How To Commute On An E Bike | Tips For Cycling To Work By Electric Bicycle

How To Commute On An E Bike | Tips For Cycling To Work By Electric Bicycle

Commuting by bike is fantastic. Cycling to work can save you money, it’s better for the environment, and it might even be quicker for some! E-bikes can bring even more to the rush hour party, allowing you to cycle further for less effort, without sacrificing the whole host of benefits cycling brings.

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Would you commute by E-bike? If so why? Let us know in the comments 👇

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Readers Comments (50)

  1. sylvain bernaers January 12, 2021 @ 10:34 pm

    good for the fat and old dudes

  2. Pieter Bas van den Berg January 12, 2021 @ 10:35 pm

    Before the COVID crisis, I commute quite a lot on my Cube Kathmandu ebike. The daily commute was about 14km, and love the acceleration of the line in the city. Often the fastest form of transportation in The Hague. Sometimes the longer route, is the quickest when you know which traffic lights are a bottleneck. With decent suspension, disc brakes and lights it’s quite a comfortable ride to work. And it is fun racing the trams in the city.

  3. Not sure why he needed to stand up to peddle on that hill! I started commuting by eBike a couple of months ago on a cheaper (NCM Milano) AUD$1700 (about £950) eBike. It can tackle steep hills without any problems.

    There’s absolutely no need for cycling kit. I’ve been riding to work mid-winter in jeans and a puffer jacket and get nowhere near working up a sweat. It’s less effort than walking!

  4. Always make sure you’re wearing a helmet, wear bright clothing and have lights. That way when you jump the lights at Vauxhall arches the lorries leaving Covent Garden market will have a better view of you breaking the law whilst saving the planet. Yes I know lorry drivers do stupid stuff too. But in a 100% of collisions between lorries and cyclists….. the cyclists always loose!!!!! Be safe and respectful to everyone 👨‍🦽👩‍🦯🚶🏻🚵‍♀️🚗🚛 and my personal favourite 🚜 👍❤️

  5. It is just me that don’t like the look of dropbar? 🤔

  6. Christopher Lawton Music January 12, 2021 @ 10:41 pm

    Excuse me , I think the official term is no longer lollypop Men as that’s very sexist. The political correct word is Lollypop Person/Crossing Guard…….😂😂❄️❄️❄️

  7. thats a fancy looking e bike but I guess for around 6k usd it should be

  8. Hank, you fergot to explain how to watch out for attractive women, when on a bike commute 🤷😂 Biggest selling point for alot of dudes.

  9. If you don’t have a good idea for the video, maybe…don’t make one? I mean these were really unnecessary tips, nothing that a normal Joe couldn’t think of.

  10. I commute on my e bike exactly the same way I did on my normal bike except quicker lol. Was it a slow news day that made you think the community needed this video 🤣

  11. Love GCN and all the videos. But if you’re talking commuting and especially e-bikes you should include talking about bike to work schemes (certainly in UK) and tax breaks, etc. to make it more affordable. I bought an ebike to do my 17 mile commute through lovely (but hilly) countryside, then lockdown happened. I’ve had to fake commute around the Peak District since March, but its got me fit and ready if/when I return to the office!

  12. Whatever you do dont lock your ebike outside regardless of what lock you have there are way too many folk in the world with sticky fingers that like to touch things that don’t belong to them. They will take it by whatever means so unless you can afford to buy another one or don’t mind paying the excess on cycle insurance just dont lock it up outside. Until then look forward to selling you a e bike

  13. Global Cycling Network January 12, 2021 @ 10:52 pm

    Would you commute by E-bike? If so why? Let us know in the comments 👇

  14. I dont mind cyclists but please stay off the road where multi ton motorized vehicles drive at 40-60 mph. Its not safe for you or anyone else. You dont have right of way every single time and the laws apply to you as well. Dont go trying to sue somone if you chose to weave through traffic and somone hit you.

    The biggest offenders in my area ride in the center of a single lane road and block a line of cars trying to get to work in the morning.

  15. I know there is something called “Jobrad” in Germany, where you can easily afford an expensive bike with the help of the company. Sure, it’s not for everyone, but the positives outweighs the negatives.
    Is there something similar in the UK or other European countries?

  16. With the money you save riding to work, you could buy an Ebike! These videos are bullshit. Why don’t you stand on the corner at 5pm and interview real commuters.

  17. I’m ok with E-Bikes (used to hate them), if I could i’d get my old man one, he used to be into his biking but he’s 74 now and I would imagine any serious climb would be out of the question …for this purpose E-Bikes are great, and can be for your work commute for saving time ….and sweat (although you can get simple electric fixie’s, which is probably more practical for a town commute) ……BUT ….don’t be tw@t …..don’t log it on Strava ha!

  18. What watch are you wearing Hank? Looks good.

  19. The great thing about ebikes is that you can wear Lycra and push yourself hard and get a good workout, or you can wear jeans and a t shirt or your business clothes, let the motor do the work, and arrive with no sweat on you.
    If you push hard, you’re pedalling a heavy bike on legs alone once you go over the motor’s cutoff speed (26kmh where I live). Makes for quite a workout!
    An ebike got me back into cycling, I’ve since retired it and bought a road bike

  20. @2:05 I think Hank must be commuting to GTN.

