How To Buy Your First E Bike | EMTB Beginner Buyer's Guide

How To Buy Your First E Bike | EMTB Beginner Buyer's Guide

Motors, batteries, power, torque figures, range, sizing… The list of things you need to consider when buying your first electric mountain bike can seem overwhelming! This video contains all the information you need to to help you buy your first E Bike and make your first steps into the world of E-MTB

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Readers Comments (50)

  1. Boggy Big pants March 17, 2021 @ 10:30 pm

    I got a 2020 kenevo 3 months back and can’t keep of it …..there the next level

  2. really cool vid!

  3. GavelAuctioneers March 17, 2021 @ 10:31 pm

    Hello, I want to buy my wife an electric mtb (so she can keep up with me on my kenevo expert) at present she uses a Liv Embolden normal pedal bike. She’s not very confident (aged 52 and 5ft 1”) having had a big tumble last year in France. What can you suggest.

  4. Once again a great video. Thanks. Just one thing that ruined the flow of the advice was that there were too many Advertisements. Very annoying.

  5. Not informative

  6. Hi guys, I’m loking to buy an E MTB, Hard Tail most likely, Ideally I’m looking for one that can also do duty as a commuter for work and back, 6 miles each way. I can’t afford to spend a fortune and don’t have any real leaning to any particular make. One thing I do want is a air sprung fork not coil. Thwer reason for going ebike ias some 5 years ago I managed to snap my PCL and median Lateral ligament in my left knee (motorbike not MTB) this somewhat curtailed my cycling to work and back andf Mountain bikikg that my Son and I were just getting into. So Now 5 years later (I’m 60 now) and a lot less fit I really need to get back to some excercise. What would you recommend, Iain??

  7. Once again you leave out Rocky Mountain……They decided to design and develop their own motor which really defers from all the other brands…..I’ve driven Shimano powered bike and now own the Rocky Mountain…..Much better for my tastes. Would love to see a comparison between them all. Whatever your choice, they are all a great way to get out and enjoy nature.

  8. First, locate a store that still has stock!

  9. I’m all confused now?! @ 10:37 is the chain on a Shimano not supposed to have the text stamped on the chain facing "outwards" ? 🙂 Just asking because I mounted a complete new 10-51t XT drivetrain yesterday….

  10. ricus serfontein March 17, 2021 @ 10:41 pm

    😁 "slightly more expensive." Who we kidding, most of us could never afford ebikes .

  11. Channel Zero One March 17, 2021 @ 10:43 pm

    Wish someone had told me to avoid Bosch. Don’t buy a bike with Bosch. 20mph limit but the true limit is 15. You are forced to hack it or dont ride. My Enduro is quicker. For 6700 I expect to be able to do the full 20MPH, and have room to adjust the speedo to get 3 more mph. I had the bike shop adjust the speedo as far as it would let me cheat and even then its still 3.5mph off and the limiter cuts in at 18.5 MPH.

  12. Heri Schwartz Jacobsen March 17, 2021 @ 10:43 pm

    Hi EMBN!
    Greetings from the Faroe Islands. I really like your show😊
    I would love to get into your emtb world, but there are so many factors to consider.
    Do you have a video that explains the differences in mid motors when it comes to the “natural feeling” of assist? I guess I would like a 70+ nm motor that is responsive and does not have lag of 45deg rotation. Maby a stupid question, but are there big differences?
    Also, if I chose a full suspention bike, do I have the possibility to lock the rear suspention if I am jumping around on the streets?
    Thank you and all the best😊

  13. Those canyons still with the old Shimano motor

  14. They talk about being green and going electric wether car or bike but fail to mention to be green you have to have plenty of the $green$

  15. EMBN the Canyon advertising channel, All just marketing blah blah. The last unanswered question to Canyon Service was March 2020. hands off from that company and the bikes that fall apart at the customer’s 👎👎👎👎👎

  16. Ads every 3.5 minutes is pretty irritating.

  17. Just taken delivery of my first emtb Trek Rail 9.8xt… in middle of invisiframeing it

  18. Size problem, trying to buy a new ebike and one shop says the Cube style 140 in medium is perfect and another says the Merida e160 9000 in large is correct, who do I believe? I’m 5′ 9" tall and weigh 80kg

  19. First step: moooney!!! 😔

  20. good video…will be buying the grand canton on9 when it’s eventually available in the uk…supposed to be March..!

  21. (There are hundreds of places to ride) in this fucking island there ain’t

  22. gerald maybebaby March 17, 2021 @ 10:48 pm

    If I spend £6000 on a bike and I don’t have a good time….someone’s getting punched…;-)

  23. i buyt 11 mounth ago a kenevo and im very happy i used everyday 4 comuting at work like 20 km and with 90%of batery i do 170++km on eco with 25% help btw 700wa battery

  24. I had a Spectral ON from the outlet and have ragged the crap out of it since. I now know what it’s like to be a fit pro 😀 The frame, motor and battery are showing age but it’s still good, I hardly spent anything on it so when I sell it to my mate, I’ll be able to afford a better one next year! For all you on the fence, just go get one, you won’t be disappointed.

