Hugh Herr | A Journey to End Disability

Hugh Herr | A Journey to End Disability

Hugh Herr, leader of the Center for Extreme Bionics at MIT, redefines what it means to be disabled in this inspirational talk at HSM Brasil. He gives the audience an overview of his incredible story, from losing both legs in a tragic mountain climbing accident, to his creation and invention of synthetic appendages that link the signals from our brains to the prosthetics. This creates a bionic limb that can sense our actions and allows our humanity to be reflected in the synthetic limbs. The limbs literally become a part of our bodies! Hugh challenges the limits of human potential and brings you on his journey to eliminate the word “disabled” from our vocabulary.

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  1. inspiring

  2. This guy is the tony stark of prosthetics

  3. this is insane, such a great news especiall for this year
    thanks for share 🙂

  4. Wow,.. rly,.. ty for share , greets

  5. 16:00 Amazing

  6. Human evolution at an extraordinary pace.

  7. How would a student studying mechatronic engineering learn from and become involved with The Centre for Extreme Bionics?
    This is inspiring.

  8. Süpersin güzel insan dünyaya gerçek kahramansin durma dünyayı uzay çağına yukselt

  9. Wow. Who. What. Where. Why. ???? Im Home. ? Now i know .. And knowing is half the Battle ..speaking gig??? Na..!?im a simple Arborist… I have ..Gone through 4 BiOM’s. 2 empower.pirsonal bionic ankels . 23.. surgeries since the year 2000 even though I don’t take any credit I give credit where credit is due I climb trees for a living I cut trees down without the promise of Bionics I would have never made it this far I would have had to create my own Bionic I come from Flint Michigan. And it doesn’t matter where you come from disability has to be ended completely for all time without my determination and buying a new phone am I able to send this message to the world if anybody reads it at all if it goes all the way to Hugh her that’s cool tell him that I know Paul and everything is going to be good you see I’m on the first name basis with most of these guys but that’s just face to face.

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