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  1. 120 psi is a bit too much for my bike, 90-100 is just nice

  2. if you have over inflated whats the best way to release air from the tyre, I might be a total idiot but i cant work out how to do it…….

  3. You should prob say to read the tire for proper psi my tires say 65-100

  4. directions weren’t that clear i got my dick stuck in a toaster

  5. thanks mate you saved my life… i spent all time doing it wrong way….

  6. Thank you! Great tutorial

  7. Great video! Taught me how to properly pump my tire in 1 minute!

  8. maybe im retarded but ive tried this 110000 times and it doesnt work

  9. Thank you for the video. I was not tightening the tire and when ride not going smooth. Good I found this vid

  10. Nice and simple. Thanks.

  11. bruh ai i stole a pushy like this it got a flat good video thumbs up bro

  12. thanks for this!

  13. Spent forever trying to figure out what I was doing wrong, lol, until I saw this and realized I wasn’t loosening the stem valve! Thanks for the simple video for dummies like me!

  14. Олень тупой

  15. Thank you for this video, i was never sure if i needed to loosen the valve or not, now i know how to do it

  16. 500K views

  17. thanks

  18. my pump doesn’t fir (but I’ve got a mountain bike)

  19. Helped so much!! Thanks

  20. Great video! But got dang, you had me waiting for that derezzed drop to kick in

  21. Thanks so much. That was so easy to follow. Now ready to go ride my bike 🙂


  23. its so easy

  24. Every time I remove the pump nozzle I hurt myself on the spokes. Does anyone know a technique to get it off softly? It won’t come off unless I pull hard but then I always hurt myself 🙁

  25. i just bought one of these, I didn’t realize u pull up the leaver to lock it on, that helps lol.
    Here’s a tip for any noobs like myself, when you unlock the leaver to take the pump off the valve, watch out you don’t have any fingers between the pump and the locking leaver, I did…lol, I squashed my thumb under there, ouchie… that hurt…

  26. Lorenzo Montgomery January 27, 2021 @ 8:29 pm

    I been trying to put air in my tire all day

  27. Daughter was almost in tears because of two flat tires. Husband was working, so I looked up how to air up bike tires and now my baby girl is happy! Thanks for the wonderful video!

  28. oh my fuck, i had the bike pump’s clamp on the wrong way

    gg adam magana you god

  29. Thanks for the very quick and concise overview. Just got my first road bike and was a little confused by the fancy stem.

  30. Good porn music.

  31. thank you thats easy

  32. any pump valve works

  33. Where can I find the lyrics?

  34. If you dont know how do it and you need to see how, y are idiot

  35. Thanks this video helped a lot

  36. I got a Bonrager Air Support III from Trek and it’s an abortion. They don’t tell you how to flip the cap on it to make it accept the Presta valve, there’s no instructions on it, so I have to get a video to try to fill up my tires if I haven’t ridden in a while. Trek’s products look good, but you have to be a professional cyclist in it at all times in order to use their stuff. Thank God their bicycles are mostly self-explanatory.

  37. boppin my head to this put air in a tire video…

  38. Thanks a lot for this 😀 just what I needed to know.

  39. Thanks very much

  40. nice video, I watched you’re because it’s the shortest and I just need it to show someone how to pump his tyre without me doing it for him lol

  41. i just can’t do it. Got the minipump, just like this one, got it in, push the little pum and feel some pressure…but no air goes into the tyre…

  42. I can’t stop fussing with the valve stem, is this normal?

  43. Thank u so much.

  44. Thanks for this simple, straightforward video. I can’t believe I forgot how to do this. Just a side effect of my husband spoiling me. Lifesaver, thanks again.

  45. This was life changing

  46. Everyone should know how to do this when I was a 4 year old I could do this and grownups can’t do what I can do

  47. You should of seen my twit son was doing….thanks for video

  48. I have a converter screw on so can use a standard pump but I’m doing something wrong, it doesn’t seem to work.

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