I bought a $398 Walmart electric bike, it was a HUGE MISTAKE

I bought a $398 Walmart electric bike, it was a HUGE MISTAKE

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Readers Comments (50)

  1. When you returned it did you have to rebox it?

  2. Maybe Battery needs to be charged?

  3. Lol u get what u pay for ESPESALLY when stocked by walmart 馃槄馃樄

  4. A cheap bike called hyper馃槀馃槀馃槀

  5. You might want to read the instructions if you don’t know what you’re doing that might help a little

  6. Costco has one for 299$… it’s just as good prolly!!

  7. Walmart sucks

  8. don’t you have to charge it first?

  9. You buy cheap,,,,you get cheap.

  10. You get what you pay for. Lol.

  11. $598.00 at Walmart now. 50% price hike!!! WoW!

  12. The quality wasn’t up to par But the styling was spot on 馃槑

  13. Thanks for sharing this!!!!!

  14. You pay $398, Walmart buys it for $250, wholesalers get it for $150, the bike is sold for $100 by the manufacturer, the actual bike is made for $50. You get what they pay for. Duh

  15. That’s a misleading video it states right on the box to charge it fully before first use. It’s that huge yellow sticker label right on the box. I work for walmart and have built these and they work perfectly fine for what they are. I by the way charged it first.

  16. I own this bike. You have to start peddling before you turn the assist on or the drive trips.

  17. You should have at least fixed it and tested it.

  18. blackbirdxx928 Giffin February 7, 2021 @ 8:50 pm

    $389? i spent (52 volt 20 ah 30 amp) almost that much for the battery i bought for $300 dollar mountain bike i bought from wallmart. Also bought a 1500 watt rear hub drive kit and headlight/tail light, 20ft of 1×1 1/2 .060 wall box tubing and a couple wheels for a trailer…waiting on the battery, should be tomorrow…hope so, my 65 year old ass it getting tired of pedaling 6 mi the work every day. Basic mountain bike seems of..21 speeds, front shock. Front brake needed a ball peen 2×4 adjustment and the rear is plenty lame but i had a buddy tow me a little past 40 with a car and its a bit twitchy..i figure l can bend a couple more degrees of rake in the forks…
    You should have taken that bike back and got another one and keep doing it until you get one that isnt a mess…selling a product that has problems just creates more problems

  19. For around that price, you鈥檙e better off with an Ancheer #FACTS

  20. Beside this dude who else assembled their bike in long grassy area? It’s nut!!

  21. A Traversable Philosophy February 7, 2021 @ 8:53 pm

    Did you put gas in it? Try the headlight, is the battery charged, is it plugged in. What did you do?

  22. I bought bicycles twice from Walmart before for my kids. At first, everything worked fine. After a few months, it turned from a 10 gear bike into a 1 gear bike, and other parts started breaking. I had my Giant bike for 30 years. I never did any maintenace, and it’s still working fine, and the gear shifting is still very smooth.

  23. Sponsor dollars at work. If he shows a 400 bucks bike works reasonably well, where would he get the next latest and greatest.
    Here鈥檚 a genuine review, showing what鈥檚 good and bad. https://youtu.be/10WNcXG9KJM. And the box says you will need tools pretty descriptively.

  24. I got one of these. Works fine.

  25. What a bunch of crap you buy and Ebike you open it up in a grassy field you talk about the battery the battery has to be fully charged duh! this review is totally biased and I believe it was premeditated to downplay the bike to make it seem like it was junk I will never watch a review by you again I have this bike it’s an awesome bike it’s my first e-bike there is no problem maybe you got a bum bike you know what happens customer service is based in New Jersey any problems anything goes wrong with it it’s very easy to get parts replaced and you also forgot to mention that the bike was on sale for 50% off all you potential e-bikers watch other reviews from satisfied purchases have a blessed day

  26. That a deceiving video because if had gotten a working bike it probably would have been an ok e-bike… neither some thing special or something good but something that works for the casual user. And the price is a steal, so now reason to call it worse then it is.

  27. Good thing you got it at Walmart. They are good about returns.

  28. In the case of schwinn the warranty is excellent and all you are required to do is give proof of purchase and let them know what’s broke and they will send you the parts free of charge. What you did is go into an unboxing thinking it was going to be crap and then instead of trying to get a replacement or calling the company to help with assembly, you said the bike is crap as you previously assumed and went and got your money back. If you were truly trying to give a decent review you would have tried at least to get a replacement bike.

  29. King Tukit Of Kuffit February 7, 2021 @ 8:59 pm

    Did you try charging the battery? Sometimes help them move II have heard

  30. What about reviewing e-trikes, for those of us who have balance problems?

  31. I bought an e bike in UK, 6 years ago. Ok it cost a LOT of money, over 拢1500, but, 6 years on, it still has a 100 mile riding range. The self adjusting disc brakes still do not need re-newing. It brakes as good as the day i bought it. etc etc. Just saying.

