How to diagnose and repair ebike electrical issues |hall sensors | qs hub motor | romai ebike test |

How to diagnose and repair ebike electrical issues |hall sensors | qs hub motor | romai ebike test |

In this video you will see everything you need to know about repairing electrical issues with your e bike from using the fantastic romai e bike tester checking hall sensors. The controller and Motor windings ( I have added a link below) to a actual step by step guide of how to strip disassemble and rebuild your e bike motor hub without using any special tools. Any one can do this at home so give it a go 馃榿

Romai ebike tester ebay

Due to the amount of people interested in building there own e bike and viewers asking about parts services and repairs I have opened a small business called custom e bikes UK we are based in Blyth Northumberland

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  1. Hi, I am currently trying to sort my wifes E bike after it stopped working ,I have got the exact same tester and I am trying to test the hall sensors. when I spin the wheel I do get 1 or 2 of all 3 lights showing but looking at the paperwork it sort of implies at some stage all 3 lights would be on …is that correct because I can get all lights individually lighting or even a pair but never 3 ..any ideas ? thx

  2. I just got a Cheapanese box like your’s. Thanks for showing your experience.

    " Wave and Pants!" The ultimate price.
    I think the phrase is "Raw Doging it."

  3. Cool video

  4. nice one mate, I’m wondering how much fun you’ll have putting it back together. could you tell me which vid you did about your controller cuz I want to know which one ur using

  5. Ebike rider vlogs January 8, 2021 @ 11:00 pm

    When I took my wheel apart I used a big flat headed screwdriver and I kept levering it either side it popped the side cases off fairly easily. As for the magnet I stood on the wheel and it popped out probably not the best way I admit but just another way it can be done

  6. Do you have a link for the rubber tape? that covers the wires going into the motor.

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