I took a break for the first time in 5 years, It was AMAZING!

I took a break for the first time in 5 years, It was AMAZING!

For the first time in 5 years I took a break and it was amazing!
I thought it was longer as I say in the video but it was 5 yrs.

2020 is going to be a good year I can feel it!

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Readers Comments (33)

  1. Good on ya spicy, everyone deserves a break!

  2. Nice one pal. Everyone needs a break every now and then just to sit back, take life in and crack on!

  3. Iv’e only been doing the YouTube thing seriously for just about a year now and i get tired with work and the constant editing and filming, as fun as it is its nice to have a break! 77k, thas the big picture, what an achievement man! GG

  4. Are you getting lxr 380 for test ? If so, when can we expect some videos about it ?

  5. 100k this year 馃槈 always good to have a little break 馃槉

  6. Wow! Looking back to 2019 now no matter what it was like, it now transpired that it was shit loads better than 2020! 馃槵

  7. Everyone needs a break from the day to day stuff. I鈥檝e skipped most of the highlights videos this year, and I鈥檝e never made one myself.

  8. That’s the spot you made the how to ride a bike video.馃憤 Watched that about 10 times before my cbt, even watched it many times after 馃槀

  9. Love watching your videos Spicy! Living very local I thoroughly enjoy watching your vlogs and seeing the scenery 馃檪 2019 was a productive year, I turned 24 and passed my test 7 days later! Don’t burn yourself out, quality content is consistent from you its not something to worry about 馃檪

  10. Every one deserves a break, glad to hear you were able to take one. Interested to see the camera mount you are planning. All the best for 2020 馃檪

  11. Keep going buddy, you need time to yourself, don鈥檛 take it for granted how important it is to have your own time, it鈥檚 like sleep, you need it

  12. As for making something different could you make a sprocket from a clock ! , lol happy new year and keep up the good work

  13. HEIDAL!!!!!!

  14. You absolutely deserved the break. 1st in 5years is an unbelievable dedication and work rate. You’re pretty damn awesome 馃槈

  15. Could u consider longer vids but less vids a week

  16. Glad you’re feeling refreshed and enjoyed your break spicy! Got to remember time for yourself and your loved ones, your mental and physical health and happiness is a priority that is easy to neglect. Take time off to just do your own things, enjoy yourself and not worry about being behind the camera every now and again. Live the moments, memories and experiences. Keep up the great work!

  17. Looking forward to seeing what you do fella 馃檪 all the best for 2020!

  18. Happy new year to you both! A break is the most re-energising thing in the world, but in my case a fractured foot is how I have started my new year 馃き I鈥檓 on the mend 馃挭馃憤馃徎, with all that out of the way, would you do a video on what you think of the 2002 Aprilia rs125 as I鈥檝e just got one my self. Many thanks

  19. Glad you had a nice rest, sometimes when you are working endlessly you really start to loose perspective and your life only seems to consist of what’s happening to you in that moment as you don’t have the time or mental strength to take a breath and take stock, sometimes a break is actually more productive than just putting your head down and working tirelessly. I’m hoping you have a great year and am looking forward to more content, your videos helped me through my CBT last year and I’m doing my full license this year!

  20. The Border Ryker February 8, 2021 @ 9:18 pm

    I鈥檝e never seen the point in looking back. If it was a good idea motorcycles would have reverse. 馃榿

  21. You need to take a rest sometimes!

  22. 9:12 were u on about the Audi? 馃ぃ

  23. Nice to know you’re enjoying yourself, I just re watched old videos and had saw some memories

  24. Back to work now! 1 week in six years?! You lazy s**t! Just passed my big test and I live nearby so keep your eye out for a red 600 bandit and silver lid. Keep up the good work!

  25. Glad you were able to wind down a bit mate. I know what it’s like feeling like you should always be doing something "productive".
    Sometimes the most productive thing is taking some time to relax and refresh.
    Here’s to a great 2020!

  26. hope the rest of your day was good mate and reeno had a good day

  27. Happy new year to you both! A break is the most re-energising thing in the world, but in my case a fractured foot is how I have started my new year 馃き I鈥檓 on the mend 馃挭馃憤馃徎, with all that out of the way, would you do a video on what you think of the 2002 Aprilia rs125 as I鈥檝e just got one my self. Many thanks

  28. Just bought myself a Kawasaki ninja zx6 r j 2 can’t ride but had to have bike so now yo learning love your channel

  29. Happy New Year my dude!

    Time off is good, granted I had two years away from the YouTube gig but it’s nice to come back with enthusiasm and energy!

    Take more time off, it’s good for you!

  30. mrkiwijimmy mrkiwijimmy February 8, 2021 @ 9:37 pm


  31. Spot on Spicy, Good~Luck into the Future 2020 m8, that 100,000k Special Pebble’s out there on Earth somewhere for ya ta lob back in the sea video coming up soon with the speech hopefully? Take care you 2 & aves a goodun yeah!!. Peace!!

  32. Glad you’re in good spirits spicy. You opened up a whole plethora of options with your new tig welder and plasma cutter. I think it would be cool to see you weld up your can to the header pipe on the WR, also make you some crash bars and why not build a rear luggage rack and paniers for that bike. Your options are unlimited. Best quote, you know everybody that knows those pop songs. Well, they are all crap! Lol

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