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  1. At 10.30 min in video there鈥檚 reference to the direction the power cable should be with the notch facing up towards the handlebars . I think this is incorrect simply when it rains water will run down the power cable and overtime penetrate into the motor causing failure.

  2. Indian in Lithuania April 11, 2021 @ 12:03 am

    Hello, I am thinking to buy this kit before that I have some doubts may I ask you ?

    1. How is the battery life mean per charge (PAS) or (throttle)
    2. 350w it’s enough for some hilly area or instead I go for normal ebike conversion kit because I am getting at same price but normal one comes 1500w with cheap type battery (Chinese one)
    3. How is your experience till now?
    4. I am student and with studying I do part time work as a delivery in bike so for me mileage and power matter a lot.
    Thankyou in advance and sorry for asking this much questions

  3. Do these have warranty?

  4. Hi Sir, I saw the connection from the battery is the universal connector 9 pin, can I just buy the bottle and the battery (Control unit and battery)? I will buy the hub motor with the same connection 9 pin by myself separately due to I need the width 75MM for Brompton folding bike. last week I just sent a mail to you and confirm you don’t have 75MM, only 100mm with is not fit on my Brompton.

  5. just about to fit one! No mention of charging battery here? Maybe its obvious…

  6. ordered mine last week cant find any utube videos on how to fit display unit on drop bars.(is there one)

  7. What speed and distance can you expect to get.looks a good job no mention of Price .

  8. how much bigger in size is battey compaired to water bidon ? will the display fit on drop handlebars.

  9. Hi Clive, just wondering about the safety aspect of trying to control motor via Smart phone screen. I guess it would be tricky to touch the screen in the right place when you’re on the go, especially if the road is bumpy? 馃 Once you’ve pressed start, will the motor continue to run until you press stop?

  10. dead interested in getting this kit,BUT will it fit my roadbike tyres i use are conti 700×28.whats the delivery time to ireland and is there crazy import tax ….

  11. Is the Bluetooth display controller fully waterproof?

  12. Hi, great video and product.
    Just one question is the motor quite loud it seems loud in the video.

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