How To Choose A Road Bike Saddle

How To Choose A Road Bike Saddle

So you want to buy a new saddle for your road bike. Chances are, this is because your current saddle isn’t very comfortable for you. Choosing a saddle can be an absolute minefield – with different widths, cut outs, and shapes to contend with. But don’t worry, there’s plenty of options out there for riders of all different shapes and sizes and, in this video, Ollie talks you through everything you’ll need to know next time you buy a road bike saddle.

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What do you look for when purchasing a new road bike saddle?

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Readers Comments (50)

  1. Rating ARK Reviews February 16, 2021 @ 9:23 pm

    Hello! Very informative video! Thank you!

  2. what shampoo do you use?

  3. Jamesmichael Cabrera February 16, 2021 @ 9:27 pm

    Cut out are for men with big balls that’s why you don’t notice the difference 😜

  4. Big bums are great. Don’t be ashamed of it.

  5. my saddle gives my a numbing feeling during my ride and is somewhat uncomfortable, I’m thinking of a cutout saddle to ease the discomfort. Any suggestions for a new ridder?

  6. Can I hang my bols down from the cut out saddle or it might wrap around the bick chain ?

  7. Only trial and error works.

  8. justw4lkbesideme February 16, 2021 @ 9:36 pm


  9. Default Mode Music February 16, 2021 @ 9:37 pm

    6:45 I hope nobody is riding on their pubic bone. That sounds like the end of your private parts.

  10. Sivagajan Arudchelvam February 16, 2021 @ 9:37 pm

    Buy cheep saddles and try before buying expensive ones

  11. “Bumometer”!! Brilliant and nice new word
    Thanks for another interesting rundown on tech.

  12. Thanks Bryan Adams

  13. If you truly care about the quality of your seat, I highly recommend getting the latest model crafted to perfection by brilliant Philadelphia-based engineer Mac. Look no further than the saddle used in the world class bike, the Ass Pounder 4000.

  14. Bumomerter …. OMG .. Don’t give up your day job !! LOL Funny stuff . Thx & a great video !!

  15. Thanks for reviews. Very good, understandable English)

  16. A cutout in the saddle is not necessary unless you plan to pee through it while riding because you are too lazy to unclip and just go use a loo.

  17. The first thing you need is Chamois Butt’r, Google it, use it and then evaluate any soreness and see if a new saddle is needed. I have been using it for years with different saddles on every ride and no soreness.

  18. Get a haircut ya, beggar.

  19. Selle San Marco Zoncolan is the best fit saddle for me.

  20. شكرا لك ايها الأشقر

  21. 6:21 Ewwww that stain

  22. The correct word for that soft tissue is the perineum, just as easy to say as “guch” or whatever that silly word is 😏

  23. Cutouts for the win!!

  24. Im disturb by every squicky sound of you catching breath

  25. Jason Chalkhorse February 16, 2021 @ 9:51 pm

    Any thoughts on how to avoid numbness? An Issue Ive had issue with a personal and intimate component going numb. (do I need to say more?) I was thinking of a cut out sable as Ive never tried one. Help please

  26. Pressure = Weight x Surface Area. The larger the saddle, the more you spread out the weight, the less pressure is applied. And of course cuts outs take pressure of the most sensitive bits (if the cut out is wide enough). I ride a Selle SMP Martin Touring Saddle. Yes it’s huge. Yes it’s funny looking. Yes it weighs a ton. In 5 years of riding, not numb once. Not a single saddle sore. Even after winter break when hopping back on the road bike for the first ride of the season, no ‘break back in’ period. (Had tried 20-25 other saddles before I discovered this one. Can’t recommend this enough for larger riders… (or smaller riders, no numb simply can’t be beat…)

  27. A video on suspension seatposts could be useful. A bit heavy, but I get fitter because of the weight and it is so much more comfortable on my gravel bike. I prefer a cheap, narrow, soft saddle with thicker foam so I don’t have to wear that embarrassing padding between my legs. I really don’t understand what I’m missing and why suspension seatposts are not talked about more..🤔

  28. Hi. I use a brooks b17 saddle. I am told that changing the saddle will increase my speed. Is this true. If yes. Then what kind of sale should I go. Unfortunately we do not have bike shops who provide worth sample saddles to test them out and also they do not have many varieties to choose from. So I ask left with no option than to buy online. So keeping that in mind I am also vary that I cannot afford to buy one and that not suiting me. Looking forward to your reply. Thanks

  29. Ariestocrata Studio February 16, 2021 @ 9:58 pm

    1:33 that’s Jason Kidd biking.

  30. 3:56
    "wider peo- people with wider sitbones"

  31. #askgcn Hey Guys, on to my 5th road saddle over the years and can’t find a decent "endurance" model – like 5 hours + in the saddle; sometimes for continuous days on a massive week long road trip. Local highly skilled bike shop suggested a women’s saddle and several of the guys there use them. With Covid its impossible to get out / test …..any thoughts / advice ?

  32. I bought a Giddy-up seat. Nice padding and a rear light! None of this narrow crap.

  33. Its a pity you didn’t mention leather saddles. I know no one is going to use a Brooks B17 for racing, but leather is still the most comfortable option, I feel.

  34. 9:53 Jesus, the guy is 3m tall? Look at the size of that Pinarello!

  35. Brooks maybe is the best saddle for road bike.
    Best for hurting your eggs.

  36. Bum-0-meter, classic Ollie.

  37. People, how can you sit on such stiff saddles? Received my Canyon with Selle X3, it hurts just to sit on it. Even with 3 paddings it i the only one complaining on it?

  38. How flexible you must be in order to get the arione?

  39. Roczhemer Pestano February 16, 2021 @ 10:10 pm


  40. Heyy, anyone please help me with a bicycle….🙏🤘🤘

  41. If you are interested in bicycle cushions, please contact me

  42. Can you recommend a saddle for old farts with prostate issues?

  43. Is there any correlation between men using cut out saddles and improved cycling performance?

  44. My best racing bike saddle is the original cheap plastic saddle belonging to my scott . For my MTB I bought an expensive leather saddle with that cutouts in the middle and it literally kastrates me each time after 30 kms… as a woman. I assume that especially the cutouts disturb my valuable parts down there… 😀 So the price seems to be not the primary topic.

  45. This video was helpful

  46. The requirements of the UCI are such that the distance from the vertical line along the axis of the bicycle carriage to the saddle should not be less than 5 cm. Therefore, the saddle for TT is made short.

  47. Watching this hurts my butt and *uhm uhn

  48. I got a semi gel saddle and i tell ya my ass thanks me

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