I TEST a Chinese EBIKE

I TEST a Chinese EBIKE

This cheap chinese carbon ebike gets a megatest! The carbon frame, Bafang 95Nm motor and huge 840Wh battery get ridden hundreds of kilometers in the UK winter and tested to the max. Will it crack? Will it survive the UK winter trails?!

Check out the first build video where i detail the entire process including painting the frame: https://youtu.be/ot8rxRnd2DQ

Bike Stats:

– Total build cost inc. paint: £4050
– 24.5KG Weight
– Mixed wheel size 29er front 27.5 rear
– 840Wh battery, 95Nm Motor
– 63.8 degree head angle
– 505mm reach (Frame Size XL)
– 455m Chain Stay
– 170mm Rockshox ZEB
– 155mm rear travel, Rockshox Super Deluxe
– DT Swiss H1700 Wheelset
– Deore 4 pot brakes
– Deore 10 speed drive train
– Big Betty Rear / Magic Mary Front

Go check out the total build thread over at EMTB forums to see everything in more detail: https://bit.ly/3qlV4Gi

Here is the exact frame I purchased called the Dengfu E10. You have to email them to actually make a transaction: https://bit.ly/35IxvQ9

With thanks to:

Thanks to Matt Bayliss for helping in the test. Matt came first place in almost all of his UK Senior UK downhill races in the last season and will be competing at the highest level in 2021, the Elite class, with some of the world’s top talent. Follow Matt here: https://bit.ly/38Oqdwh

Thanks to THE BIKE PILOT for capturing some awesome video content. Always getting the bangers! Follow him here: https://bit.ly/2XIAoMl

Thanks to MOSHON-E who supported with build advice. They actually now can get this exact KIT frame to support you. Go follow them here: https://bit.ly/3oP7fei

Thanks to Rockshox, DT Swiss and Shimano for supporting the build with parts!

Doing a DIY build like this also has negatives. It takes a fairly long time to build, shop for parts etc, especially in the current situation with delayed / restricted stock! You need tools etc, time to build. And not the best support when you need help. Warranty etc will also take time if I need it. BUT its very rewarding building your own! And you can choose the parts that you really like.

For many folks, a direct / shop bought bike is by far the best option, all things considered. Yes, you spend more, but the support is (usually) much better. But great to see this DIY build as a feasible option for those who would like to give it a go.

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  1. What jacket are you wearing underneath the vest?

  2. Dave's bike Life February 6, 2021 @ 8:23 pm

    Rob question my friend has the yt 29er e-bike with a e8000 motor he has done all upgrades on bike and motor in eco his settings are on high and is having problems with getting any power from out of eco on the higher setting do you know a solution or are all those Motors underpowered in Nico on the high thanks Rob I’m liking the new Chinese ebike bro 🤔👍👍🇬🇧

  3. Where did you order / buy the frame?

  4. KOOTHRAPAULEE KOOPAUL February 6, 2021 @ 8:24 pm


  5. এই সাইকেলটি দাম পড়বে কত

  6. where do you think most of the carbon fibers frames are from…

  7. Hub motors are much quiter than this. I spent less than half on my hub motor bike and have way more battery and power

  8. KOOTHRAPAULEE KOOPAUL February 6, 2021 @ 8:31 pm


  9. Bernhard Fischer February 6, 2021 @ 8:32 pm

    that feel when your chinese bike looks better on camera than your other bikes 😀

  10. It could be the gearing but u dont have to lie we can see it on ur eyes the fun factor, the plus side thought is the satisfaction of building ur own liking

  11. All the other expensive brand frames are also from China, so no problem

  12. It’s cool to see you build this and put it through its test. However, for the same amount of money $5,000USD you can by YT eMTB Decoy Comp that gets great reviews.

  13. So, this may be a dumb question. But is this just an assist motor, or can you rip around with out pedaling?

  14. This was a great video, I have got to ask why are there so many second hand ebikes for sale with a few hundred miles for sale there are loads when you look on line ? Do people not get on with them ?

  15. ı test a chinese vaccine. İt’s soo bad man!

  16. Well, I gotta admit, chinese made stuff was kinda bad 20 years ago….. but now…..

  17. Hi very good video..
    My question is what e mtb full suss you buy from alibaba if you was 190cm long and 105kg heavy.


  18. Can you build or das what parts you News to build a Enduro Bike under 1500€ please.
    Because in want to build me one.

