How to Transport Kids by eBike

How to Transport Kids by eBike

There are many ways to carry kids on a bike and in this video, we dive into various ways including, cargo bikes, trailers and child seats.

We hope you found this video to be helpful. If you have some personal experience to share, we encourage you to comment.

If you need help finding a bike to carry your kids check out our website: for some great electric-assist options.

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  1. Re: Car Seat We called it the Baby Bucket.

  2. Northern Ireland needs this! 2:05 is incredibly rare to see on roads.

  3. I like yours all bikes. Very beautiful 馃憣, good quality . Good looking . Attractive . I really mad about ur all models. When these are all models launch in india ? Reply me.

  4. Hey guys. I have the nevo3 with enviolo and have just bought a thule Chariot to use with it but I can’t see how it can be attached. You can’t use the axel obviously and then the stand is in the way for the other attachment. Have you got any ideas please?!

  5. Ivan tout ce que tu veux January 31, 2021 @ 8:20 pm

    Hey, i just discovered your channel. You did a great job with allo your videos. I will watch all of them when i’ve got enough time :-).

    I live in France and i own a Urban arrow for 2 years to transport my 2 little girls.
    I’m starting to become crazy about cargo (electric) bikes, i wqnt to buy a load 75, the new GSD, i dont knom wich one i will chose for my second cargo bike !!

    you for your work

  6. We bought a Yepp maxi seat, heavy duty racks, and easyfit adapters when our now 6 year old turned one. We loved it until she got too heavy to get up our East Tennessee hills. It took a little while for the GSD to come to market, but once we got our GSD, we have been able to get kiddo back as a passenger. It’s been wonderful.

    Anyway, I’m happy to answer questions from the perspective of a parent.

  7. I would love to see a review of cargo bikes and trailers for dogs . Thanks!

  8. MrKeyboardCommando January 31, 2021 @ 8:36 pm

    Chris, am I first鈦夛笍鈦夛笍馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ
    Anyway, that’s enough self-aggrandising, as there’s little point in painting the lily鈥硷笍馃檮馃檮馃檮
    This is the best video you’ve done, and a very necessary one if it gets people out of their humongous SUVs. You’re showing people they can successfully transport their offspring, plus goods and chattels, in a cheaper, healthier and environmentally friendly fashion, and without recourse to a planet destroying juggernaut. Admittedly, the USA transport model is designed purely for the automobile, and, as such, cycling as transportation is not as easy as in other, more bike friendly, countries. However, as the US road system is in a state of near total collapse, this shortcoming could be remedied if the road are ever repaired.
    In the interim, Chris, you are providing much needed information and reassurance regarding the validity of bikes as a mode of transport.

  9. Fashion question, who’s sweet t-shirt is this?

  10. I haven鈥檛 seen any Yuba branded bikes – why not?

  11. Go Dutch

  12. What a coincidence, you having a vlog where you show Cargo bikes in The Netherlands. This week I was relaxing a bit on a bench near a deer park close to my house. A woman arrived with a Urban Arrow, a Cargo e-bike from my country. Very nice bike to see, she had 3 children in the front and a very small kid in a bike seat on the back. I said to her, what a nice bike! They gave the deers some food and the kids get back on board. The little girl on the high seat on the backrack. Then suddenly, I suppose the woman got the bike from the bicycle stand and the whole bike fell over. I was really shocked and ran over. A other guy did the same and we lifted the bike up to upright position. I said, I was really shocked and so did the woman. But the children where laughing and nothing had happen to them. That sure was a good thing! You see a lot of cargo bikes nowadays, not only with children but also companies using these bikes. Thanks for nice vlog Chris.

  13. Great overview! We went with a Thule trailer for the kids for safety reasons (no chance of falling from a height). However you transport your kids, I cannot recommend a strong motor enough. We have the Bosch CX and are grateful for the 85 Nm whenever we climb a hill.

  14. Sir it’s available cargo model ? for banana delivery purpose. In india. And what is the price ?

  15. Michael Gladbacher January 31, 2021 @ 9:00 pm

    Wow, what a great video. I never thought about how complex the ebike world meanwhile is is and how many opportunities exist.
    The way you illustrated the different use cases and bike options via short video clips was outstanding.
    As a grandfather and for the time being I鈥檓 OK with the rack mounted seat. However my kids will have to deal with this urban transportation system soon and therefore I downloaded your video for them.

    For me personal I start considering the x-over or medium tale bikes. They seem to make perfekt sense for when the grandchilds are a taler. Different to a front loader I could put those bikes onto the car rack I guess.

    Finally, different to the dealers I know in my country, Germany, you repeatedly look at bikes as a transportation-system, that ranges from bike technology, relevant bike parameters, use cases to bike storage at home and ergonomics. That helps a lot to better understand the new opportunities that come with e-mobility in urban areas. I鈥榤 saying that as an Engineering Manager who works in the automotive industrie.

    Well done Chris. I鈥檓 sorry your shops are not in reach for me.

  16. Cycling with babies and toddlers in The Netherlands.

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