  25. Buy a Turbo Levo – ride happy.

  26. Great video…. But I have a Question? I’ve just got into bikepacking as part of my midlife crises 😬. However, at present I am riding a Boardman 8.6mht, which is a great bike. But If I was to change to an E-bike in the future, could I still peddle okay if the battery died in the middle of no where or would I have to push it?

  27. hi, im looking to buy an emtb but i am finding it difficult to see any decent info online about bikes for shorter riders im around 4ft11in inside leg 27in and i dont want to make a mistake in getting the wrong size when i order one due to covid is going to have to be online lol any advice would be great thanks atm im leaning towards haibike 40cm bikes though so at least they do seem promising! if in stock though too .

  28. got board with the adverts half way through sorry

  29. I am closing in on 60yo. I have been riding Mt Bikes since the mid 80s
    I am on my second eMTB and am fairly addicted to it nowadays. It makes for great ‘isolation therapy’.
    My first was a HT which was a good starter bike for most of the trails I ride. It was kinda weak on components but, easily upgraded and not too costly.
    Current eMTB is a full suspension Trek Powerfly. I have found it to be of great value with high end components and the Bosch system which has been bulletproof to date (almost 5000 km)
    Expensive? I suppose but what sport/activity isn’t these days? Ya know what is expensive? The friggin’ tyres!

  30. Does anyone know how you charge the Grand Canyon? Does a new bike come with a charger? And do you take the battery out of the frame before charging?

  31. I was happy with my gen 1 specialized turbo levo to the point that I sold my regular enduro bike. until the battery died. talked to my dealer (specialized philippines) and I was told they have a backlog of turbo levo gen 1 battery issues and that they are having problems with sourcing batteries. not to mention the cost of a new batt ~USD1000 ! So I guess one should consider whether buying a new battery every 2 years justifies the perks of owning an ebike

  32. One big problem is the electrical gremlins
    But other than that emtbs are awesome

  33. Which size is that Grand Canyon:ON ??

  34. I get that the mid drive is a better experience off road but price is still too much for most people , a rear hub drive conversion cost me £300 on my full suspension mountain bike, its heavy and cumbersome but enormous fun and reliable, good for both commuting and off road tracks.
    I am looking forward to getting a mid drive for more serious fun off road eventually but 10x the cost and more maintenance is off putting..

  35. When will we see a Giant Stance, Trance or Reign ebike review?

  36. Step 1 – Sell an organ or maybe 2 depending if you want a decent spec.

  37. Went electric last month.😬 it’s like a whole new world. If you’re thinking about it. DO IT! It’s proper.

  38. Rotors with 180-200mm radius? 😀

  39. Where’s Chris?

  40. Ebikes can have a lot of problems, they are fairly complicated especially if mid-drive so I would recommend buying locally rather than online, the support of your local dealer could be the difference between a good and bad experience. For a standard bike online is not so much a problem but unless you are a electronics engineer the same approach with ebikes could fail. Also don’t forget if you don’t need a full off-road ebike there is nothing wrong with going with a hub motor ebike, the experience may not be quite as good but that experience may come at a small fraction of the price of premium models with mid-drive motors and there could be lots of advantages when used on the road with just a little light off-road use. On the road hub motors can feel a lot more powerful, accelerate faster and be more bomb proof and they can work just like mid-drive with at torque sensor or a simple cadence sensor and power can be controlled by levels, a throttle or a torque sensor that adds to your own effort. Lots of options out there.

  41. They can’t even paint the frame and the battery cover in the same color, real quality work lol

  42. That hard tail ebike grand canyon is super stealthy, good looking bike

  43. Hey,
    What do you guys think of the new propain ebike the ekano

  44. Narmada Skin Clinic March 17, 2021 @ 11:16 pm

    Extremely helpful,sir please suggest rear hum drive as only these are available in your vlogs

  45. Swilliam sonofhenry March 17, 2021 @ 11:21 pm

    I feel like I have gone back to 1st grade. But I do agree there are lots of people out there that have no idea what a Ebike is and how it works, so the video is beneficial to those people.

  46. Bought my ebike online at the big A
    1k usd. More than happy with it.

  47. Hello, I have some doubts about the size I should get. I am 185 cm and inseam is 85cm. I am always unsure if going with an L or XL. I would like to have a long reach, what should I look at for my body? a 480mm reach at least?
    thanks and great videos.

  48. Great info for someone thinking about buying an emtb but I do wonder how many subscribers to embn don’t already own one. So how do you reach people that aren’t subscribers. I guess it may be down to us to inform fellow mountain bikers who are thinking of swapping over of the benefits and joys of embn. Advertising on gmbn? Food for thought.

  49. Step 1 – sell the family car to fund it.

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