HOW To Replace Battery and Cost (Jetson Bolt Pro Folding Electric Bike From Costco) 2021

HOW To Replace Battery and Cost (Jetson Bolt Pro Folding Electric Bike From Costco) 2021

In this video I show you step by step instruction on how to replace the battery on a jetson bolt pro folding electric bike from Costco. This bike currently costs $299.

*Disclaimer: opening the bike will most likely void my warranty. I am taking this risk to show you all what the bike looks like from the inside and how to replace the battery. I take no responsibility if you follow these steps and void your warranty or burn your bike. Do this at your own risk.

Here are the recommended accessories:
✅Rear Rack:
✅Storage Bag:
✅Water Bottle Holder:
✅Lock (that fits):
If the rear rack if out of stock, this one should works as well:

Here are other videos in my channel about this bike:
✅Jetson Bolt Pro Playlist:

✅Setup and Range Test:
✅Top Questions Answered:

Here is the bike:

Bolt Pro Electric Bike
The Costco item number is 1426314.

Here is the owner’s manual:

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I hope you haven’t had to replace your battery yet since the bike was launched fairly recently. I just wanted to make this video to show you how to replace your battery when you need it.
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Readers Comments (32)

  1. If my battery was bad I would cut the battery box and install new ion batteries. Easy to do.

  2. Ladywhistler Clarke April 22, 2021 @ 11:50 pm

    What bike do you recommend for first time e bike rider? I am 5’9" and want your opinion on swagtron vs. Jetson Bolt Pro. Dont care if its not too fast and just need it for when trains are down in the city.

  3. Hi buddy. My cruise control doesn’t work. Never has done. Any idea which wire it is inside ? As I intend on upgrading my jetson bolt battery (not pro) thanks

  4. Thank you for the video. Very helpful.

  5. Can u send the link for batteries whereas I can buy

  6. The bike says it comes with 350 watts battery. The battery in your video shows 216 wh. Are they cheating?

  7. Great Video Shiva! I dont own one but this is interesting. Good content! Im going to forward this to someone who has it in my family to watch! Informative

  8. Really easy to follow video. Do you know how to change the brakes?

  9. Thanks for the into! I have an E-bike that looks just like the Jetson Bolt Pro but the name of the company is called Ancheer. It has an 48V 6ah/7.5 ah battery with a 500W motor and it goes up to 20 miles per hr. I wanted to bump up the battery and purchase another lithium battery with more capacity. Would It be ok to buy a 36V with like a 20ah battery? I can never find the same battery dimensions with 48V battery because they all seem too big. I just wanted make sure because I don’t want mess up the bike by buying a lower voltage than 48. Thanks again.

  10. Karl stephenson April 23, 2021 @ 12:07 am

    Is there anyway to shut down the power so it can’t be stolen

  11. Donde puedo conseguir una nueva pila para jetson bolt?

  12. Spooter McPootikins April 23, 2021 @ 12:09 am

    I had this same ebike but just returned it because I was not getting anywhere near the range they advertise. Maybe 10 or 12 miles work pedal assist but one time it died after 4 miles and was fully charged.

    Did I just have a bad unit or have others had a similar experience?

  13. Although my bike is still relatively new, it is interesting to know how the battery is replaced as this is its major source of power. You did a good job explaining how it is done. It is nice to know that this instructional video is there to view again when the time comes for battery replacement. By that time, I hope the price of the batteries will be lower. Good luck to you and more power to your channel.

  14. Thank you for all of these Jetson videos.

  15. Hey so I found the battery at Alibaba
    $127 plus 55 s/h.
    New. It has a 10.4ah vs the 6.0ah..that’s not a problem correct? It all looks the same, lady online said it is with the exception to 10.4 vs 6
    Dyu E-bike Battery HA103 36V10.4Ah

  16. Thanks for the info!

  17. Can I install side mirrors?

  18. Please make something with a bike trailer…I want to know if I can pull my 60lb dog as she gets older. I was going to modify this one some – or a traditional pet/kid bike trailer

  19. I love your interest and devotion to this bike! 👍😃

  20. Need to know how to replace the crank for the jetson pro ebike. Can you help?

  21. There appears to be a generic battery available on eBay which costs $76.00 US. It is a 36v 6ah battery which is a match for a 350 watt motor. You can choose the specific plug, one that goes to the motor is a XT60 type plug & the one that goes to the charging wire is a SM type plug. The only caveat is that I’m not sure of the dimensions of the battery itself since it did not have that description but it wouldn’t hurt to just ask the seller before buying. For that price I think it’s worth a shot even if you have to modify the tabs to secure the battery in place.

  22. So the only way to get a replacement battery is to call whom? I dont see any product to buy this battery.
    Very helpful

  23. Love the video. Would you know how to add a extra external battery so we woild be able to get more distance? If so would you mind mking a video of it. I believe many would love it as well.

  24. Where can you get a new battery..manufacturer??

  25. Very informative videos. Am going to purchase one. Been debating whether to covert my bicycle or go with an ancheer for 600 ot gas motor or electric motor kit. So many options.

  26. Let’s say you only get 1 year life out of the battery. The fuel for that ebike cost you $150 for the year (plus the pennies it cost you to charge it). I went through 1 gallon of gas for my honda scooter every 4 days when I went to college in the early 90s. Plus the price of the 2 stroke oil. The Oil was $4 a pint, which was good for about 1 month. Gas back then was about $1.35 a gallon. That comes out to about $14.25 a month for gas and oil. That’s about $169.50 a year back in the early 90s. Today, the cheapest 2 cycle oil is about $8.50 a pint and gas is on average about $3 a gallon. That come out to about $31 a month and about $372 a year. That’s well over double what you’re paying to power that ebike….not to mention maintenance costs you might incur with the gas scooter. I had to have my battery replaced and the cylinder rebored which cost quite a bit of money.

  27. So u paid $150 for that battery? They’re ridiculously priced

  28. Hi great video Shiva I was wondering how to fix a flat tire in case I needed

  29. Frank Fernandez April 23, 2021 @ 12:35 am

    Hi, try many times to get Bluetooth on jetson bolt pro. No where to be found. Tried amazon and ebay nothing.

  30. Way too long. Too much explaining about obvious things.

  31. Thanks for watching this video and supporting my channel. Let me know if you have any questions.
    I installed 2 batteries to get double range:–iGI
    Here are my recommended accessories for this bike:
    ✅Rear Rack:
    ✅Storage Bag:
    ✅Water Bottle Holder:
    If the rear rack if out of stock, this one should works as well:
    Here is a playlist for all my Jetson Bolt Pro videos:

  32. Hello two days ago I bought two of these at Costco and I can’t find how to turn on the front light. Do you have an idea how to do it?

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