HP scorpion – full electric assist BionX vs. Bafang pt. 1

HP scorpion – full electric assist BionX vs. Bafang pt. 1

These are a couple of HP Scorpions FS that we’ve converted to electric assist. One with the BionX DV 500w, and the other with a 750w Bafang Mid-Dirve. Both perform exceptionally well, smooth transition, and more than enough torque. The mid-drive beats out the BionX for power on throttle assist – only because of the battery which is a 52v. 13ah. Panasonic GA.

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  1. BionX was sued by GM and were forced to declare bankruptcy.. They are out of business. And all those proprietary motors that only work with proprietary batteries, will only be around as long as the small supply of battery/motor inventory is around. Then you’re out of luck because you invested too much money on proprietary equipment with a company that is no more.
    That is why i went with the well known and trusted, reliable Bafang BBS02 and BBShd mid-drives. Any other battery will work (except BionX battery) with this motor kit.. You will always be able to find a reasonably priced replacement when the battery won’t take a charge any longer.

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