  19. Not cheap by any means…misleading headline…dislike.

  20. Nice edit! I’m glad the bike came together well for you and was awesome to ride! 🤙

  21. Nice job. Bike looks 💯

  22. I thought that all bikes are made in China, why not do a video of one that isn’t made in China

  23. "Testing …Ebike"… then never shows himself not pedaling!…. lol

  24. Which super important part of ANY current bike doesn’t come from China including Taiwan?

  25. Why the battery "only just passt" 6:35 with 50miles and 5000 high difference what a super good result is in your own words?

  26. Rob: theres a program you can download on Windows program to configure the Pedal Assist and Torque if you want that punchy effect of boost. Theres also a way to configure 1 of the assists numbers into a “TRAIL” or “eMTB” mode the way Bosch and Brose does. On a 5level assists I use the number 4. The first 3 staggered the percentage and #5 as an all out 100% Power Assist.

  27. Got to say that’s a VERY sexy frame there, for a “budget” bike. As with anything almost too good to be true, the real test will be in its long term strength plus finish. Please do keep us updated (I’d quite like that frame myself). 😎👍

  28. Have you put the m6 in it yet?

  29. Boots on the Ground UK February 6, 2021 @ 8:58 pm

    Any solutions to noisy brakes on all mtn 7? its driving me insane… and other riders. New rotor, new pads, new calipers still squeals like a pig.

  30. Chain looks a bit wobbly is that normal?

  31. 95nm is what 750 watt motor? Id be wary of a cheap Chinese bike My MTB cost AU$2000.00 and have had it for almost 15 years still good as new how much was the freight more than the cost of the bike?

  32. Misleading title

  33. Enquired about this frame after your fist build vid…now they don’t list it on their site…what’s the story?

  34. The frame spec on the link supplied says HA=66 degrees. But this video quotes 64 degrees. This is confusing.

  35. FACKER HIDO'N BUSH February 6, 2021 @ 9:05 pm

    How is this one compared to the dechatlon 2700£ from 6 months ago ?

  36. Rob I’m looking at getting a Bafang Motor imported from China. I can’t work out what the import fees are. Do you know what % you paid on the motor. Cheers

  37. Dose the Bafang M500 come with an app to customize it and update firmware?

  38. Alessandro Mistretta February 6, 2021 @ 9:08 pm

    I’ll tell you a incredible secret…. most of the bike brands have chinese frames. anyway 4k is not cheap

  39. Hey Rob – I have the same build through luna cycle X1 with M600 with Ludicrous mode. You definitely feel the difference. It’s been a beast on the trail and held up in the Nevada rocky desert trails. Go CHEEB GO. Too bad you can’t upgrade the motor in UK? Still wondering why they restrict it. Have fun!

  40. sick frame, also great paint job

  41. Christopher Fowler February 6, 2021 @ 9:09 pm

    I did a Chinese time-trial bike for triathlon. It was a great experience for the frame. I tried sending the handlebars back for "warranty" and they got sent right back to me (could not find address). I think this is pretty typical. In general you’ll have success if you’re patient and in for a build challenge. If you’re concerned about warranties… then no.. you should go another route.

  42. "It is so much easier going to the ike shop and buying a 4 1/2 grand…."

    Yeah, you see, I’m not going to spend 4 grand on a bike. Not at all. I’m only willing to pay 1-2 grand on a GOOD bike, anything more is overpriced. And their warranties are not even worth it, because they only warranty the FRAME, you can forget about the motor and electronic parts.

  43. Hey mate. Love the build. I predict that it won’t be long before you turn it into a frankenbike by upgrading the hell out of it! Cheapest frame with the most expensive parts…. All the best from Vienna Austria mate.

  44. Cheers for ALL the new subscribers to my channel and for all the positive comments and feedback on the build video. I LOVED making this content! Thank you for watching! Huge thanks to Matt for absolutely sending the bike and helping test the frame. Hope you like this vid, and I look forward to the NEW V2 CHEEB!!!!

  45. anybody watching this after watching the guy with a broken leg warn us against cheap chinese carbon bikes?

  46. The Dengfu frame is the same brand they use in the Luna X1 IIRC.

  47. Made in Boarse bike

  48. Honestly, how much sense does it make to buy an eMTB as a very heavy and tall dude (300lbs+ with backpack + gear)? Do I have to check for special weight ratings or something? I can get an eBike subsidized by my employer and want to get into the hobby but maybe a MTB is not the right choice for me and I should go for a cross bike instead? Don’t have too much experience off-road but could imagine myself enjoying mountainbiking. I would use it to drive to work as well regularly. Hope someone can provide some insight, thanks…

  49. its awful

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