How To Choose A Basic Bike Tool Kit – Bicycle Maintenance

How To Choose A Basic Bike Tool Kit – Bicycle Maintenance

A good tool kit for being able to repair and maintain your bike is one of those things that every cyclist should have, however few of us have.
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If you’ve recently started cycling and have been following our maintenance Monday series on bike repair, you might wonder what tools you need to complete most bicycle repairs. Here Daniel goes through the basic tools you’ll need to keep your bike in good working order.

The full list is as follows:

Track pump
Good set of allen keys
Puncture repair kit
Chain tool
Good quality cable cutters
Torque wrench
Screwdriver (normally phillips head)
Spoke key
15mm pedal spanner

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Readers Comments (50)

  1. if you want to save money don’t buy a torque that gives more than one value just buy a 5nm torque and you’ll be able to do most of your tightening for much cheaper

  2. Buy a chain wear indicator and you can easily tell when its time to replace a chain. These will tell you once a chain has stretched by .075mm or 1mm (depending on what side you use). As a rough guide you can usually get 2-3k miles out of a chain.

  3. Add BB tool, crank puller, chain whip, bent spoke for installing chain, another sharpened spoke for poking housing, truing stand. If you only have high end bikes you won’t need the crank puller. If you dont have any high end bikes you wont need the torque wrench.

  4. Please make a video about the best multi tool kit available on the market. I tend to have mechanical failure on the road..

  5. Really

  6. where is chain gauge??

  7. Sized to suit my nipples!

  8. No worries I am an expert at truing wheels

  9. Get a chain checking tool, everyone will put different kinds of wear on the chain. Someone like me who weights 140 can get far more miles from a chain than someone like my friend who is 210 but keeps up with me on all but the steepest climbs. I had 4,000 on my last chain and still had not gone past 50% wear (you replace between 60-70% if you go to 100% you will be replacing your cassette and chain rings as well. I only replaced it because I went to 11 speed.

  10. There are variables in terms of replacing chains; you current chain and its quality, how many km you ride yearly, how well you maintain your chain. I change mine after 5,000 km.

  11. Global Cycling Network December 28, 2020 @ 10:23 pm

    Thanks for the suggestion – we’ll try and have a look at this in one of our bike fit videos.

  12. get yourself a chain gauge, they are cheap and will tell you when your chain has stretched and needs replacement

  13. Could we have a video on how to fine tune gears?

  14. I might add that needle nose pliers, regular pliers, plumber pliers, and multi purpose screw driver (Philips/flat head) screw driver. What I have been looking for is the torque wrench. My road bike is a carbon fiber, and I really do not want to damage it. Suggestions please?

  15. you didnt cover the crucial ones

  16. The Complete Bike Owners Manual (FOR ONLY $3)

    This is the complete reference guide to bike servicing and repair, and an essential ebook bible for every cyclist’s bookshelf.

    Incredible CGI illustrations show you every aspect of bike repair and maintenance more clearly than ever before, whether you’re a mountain biker, cycling commuter, or road racer.

  17. Yeah you look like a bicycle guy.

  18. I’m very happy with my Unior t-handle ball end hex key set and the Pedros Y wrench 4-5-6mm also I have the Unior cable cutter, the IceToolz missing link opener 62D3 and the Lezyne Macro Floor DV pump (220psi)

  19. Global Cycling Network December 28, 2020 @ 10:35 pm

    We might just be looking into that 馃槈

  20. chain wip?

  21. Great thanks. Its been over 20 years since I last got on my bike and my son has suddenly developed an interest in cycling and wants me to help him repair on old bike in the shed for practice. I see a new hobby starting for 2017

  22. Very useful indeed. Many thanks. Now, where did the family hide the Christmas wish list?

  23. Global Cycling Network December 28, 2020 @ 10:38 pm

    Great suggestion!


  24. Andreas Ellinidis December 28, 2020 @ 10:39 pm

    only unior bro

  25. What torque range would you recommend on a torque wrench for the basic home mechanic?

  26. your video very good for me

  27. Park tool is overpriced

  28. sorry I meant 0.75% or 1%

  29. Ditto…spoke key use.

  30. I have 29er hardtail and if i press brakes with 2 fingers when im moving it makes this weird metal sound. i still haven’t figured out what is it

  31. Great video! What other specialty tools do you recommend to have a complete bike repair toolkit? And are there specific places to get them as package deals at wholesale prices or do you recommend getting them individually?

  32. Global Cycling Network December 28, 2020 @ 10:49 pm

    You’re looking at from 4nm for a seatpost to 40nm for cranks. So it’s pretty broad!

  33. Could you please point out some resources to determine what force to set the torque wrench for specific components?

  34. Global Cycling Network December 28, 2020 @ 10:55 pm

    Most manufacturers state it on the part – if you’re looking at a stem, or seatpost clamp, the manufacturers tend to put the recommended torque on it.

  35. multitool, tire lever, and a pump

  36. Could you do a video on advising what take in jersey pocket’s/saddle bags etc?

  37. Global Cycling Network December 28, 2020 @ 11:00 pm

    Hi Romi, I use an Alien multitool personally, but why don’t we put it out there for everyone else to answer in the comments?

    What’s the best multitool you guys have ever used?

  38. Lol, better start saving then, looks like I’ll need at least 2 different ones 馃檪

  39. GCN what shop repair stands do you recommend?

  40. Any chance we could get a tutorial on the basics of truing wheels and the spoke key? Very little on the internet.

  41. David Henry and the Mysterons December 28, 2020 @ 11:02 pm

    old school bikes look much better than their modern equivalent. Put a young man on a old school bike ‘and he looks the part.’ But when a old guy gets on the new generation bike it looks all wrong… I no because聽 I am old聽GUY聽on a聽聽modern bike 聽‘. Saving up for a proper’ one

  42. What is the brand and model name of that torque wrench? Thanks.

  43. No way am I going to sit through 2:46 of commercial.

  44. I’d say a wheel truing stand is something that anyone who rides a lot of miles needs. A chain breaker tool and the wrenches needed for servicing your wheel bearings help, too. A mechanic stand with a clamp makes a world of difference.

  45. I’d say a tire lever is pretty high on the basic tool kit list..

  46. hello #GCN which Tool Kit iz Best In the world

  47. CrazyCyclingVlogger December 28, 2020 @ 11:05 pm

    Only a crappy carpenter blames his tools…

  48. Global Cycling Network December 28, 2020 @ 11:06 pm

    Most manufacturers state it on the part – if you’re looking at a stem, or seatpost clamp, the manufacturers tend to put the recommended torque on it.

  49. What’s the best manufacturers of tools especially bike tools and were could I get a full set cash won’t be an issue I can save a lot each month

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