How to speed up your new Ebike with simple magnets!!

How to speed up your new Ebike with simple magnets!!

how to speed up mid engines electric ebikes like bosch. takes some work, but this really works.
-TIP: *use ca glue or hot glue if you want to make things simple!*
if you can think of a better attachment, let us know! you only need the bikesensor and 2 magnets on the pedal axle!
no welder? hotglue also works, just like CA glue or ty-raps. since everybike is different you need to check what works best for you! 2 magnets and the sensor on a steady place is all that is needed.
this setup done right has given zero errors since 2015.

not legal on public roads(any country has different rules) .no warranty on the system.(most bicycle companys don’t like tuning up their bikes)

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  1. Bjørnar Iversen February 19, 2021 @ 9:30 pm

    How do I know if my motor needs the "advanced" method? Any way to spot the difference on the motor?

  2. Bro….clean your chain.

  3. "how to speed up your new ebike"
    Buy something other than Bosh! Too slow. I’m not trying to be a smart ass, and I know the EU standards (rules) are ridiculous, but there are much better options. For example, a 500w motor (same size as 250w motor) with larger battery and cadence sensor. Just don’t go over the speed limit in your area.

  4. Jesper Andersson February 19, 2021 @ 9:30 pm

    How does this system work on lower gears? Seems like you can pedal so fast on the first gear that you can hit the speedlimit and the motor shuts off even though you wouldnt even be close to 25km/h?

  5. I’ve tried that system on my haibike xduro hardnine rx (with gps nyon). That system works while gps is not fixed. When fix the satellite, i think nyon compare the 2 different speeds and automatically turn off the motor and show : error , you must call your reseller. I’m so sad.

  6. Peter Švančárek February 19, 2021 @ 9:37 pm

    Wouldn’t it be simpler to tell the Bosh electronic that your wheels are smaller? You have 26 inch wheels- just tell it you have 20 or less inches big wheel. No electronic would be able to detect that you have different sized wheel.
    If you want it comprehendible on first glance on screen, set it to half sized wheel, therefore you only need to multiply showed speed by 2 to know the real speed.

  7. Does it put your bike into cruise control?

  8. Mr. Jörgen Borg, Ar bandėte pastatyti ant rato papildomą magneta, paliekant jutikli savo vietoje? Koks rezultatas?

  9. I have bafung 250w rear hub motor 3 year’s old Hence no warranty. Restricted to 15.5 mph.Can I derestrict it.

  10. That’s pretty cool, do you know if something like this can be done on the Rad Mini folding e-bike?

  11. Hello Jörgen, did you glued the two magnets on the plate? Because the plate is alu, mine is.

  12. thanks for wonderful smart input.

  13. Greetings Jörg … this should work on any ebike with this kind of speed sensor right? Im gonna try in my brose

  14. good luck bosch has patched this, plus if you ever need this warrantied, the diagonstic software will show that its been tampered with. and boom no more warranty.

  15. Can i boost my carrera crossfire e bike?

  16. yoma measureacher February 19, 2021 @ 9:53 pm

    They made gear detection function on cx drives.
    It may prevent from work this nice trick.

  17. He let the speed Sensor on his place and turn it only outside of the bike with cablestrpis and Put a Magnet on the Pedal thats much cheeper and done in 3 min. And every time you can turn it back. .. greets

  18. I have a electric scooter on the control i can change the diameter of the wheel its 10inch so do you know if changinh the diameter on the control would fool the scooter and make it faster

  19. Zbigniew Bohdanowicz February 19, 2021 @ 9:56 pm

    Thanks Jorg! Do you know it this will it work on 2016 models (Bosch Performance CX)?

  20. Why it doesn’t work on some ebike?

  21. Thanks for this guide!
    I’ve tried the two magnets trick on my 2016 Performance CX but got speed readings jumping up and down.
    Then i just removed one magnet and it seem to be working great so far.
    Only issue so far is that the bike is too fast all of the sudden…

  22. Hi Jörgen, thx for all your Bosch tuning Videos. I have a 2016 Bosch Performance CX model and tryed both of your setups, the sensor on the same side with the magnet at the pedal and now also this here… Both are not working with the CX, there are dirty sounds in the engine and no power…. The Motor do nothing but the display shows the speed… Do you have a idea also for the CX Engines? Thx and BR. Sven

  23. yoma measureacher February 19, 2021 @ 10:01 pm

    this trick you must rotate pedals any time cause sensor doont let to ride with assist with speed drops every time from some rpm to 0rpm when you loose needs to rotate pedals.
    there will be sensor errors/assist drops while riding.

  24. SAD this limitation , I got Bafang 500W 48V no limits I can do easly 45km/h with maximum effort 50km/h

  25. *tip: for a simple version, just use hotglue!* as long as the sensor and the 2 magnets are on the right spots, it will work anyway. friendly greetings.

  26. what if you put to magnets on the spokes instead?

  27. Hey. . please I have steps 6000 mid drive,, Is it possible to add accelerator ( throttle) ? I would like to have both systems, pedelec and throttle… thanks

  28. If we try the mods with video 1 or 2 is it completely reversible if we get the error codes? Also, can the chip record the errors and report it when we take motor back if there is an in guarantee problem? Good video Jorgen

  29. ok thanks I’ll go for 10mm x 3mm.

  30. Just buy a Chip, lol. Costs only 80€ and the installation is really easy.

  31. Isn’t it possible to just adjust the wheelsize (smaller) in the computer?

  32. Super Video ! Probiere das gleich mal aus

  33. Mr. Jörgen Borg, you tried to build on the wheel 2 magnets, leaving the sensor in factory place? What is the result?

  34. Nice work

  35. Hello Jörgen, what size are the magnets you are using?

  36. I’ll have a Batavus Garda E-Go with an Bosch Active Line.
    It’s Gen 2 och Gen 3 i think, as i have break when i padel back… anyhow.

    The maual for the Bosch HMI is from 2013, so i guess it’s not the newest version, even due to the fact that the bike was purchased at dec ’15 and was orderd the the shop at this time.

    What metod should you suggest for trying?
    (And, does this work with the Active Line as well..?)
    Seems like this is more work, but also might prove more foolproof… ?

    Thanks for great videos!

  37. I just put something together off of your design, so far I haven’t gotten an error. how has your bike been performing since you hacked it?

  38. CrazyRussianWoodShop February 19, 2021 @ 10:17 pm

    Wow, I’ve never seen such bikes here in the US

  39. I need this setup but I can’t make it my self

  40. The English term for contra/counter nuts is ‘lock nut’.

  41. Could you tell me what type of range your getting on a charge and the type of terrain your covering?

  42. you can just use 2 magnets on both pedals so you get double the speed on the display as with one. this way the errors wont come up due to low cadence and high power

  43. Why not remove the pedal assist and pedel with motor using grip power control on ya handle bars minor upgrade or use PWM modual lol

  44. His chain is so dirty. Arrrrgggg

  45. Hello.
    If you use just one magnet, what will happen to the speed? Will it be even faster?

  46. Geat! And thanks for sharing your smart tuning clip!

  47. Isn’t the result the same if you just put a magnet on each and every spoke..?Or maybe every 2 spokes?

  48. damn our ideas of simple are very different 🙂 nice vid… the drawings were awesome by the way! wish I could do this!

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