How To SAVE MONEY on Ebike Parts, Motors, Batteries & More!

How To SAVE MONEY on Ebike Parts, Motors, Batteries & More!

Learn how to make your own battery with my book DIY Lithium Batteries: or check out my second book – The Ultimate DIY Ebike Guide:
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48V 14.5 Ah Hailong (shark) battery:
36V 11 Ah bottle battery:
All ebike batteries:
All 18650 cells:
Bafang BBS01 kit:
Bafang BBS02 kit:
Bafang BBSHD kit:
100W Flexible solar panel:

The parts that I use for building batteries:
18650 cells:
18650 positive insulating washer:
Nickel strip:
Spot welder:
Silicone wire:
Black 18650 cell spacers:
Vruzend cell spacers:
Large heat shrink tubing:
Small heat shrink tubing:
Foam sheet for protecting battery:
Kapton tape:

350W hubmotor:
36V/48V controllers I used:
Cycle Analyst:
350W Bafang BBS01:
500W Bafang BBS02:
750W Bafang BBS02:
1000W Bafang BBSHD:

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  1. Question: running two battery packs in parallel, for longer range. How to wire it up?

  2. paul william gould December 16, 2020 @ 9:22 pm

    Going to try buying direct from china cut out the middle man

    my battery is a 5 pin

  4. Thanks for the Information Micah. I will be using it next year just little late for current year.

  5. Excellent video! Very informative!!

  6. William Vanderpool December 16, 2020 @ 9:25 pm

    i think we need to start making them in the usa now company’s for better parts and cheap on shipping them out…. amen

  7. thanks for the informative Vid.

  8. Can i use 26′ tire in my 29er bike?

  9. just bought your book,really impressed,but a few more in dedth diagrams would be handy

  10. AliExpress is good if you have 50 plus friends or you are a company.

  11. Can I buy 18650 singles to replace bad cells in an old battery pack?

  12. How can you tell which cells are LG, Panasonic, etc on that Ali link he mentioned? I can’t see any brand names…
    Very helpful video though!

  13. You have gained my respect! This is excellent information!

  14. Great video, thanks 馃檪

  15. Campbell Campbell December 16, 2020 @ 9:35 pm

    Solar is a great idea. I met some people ecycling from Europe to South Africa with portable charge solar panels. Great for wild camping and ebiking….but how to do it without heavy panels?

  16. Do you have any information about duel hub systems 馃槑

  17. Buy the cheapest 18650 cells you can find. They’re all fake. Genuine LG MJ1 cells are only sold to automotive companies.

  18. Good to know

  19. I need 2 all rubber tires for my bike! Let me know where I can find some thanks Sharon

  20. Did you hold back a yaw in the making of that video

  21. i want to build a diy 52v e bike battery. How many 18650 batteries will i need. Also do the vrusend kits come with everything to build the battery?

  22. Still would like to be a winner

  23. Aren’t 26650 cells easyer and cheaper to work with?

  24. Great info! I realize it’s a couple years old, however still reliant !
    Navigation needed for nubile s like me !
    Building a 3 power bike cruser. 48v / 1000w front hub..
    Four stroke 38 cc rear friction drive with springer forks .

  25. Love your videos and the useful information they provide. A lot of the information is applicable to a lot more than just e-bikes, Thank you!

  26. Thanks for sharing all of your knowledge about e bikes

  27. Hey Micah. Can you add on to a previous diy battery?

  28. Cool that you connected with Prouse

  29. This is really helpful

  30. I wouldn’t trust unitpackpower. Their quality has fallen down.

  31. Sayg谋n 陌leri December 16, 2020 @ 9:55 pm

    Nice video thank you. Please give some info also for citycoco type electric bikes, i have one and want to upgrade iPlease please

  32. Oleg Petelevitch December 16, 2020 @ 9:58 pm

    You should always get the charger free and the leg ! Or you are going to the wrong seller !

  33. Hi mikey im so interestest in your channel you provide very info on E bikes. I`m from Australia an keen to Build Bike downunder . Chris Wikinson

  34. I used solar for years until the gel batteries loss there storage capacity but hey I ran my house on those cells for years so did the job.

  35. Screw the CCP, boycott China. But I will look for my parts on that site, just to see whats up.

  36. great video but you forgot to mention that a legit 18 650 cell has to weigh 43 at least or 45 gram in order to know that it’s a legit 18 650

  37. Can you tell me if the Ah Hailong Shark battery will fit the 2019 Rad Power City Bike?

  38. A comment below this video 馃槈

  39. Hope to get a battery from them one day. How does figure out which battery would be an exact fit for the Rad City Step through. I see below Jeff is asking same question. I would like a second battery but just can’t see paying over 600.00 after shipping. Thank you.

  40. Big fan. I can’t think of a question though.

    Can you please pick my name randomly?

    I would love the lithium book, but only use my Gi Bill to pay for books.

  41. Nice channel you have here

  42. My sealed lead acid battery is 7 years old just did half charge #400 going for 500 on The E-Zip Trail-Z all original . Payed $399 on for the bike with battery. Always charge right after riding, store in house at 70 degrees & only ride above 40 degrees & below 80 degrees.

  43. Another great video How many people ?
    Go the extra mile to help there subscribers save money ??
    Martin Tasker

  44. I have been ur fan. I am working and searching to convert gasoline bike to electric. U are in bicycle only? i have some question regarding the conversion process. I confused which motor is used, hub or engine motor. I neef 60-70 kmhr speed. Then if i used 3000w motor in72 v with 3000 rpm, can i get that speed? please suggest me.

  45. Is there E bikes that have gas and Electric power ?

  46. In China battery plus corona available very cheap

  47. Is this limited to parts?
    I’m looking to purchase:
    – Mantis Pro
    – folding e-bike
    – e-moped

    If I can save a lot I will wait 6 or 7 months. If it’s small discount I will not wait.

  48. Would they cheap to UK for free??

  49. Hi.. I always ENJOYED watching your videos..VERY educational and mind opening differ. Subjects…QUESTION : can you do a reviews .. e-bike sidecar kits from bcuz I like to shared my joy with my son..with my Ebike but have very little info. Regarding about sidecar for E-bike …plz NOTE not baby trailer ok..but sidecar that is.. thank you.. ::))

  50. I’m going to shop for one of them robot girlfriends on 11.11…

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