  21. Most bike batteries will charge over two to four hours so if you leave it charging longer overnight the battery will degrade

  22. Avoid the busy main roads… In other words, dont live in Tokyo where I do ;(

  23. I use my eBike for a 5km each way commute as often as I can. I would have mentioned taking the Speedo faceplate off when locking the bike, my Electra is more practical with mudguards, inbuilt lights & pannier rack.

  24. the day strava died.

  25. Is it just me or the shirt looks so cool. How much is that

  26. Yeah maybe don’t lock your etap bike up outside, components worth stealing to a thief.

  27. IntraBratwurstParty January 12, 2021 @ 11:08 pm

    Interesting video with good tips. I do not think that the presented bike is a good example. It has no mud guards, no lights and no carrier. This is rather suited for riding at work than commuting to work.

  28. How would you GCN fund your ebike?

  29. Darian Broadhead January 12, 2021 @ 11:10 pm

    Next GCN video. “How to ride a bike”.

  30. Can you do a video on what it is you do working at GCN? We only see the video component and understand that requires preparation, but what else?

  31. This is almost as good as the video about how to put your bike in a car

  32. Get fat with canteen food and still go 40kph – without pedaling and breaking a sweat. Also Work in the process. Repeat.

  33. Aren’t these limited to 15.5mph? My commute is about 12 miles each way and I generally average at least 20mph on the flat sections and 16-17mph overall. I could see the benifit to using a road ebike on my easier training days, especially to make the hills easier for recovery. However I also would not wish to compromise on my average speed (for time reasons). Is there a solution here?

  34. It cost more than some city cars …..

  35. That is one ugly bike. Trying to look like the bicycle equivalent of a supercar.

  36. I hate E bikes with a passion. Everyone who rides them are so smug going up hills 😅

  37. solid arms
    especially for a cyclist

  38. Out and about and cooking with Assunta Gill January 12, 2021 @ 11:20 pm

    Hi guys I’m getting myu first ever ebike in about 4 weeks, and it’ll have a throttle as well hehe

  39. Ebikes are brilliant, and will act as a gateway drug to many buying themselves a traditional road bike. Brilliant things they are. More people on bikes and less in cars = win.

  40. Safety tip. Wear cycling gloves. If you come off, being able to put your hands down (to break your fall) without them being ripped to shreds by the tarmac is vital.

  41. ChazPilks World Bicycle Relief Ambassador January 12, 2021 @ 11:22 pm

    You’d never forget to charge your battery would you, Hank?

  42. The cost can be prohibitive but if you live in the UK and your workplace is in one of the cycle to work schemes you can get quite a lot off the price, and payments are spread out. The scheme is flawed in that those paying higher rate tax get more of a discount but if you can take advantage of it I’d recommend looking into it.

  43. How to commute on an e-bike?
    Same like with every other bike, just accept that you are lazy, unless there are real (being old, hurt or …..) reasons for you to use e-bike

  44. E-aren’t bikes… they are toys for rich idiots. (excluding people with disabilities who are the only people who "might" need one.)

  45. Lots of new e-bike riders who ride they way they learned to drive- barely safe and counting on others to watch out for them. How about:
    1. On an e-bike, you are going faster than a regular cyclist usually, and when you are driving a car it is hard to gauge speed and distance of a cyclist. So watch for a driver pulling out in front of you, thinking they have plenty of time.
    2. Take out the ear buds. It is illegal in most states (not sure internationally) to ride with headphones on, it takes away your ability to hear cars. ("what about electric cars"? if you listen, you will hear them) Oh and the louder a car is, the quicker it is moving or accelerating, and the more you need to be paying attention.
    3. When overtaking, pass on the left and let the person know you are passing with bell or voice. You super win when you pass someone at velocity, but just let a body know, ok? Sure sucks to take someone by surprise who was just about to turn… into you!
    4. Helmets don’t equal safety, situational awareness and the expectation that someone driving is not going to be looking for you can go a lot farther than putting a helmet on and thinking you are now safe. Helmets don’t protect against neck injuries. Helmets don’t stop traumatic brain injury. Learn to ride attentively and keep your helmet from impacting the pavement. New riders will get more personal protection from a good pair of gloves (you will usually fall and stick your hand out to stop you). Sure, wear a helmet too.
    5. bright clothing is great! lights and reflectors! yes! what happens when you are relying on your visibility instead of making eye contact? Is someone texting while driving again? Well it doesn’t matter how visible you are when someone driving isn’t looking at you.
    Good luck. Riding is levitation of the spirit, and even an e-bike is exercise. Driving in cars makes you fat and lazy, and changes how you perceive the environment and other human beings. Get good at riding and be a better person.

  46. Has GCN ever shown a presenter on a bike with panniers?

  47. To anyone and everyone complaining about the "super expensive bikes" and "gcn becoming top gear for people who cant afford them", i advise you to look at their playlist for the past week, past month, past year. Then ask yourself that again. Theyre providing quality cycling content for all financial ranges, and it doesnt mean that since you cant afford this brand x bike, you cant apply their advise to the bike you own.

  48. every bike are e-bikes because our muscle are powered by electrical impulse from nervus system

  49. I know Hank is using the expensive ebike, but the ebike tips and vid applies to almost all. And newbies on ebikes will definitely appreciate the video

  50. The main ‘tip’ you missed is to make sure your commute is recorded as an E-bike ride on Strava. Don’t want to be taking away any koms. I have to manually change it each time – my garmin doesn’t have an ebike mode.

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