iGO Electric Core Extreme 2.0 Review – $2k

iGO Electric Core Extreme 2.0 Review – $2k

https://electricbikereview.com/igo-electric/core-extreme-2-0/ The iGO Electric Core Extreme 2.0 is a feature-complete fat tire electric bike with durable plastic fenders, a sturdy rear rack, and integrated lights. Advanced 32 pulse cadence sensor is more responsive and durable than average. Powerful 48 volt battery system with independent 22 amp controller and 500 to 750 watt hub motor are very capable off-road. Great attention to detail with sturdy 12 gauge spokes, a steel derailleur guard that also protects the motor power cable, upgraded suspension fork with preload adjust and compression with lockout to reduce bobbing and improve efficiency on smooth terrain, and adjustable kickstand that stays out of the way. Rated for up to 300 pounds of rider plus cargo weight. The 4″ wide fat tires provide stability and comfort, but do increase drag and noise… lowering the pressure makes them capable in soft sand, loam, mud, and even some snow conditions. Simple display is easy to read and use, but doesn’t have a USB charging port. Variable speed trigger throttle is reliable and ideal for off-road riding. Only available in one frame size and color, but the long 350mm seat post and adjustable angle stem provide a decent range of fit options. Reention Kirin battery case doesn’t have a USB charging port like the older Dorado case and is a bit longer and bulkier. The bike is fairly heavy at 71.5lbs, mechanical disc brakes aren’t as easy to use or adjustable as hydraulic.

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  1. Christopher Moltisanti January 15, 2021 @ 10:45 pm

    The IGO Outland series is so much better for only a few extra hundred bucks.

  2. I have a general ebike question for you and hoping you can help as I have learned so much from your videos.

    I am looking for a ebike that can handle pulling a child trailer. I know I need a larger motor/battery for this but was curious if you recommend a mid-drive or hub motor for this? Does it matter?

  3. Thanks man I really appreciate this review it has basically shown me why the Atwater is better for me. I really wanted to do a Fat bike but it looks like for the price point you get a FAT bike but you also get less fancy parts like the Atwater has. I really appreciate your reviews man.. is there a buy me a beer option for your site?

  4. It’s as if they were going with the mid-drive during the R&D process but they changed their minds right before production when they crunched the numbers

  5. Buy a Mountains 2 Sea (M2S) for the same price with hydraulic disk brakes instead of mechanical ones like this one has. They have full suspension models, rear hub motors and mid drives. Customer service is excellent. No waiting.

  6. Christopher Moltisanti January 15, 2021 @ 10:58 pm

    Bear Claw pedals.

  7. Hey there , thanks for making really informative videos. I got lucky and got this bike used like just 18 kms with remaining warranty. I bought that for my commute and Uber Eats delivery. as you keep talking about the different tire pressures , what pressure do you suggest ? I would ride 80 percent on road in toronto and sometime on trails /park, I just weight 63 kgs. Thanks again.

  8. Great review as usual.

  9. If your filming this with one hand Court, your very good at it.

  10. Get hydraulic calipers from Bolton E bikes have the bike shop put them on, takes 10 minutes.

  11. 10 minutes in and you still haven’t even mentioned the battery capacity. You are horrible at reviews, tell us relevant stuff up front before you blather on for 20 mins thx

  12. jhonathan Cardozo January 15, 2021 @ 11:06 pm

    Excelente bicicleta, la tecnolog铆a es muy buena, lastima que aqu铆 en Colombia no lleguen de ese tipo.

  13. I liked the bike but i would be forever looking at the bottom bracket where a mid-drive motor should be because the frame was build for a mid-drive instead it has a hub drive motor , which is okay but for the spot for a mid-drive . The front mud guard is not long enough to protect your feet or shoes from mud etc 馃檪

  14. When using "Watts" as a power rating for any electric motor, you (and many others) make an error in judgement. That number of watts are Consumed by the motor, Not put out as energy. The correct way to convey the power developed by the motor is to express it in terms of Torque delivered to the chain and gear train. Sometimes you and others give a torque rating, sometimes Not. You need to understand between Consumed Power and Delivered Power. I learned about this in 1964 at Navy schools in the Bay Area. Time for people to be aware. Give torque ratings. And when you talk "watts", try to be accurate.

  15. Nice looking bike Court. Interesting how they have the bottom bracket shell for a mid-drive but still use a hub motor. I found having no throttle in assist level 0 an issue on trails as often level 1 is too much input at low speeds, how did this one feel? Cheers!

  16. You mentioned that there were no reflective stripes on the tires. Are the letters in the KENDA reflective?

  17. Nice looking, very clean. Lacking a bit for this price, adding hydraulic brakes would help. Seems more closely specd to the Rad Rover which is only $1500. VoltBike Yukon Limited is better specd at $1800, though not as clean looking.

  18. I like my Juiced Ripcurrent S better. Better battery, better brakes, torque sensor and a more reasonable ECU location, 9 speed, much better headlamp, yada, yada, yada. It’s around the same price too.

  19. Michael Kinsella January 15, 2021 @ 11:24 pm

    Great review, nice looking bike perfect design and this is the way forward at this price point. Should do well in the market place.

  20. Charge Ride Repeat January 15, 2021 @ 11:25 pm

    What is the contraption where the mid drive would go?
    Is it some kind of dunmy drive.

  21. Black is the new orange..馃憤 LV Black.

  22. Great review!
    And Norm, Manager of Caps in Port Moody, is one of the few people in BC who knows what he is talking about.
    Best road bike fitter EVER…..like EVER people!!

  23. 2000 dollars, okay bike.
    Thanks 馃榾鉁岋笍stay safe

  24. RedLightSpellsDanger January 15, 2021 @ 11:37 pm

    Another excellent review, Court! How does this compare to the RadRover Rhino, which is available here in the UK?

  25. Hey there, Would you please do a review on the Bintelli Fuson Electric bike? It’s an electric bike that’s been built from the ground up with remnants of a scooter. It has a bigger headlight a banana seat so it’s more comfortable . I hope you do I’m looking forward to that one. Came out in I believe 2017

  26. Very similar to a Rad, with many identical components, but the Rad is noticably cheaper. Not sure what advantages the iGO offers.

  27. you should really get into mid-long term reviews cause reviewing bikes when they’re brand new tells a really small part of the story. I work in food delivery. Send me bikes and I’ll review them long term! 馃檪

  28. I would like to make something very clear to you, Cort, in regards to your descriptions regarding the amount of Force that any particular e-bike may be capable of exerting on the rear wheel. You have the unfortunate habit of sometimes talking about Newton/meters of torque delivered by a certain motor, and then on another review you talk about "watts" that a motor has. A very uneven description that you use, and I am surprised that an expert such as yourself would put information out on the internet that is confusing to the many who view your e-bike coverage.

  29. ElectricBikeReview.com January 15, 2021 @ 11:41 pm

    Battery intro at 6:16, Charger & battery removal 9:12
    Display panel and settings overview begins at 15:04
    Ride test begins at 19:03, Closeup shots at 23:42

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