  32. As you said, crappy parts crappy experience. Seat post probably not the correct size, too small of diameter.

  33. And how much did the manufacturers of overpriced junk pay you to make this meaningless bullshit?

  34. Did you charge up the freakin’ battery???

  35. I bought this bike on sale for $395 4 months ago and arrived within 3 days, Had to make a few minor adjustments , raise the handlebars 4 inches with extension, and replaced the seat for wider kinder one. I ride it 3 times a week for 20 or so miles and this bike is well worth the small investment , the price has gone back up to $598 and I would still by it. So at least I have put on at least 600 hundred miles. The gear shifter { 6 speed} is smooth and this bikes goes up hills effortlessly sitting down.Besides the 6 speed gears the controller has 3 power levels At the highest settings I have topped 22 to 24 MPH hard to tell cause my eyes were tearing up,it was 50 degrees out.Lowest settings are around 9 miles MPH. As with anything you bye you can get a lemon, be it a car or a bike. For the record I,m 75 years old and if I can ride up a steep hill sitting down I am more than satisfied.

  36. Like my dad always said, cheap things always ends up to be more expensive.

  37. Thank you for the review

  38. He looks like a Micah

  39. i have watched your channel since you were building battery packs ,but you didnt give this one the chance it needed return it for another even the exspensive ones can fail out of the box.please try this one again i can afford it but not a much better lectric bike

  40. Did you try charging it?

  41. If you plan to regularly take your bike(s) on a city bus, make sure the tires will fit in the outside mounting rack(s). Many of the "mountain bikes" have tires that are too wide to fit in the racks…of which many seem to be designed for thinner street tires. "Fat Tires" are of course also far too wide to fit in the outside bike racks. SOME bus drivers will let you take one of the *SMALLER* folding bikes inside the bus, but you have to have it folded up before the bus arrives at the stop. They won’t wait for you.

  42. Stellareffervescence February 7, 2021 @ 9:11 pm

    Whoa does walmart have like a paid group of commenters? Like wtf? Hahaha everyones all "mines perfect" and "dont forget roll back days" this dood legit bought a shit bike from walmart. Nobody should be suprised

  43. No, no.no///It is not what happens when you buy a sub $500 e-bike. Doing a review with a sample size of 1 is plain simple ridiculous. Instead of getting a refund, why not get a replacement?

  44. I haven’t had such a good laugh in a long time. Thank you so much.

  45. Definitely lacking in the mechanical skills.

  46. My Mrs bought a 拢500 Whoosh bike 5 years ago. She sold it last year after riding 40k miles on it. Thing was a beast.

  47. I bought a small ebike from Walmart online for about $330 about 13 months ago. Dohiker 16" Folding ebike, 250W, "36V" 7.5Ah battery pack with LCD (not simple LED "dumb" computer). First one had a badly damaged rear fork…someone had clearly assembled the bike before and damage it by overtightening a chain adjustment enough to permanently damage things. The second ebike was fine. Bike has been working great since then. Walmart let me return the bike ordered online to the local STORE without any problem at all. I didn’t even have to box it back up. They expedited shipment of the 2nd bike so that it arrived just before Christmas.
    Battery analyzer shows the battery does in fact supply almost 7.5Ah. It is probably a 10s3p configuration of 18650 2500mAh Lithium-ion cells.
    As with ALL small wheel bikes, this 16" bike is a bit less stable than a 20" or 26" wheel bike, so you do have to be careful while turning and fast maneuvers.

    As with every ebike I’ve helped assemble from the box, the disc brakes MUST be adjusted before riding. There are multiple Youtube videos providing simple tips on how to do this in just a few minutes in most cases.
    I have also since installed an $15 Xlite100 Smart Brake light and replaced the standard dirt cheap low-light headlight with a vastly more powerful $12 4xLED "20Watt" headlight that gets its power from the 36V battery pack. It makes the difference like riding at daytime (new headlight) vs.riding using a disposable cigarette lighter (old headlight). The new headlight also has a large cylindrical heatsink which helps keep the LEDs a lot cooler than most headlights so the headlight’s LEDs and circuitry should last much longer.

    I generally ride a 20" folding ebike. It cost something like $250 more than the Dohiker and made the same brake light and headlight changes when I first got it.

  48. 1. Yes, the battery came half charged but I also charged it up to 100% and that did not solve the problem.
    2. Yes, I tried tightening the seat post clamp with a wrench, I nearly stripped the threads to get it close to clamping.
    3. Yes, I tried to troubleshoot it. Motor works on "walk mode", PAS sensor seems fine, battery is fine. Appears to be damaged controller.
    4. Yes, Walmart took it back for a full refund.

  49. Never, ever, EVER put a bike together without THREAD LOCK, such as Loctite BLUE. This is a VERY serious thing for "home assemblers"… I’ve seen DOZENS of comments from average homeowners putting their own bike together that the pedals came off and caused a SERIOUS accident.

    Take responsibility and discuss this in EVERY ASSEMBLY VIDEO.

  50. joey bonecrusher February 7, 2021 @ 9:23 pm

    Don’t charge it when you first get it and it probably was damaged during shipping but yeah bro blame the bike

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