

  8. Very helpful! Thanks for making this

  9. I got a reply. It is my fault for not checking the spoke tensions! I’ve had the wheel checked and the report was that it was a mess. It took over an hour to adjust the spokes and true the wheel. Since then two more spokes have gone. Now the motor/cassette whines when I’m freewheeling. I have requested a replacement rear wheel with decent spokes properly adjusted. I don’t want to be weeks without an ebike. It’s really frustrating for me dealing with this company. I am in England. I await another reply. I am not optimistic. I wonder if this is a one off, or is it a general problem with spoke quality or wheel building on these bikes. In which case a replacement may be no better. I like riding the bike and the range and power are great. But I have to allocate about an hour each week for repairs on a recently purchased ebike.

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