Hunting 4-Strokes on an ELECTRIC DIRT BIKE! *Alta Redshift*

Hunting 4-Strokes on an ELECTRIC DIRT BIKE! *Alta Redshift*

Today’s Mission: hunt all gas-powered vehicles aboard Bryan Haskell’s Alta Redshift EXR Electric dirt bike.

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Readers Comments (50)

  1. Warum hupt er die ganze zeit

  2. Gas bikes forever šŸ’ŖāœŠ

  3. It rips. Funny as hell with that horn

  4. TheGaming Raptor510 December 19, 2020 @ 9:33 pm

    Hold that horn the whole track lol

  5. Straight doo doo

  6. Awesome. This is the future for Motocross and so many other adventure/extreme sports.

  7. imagine getting past by an electric bike, then realizing its a dual sport, then getting beeped at in the air

  8. Electric bike has the advange of the instant torque..

  9. i mean its quick

  10. I prefer real bikes over electric

  11. Such a shame Alta went out of business.

  12. Drop down into a sandy wash on a long desert ride with a electric bike following you and watch his battery drain oh wait it would have to be a short desert ride.

  13. Vs Honda cr 500?

  14. Electric bikes are GAY!

  15. 1:03 subtitles on it talks about PORN

  16. why did nt you take it up those hills in the distance ?

  17. Electric bike has the advange of the instant torque..

  18. Bekker the Dutch Angel Dragon December 19, 2020 @ 9:53 pm

    it sounds like a really muffled pipe on a 2 stroke LOL

  19. Add a Snow Bike tracks and sled to that bike, it would be awesome

  20. The camera is shaky can you get that thing to stay still šŸ¤£ jk

  21. You literally blitz everyone on the track

  22. Everytime you turn i have thus feeling of leaning into a turn lol ig its a habbit

  23. Why would you place the brake lever on the throttle side when the other side of the bar is completely free to use – that’s just stupid in my opinion..
    I get it would be an important thing to get used to, but other than that it makes absolutely zero sense…
    On most MTBs (in Europe at least) the break lever for the front brake is on the left as well – not on mine though..

  24. but didnt Alta go out of business?

  25. The horn was the best part of the bike

  26. Seems way faster then any internal combustion bike… I’d ride that shit..! How much are they..?

  27. Elon musk approves

  28. If you havent driven a Tesla, go do it. It will surprise you, silently

  29. I raced back in the 2 stroke days. Even when they had the 500’s. Can’t even get used to hearing 4 strokes. Cute toy though. 20 mins motos back in the day.

  30. bro why do people bully fourstroke riders?? I ride 4 stroke and it is fun enough

  31. Nicolas Guerrieri December 19, 2020 @ 10:01 pm


  32. This looks so damn fun AND dangerous

  33. This is GAY…

  34. The company went under two years before this video was made.

  35. Could have been a video if not for so many f#$king adds!!! šŸ‘Ž

  36. How do you wash the electric dirt bike?

  37. In several years from now these guys riding are going to be telling their kids , When I used to ride we had to learn to shift and the bikes ran on gas.

  38. Fastest clan member FstpsychO December 19, 2020 @ 10:11 pm

    I liked the part were he went ZOOM

  39. No clutch or gears ruins it for me.

  40. Honestly I just could never do it even if they are faster more options you could never talk me into buying one of these. I just can’t. I hope I am very old by the time we switch bc I don’t want themšŸ˜­

  41. dead guy oh the track beep beep

  42. That thing is pretty fast though lol

  43. How much does one of them things weigh

  44. That horn is funny

  45. How Cool – couple guys meet at a scooter track – hot chick films – and exchange some cool times about bikes – no bitterness like you get with a Liberal !

  46. HITMANPRODUCTIONS December 19, 2020 @ 10:24 pm

    when you hit the horn! lmao

  47. you lost me at the horn

  48. Seems like half the weight based on how its soaking up everything.

  49. Just straight lapping everyone

  50. How much was the bike please

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