How to get started in SCUM | IN DEPTH GUIDE 2020.

How to get started in SCUM | IN DEPTH GUIDE 2020.

In a survival game like SCUM, every single detail matters and papa Eroktic is here to explain and demonstrate everything you need to know for a good fresh start!

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  1. Irresponsibly Long Bitcoin March 16, 2021 @ 10:45 pm

    Why these slavic bois call it african american? Why not african austrian? Or african european.

  2. Wait, what is that outro lollllll

  3. Woodprix plans are amazing!

  4. dood jus gave me sum to do instead of trying to scavenge fir supply’s in towns😭

  5. Can I make my own server exclusively to my steam friends only? We are just 2 actually we just want to play and roam the map without any other players

  6. Bought Scum when it was launched on Steam but haven’t really played it until I watched this video. What to do next? I think building sucks in this game and raiding those bases sucks to (takes way to long destroying walls and doors – so what to do next? Leveled up archery to level 3 in no time with your fame farming tactic and found a compound bow. Crafted some metal tip arrows and looking forward to trying them. But how would you proceed "progressing" ? Thanks for your video, really enjoyed it and helped me get into this game!

  7. McDonald Protective March 16, 2021 @ 10:49 pm

    Trash guide

  8. Im gonna subscribe that was really good to watch.

  9. that;s why I love black chicks hahaha… you get a like for that one.

  10. Ahahaahha i fking love this guy already, first video i watch and instant sub xd

  11. hi fatal error

  12. Finally someone with balls. Sub instantly

  13. strange u cant skill that way anymore so its useless atm

  14. Dayz sent me here.. After not being able to even find a chicken and cook it on time before starv to death.. I give up dayz.. it just shit and over realistic.. Just who the fuk would starv in half a day (game time) i rather play a survivle game where "survive" not only means eat and drink

  15. Filip Iveković March 16, 2021 @ 10:55 pm

    najbolji guide za život kakav scum

  16. lol is that guy stupid or what?
    you’re in starter outfit and he’s just wasting all those bullets with nothign to gain.

  17. Sooo…

    Stone Knife
    Crouch while you are crafting.
    Never shred your shirt or pants or panties/boxers.
    Chope Banches to make sticks.
    You can search multiple times.
    With Knife chop a tree
    make an AXE and a Backpack.
    Backpack by shreading the undershirt, underware and shoes.
    Chope some trees to make a BOW with Arrows.

    Find FOOD.
    Hold F to pick up eatable things…
    NEVER EAT OVER 100% or click on stop EATING!
    If you are above 100% REST!!
    -INTESTINE over 75% Diariha
    (Drinking fills it up much faster.)
    RUN and EAT
    if your stamina is down REST
    If your Intestine is nearly 75% STOP EATING!
    Now pay attention to your Metabolism.
    So you don’t die, and recover fast.
    To gain FAME shoot and don’t kill pupets.
    Fame RESPAWN and Fast XP?
    Always check the safezones if you are close to it.
    SafeZones has a bunch of good items inside them.
    Residentials Normal Dots.
    Bunkers Small dots.
    (C2 Biggest Bunker.)
    Farming FAME points:
    Anger pupets and jump through a window.
    Killing Pupets by aiming to the foot.
    100-80XP/Hit with a BOW.
    Search pupets they can give you THREAD.
    If you find a Big Pupet, kill it in the same way.
    200 Fame Point is enough.
    Fame points will be harder to get.
    Now just.. enjoy the game. And drink Water.


  18. two reasons why I follow you
    1-the funny satanist accent
    2-you’re a total maniac

  19. Ding-dong 😂 gotovo nmg više hahahaha

  20. Your video always funny

  21. That outro tho when you killed those guys harassing you

  22. Oh my goodness! This video is by far, the Best Survival Class Ever! Thank you man for the time you spend to "teach us" how to quit to be a noob and start to be a Hunter. Cheers Mate from Costa Rica, Pura Vida!

  23. The graphics in this game are so bad. What is with the crazy eyes? And the lighting in this game…. blurgh. It feels like something from the PS3 days.

  24. jsut bought the game today and sub this channel cus i learned a lot.
    still very lost with the game though

  25. This was useful even after 400 hours. Hope to see you back after 0.5!

  26. Everard Santamarina March 16, 2021 @ 11:08 pm

    Excellent content as always. Learned new things like how to level up archery easily and survival. I always start high in survival and engineering as I like the added recipes I can craft but seems it’s not that much of a sacrifice with this build. Also agree, driving with no skill sucks unless you find a tractor and congrats, you’ve just announced to half the server where you are.

  27. Mark From Australia March 16, 2021 @ 11:11 pm

    LOL ya pharking Legend !! your a funny guy ya know? love your Video’s LMFAO love ya Jail style top. you talk better than you think. you have more Info in this video than others have in ten video’s so TY

  28. the character is like : C’mon man…

  29. Lmaooo 😂 🤣 😂 tiny willy and be black got it 👍🏾 love it

  30. This video is too fast paced and you cut too quickly. I’m trying to make my character while you talk but you cut before you show that you are making constitution 4.5. Makes it very hard to follow and the piece of shit game keeps crashing.

  31. 2020 peeing is Tactical ✌️

  32. You are from croatia I can see that beacause your dinaric nouse and blonde eyes

  33. I keep getting SAME PROBLEM Just purchased game.

  34. Sargentomate MARTERZ March 16, 2021 @ 11:14 pm

    I only have ten seconds to create my character before I get the error in the game!! f!f!f! nice tutorial crazy man, the best tutorial.

  35. i saw car spawning in safe zones

  36. So been playing since launch. This video has helped me do 2 things. Firstly today I got my first PK. Yes thats how badly I suck. Secondly I hit 485 fame in about 8 hours (1 session) using the build and tips you gave. THANKS!

  37. tutorial without music?

  38. Goddamn, man. Lovin’ every moment of that video. XD – wish you were doing more scum videos.

  39. i cant even get that many attribute points… idk how you have so many

  40. need "backpack and eggs"?

  41. i must add to making a female character that she is more silent when running tired that the male character so its way better.

  42. Menos trece gringo

  43. Already failing at character creation since I seemingly have like 1.5 points less to spend so I’m nowhere near your stats

  44. I got unsubbed again!

  45. Anyone ever tell you you were really good at explaining? They lied. Did you structure this video before recording at all?

  46. you ccan search rocks multiple times!!!!!!!!!!!!! WDF???

  47. I bought the game a couple of weeks ago and this video has helped me out. Thank you! 👍

  48. 62 dislikes?

  49. that is nowhere "how to get started" … u expect everyone to know how to craft n stuff oO

  50. I can kill deer in 7 days to die all day……but the deer in Scum have been trained by Chuck Norris😭

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