Innox IVA MON-08: Budget Studio Monitor Stands | Unboxing & Setting Up

Innox IVA MON-08: Budget Studio Monitor Stands | Unboxing & Setting Up

In this video, I will unbox the Innox IVA MON-08 Desktop Monitor Stands with Clamp (Set of 2) and show you how to set it up. A great solution if you’re looking for cheap studio monitor stands for your home music studio setup. These budget studio monitor stands can be mounted directly onto the edge of your desk, so your studio monitors won’t take up any valuable space. The stands are height-adjustable so that you can position your monitors at ear-height.

Product specifications
– dimensions: 23 x 23 cm
– height adjustable stands: 25 – 40 cm
– height adjustable clamp: 20 – 55 mm
– weight capacity: 15 kg (per stand)
– weight: 1.6 kg (per stand)

Why use studio monitor speaker stands?
The main reason why I chose to add studio monitor stands to my home music studio setup, is because I want my 61 keys keyboard on my desk and that leaves no room to properly place my Macbook, keyboard and mouse. By placing my studio speakers on stands, I create more space on my desk. Besides that, it also has benefits for your audio mixing because you can place the speakers higher and your desk won’t resonate with your speakers and cause interaction. According to BehindTheSpeakers, a platform that shares tips and tricks for better mixes, you get the most accurate representation by placing the studio monitors at the same height of your head and have the tweakers on ear level. Another plus is that stands usually cause less interaction with your speakers than desks.

Want to know more about my first impressions of this product? Have a look at my blog post in which I share more details:

Any questions? Let me know in the comments.

This product costs €30-39 and can be bought over here:

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Readers Comments (29)

  1. You might also want to consider a desk-clamp stand for your screen so you can put your audio interface up higher where the monitor currently sits.

  2. what type of table do you have?

  3. Found you on IG, Beatstars and now Youtube! Keep progressing. Dope upgrade. I’m definitely getting these

  4. Will these support a pair of Yamaha hs8s?

  5. Lol it sounds like if he was rapping at the begining with the beat in the background.

  6. Wow thanks I have been looking for something that doesnt take up space this is perfect.. +1 sub man

  7. What I needed thx.

  8. Pvthfindxr Beats February 5, 2021 @ 8:45 pm

    About how big are the clamps? Could they clamp over a desktop 2in wide? Im considering buying these when i upgrade my desk and want to make sure any desk i build/purchase isnt too thick

  9. If you buy these make sure you know they would fit. Was an impulse buy but my table is too close to the wall so the plates hit the wall. Ah well. Return to sender.

  10. Please tell us about your desk dimensions

  11. Dwayne Kendrick_ February 5, 2021 @ 8:49 pm

    what size speakers are those?

  12. Hey man I’ve been looking for weeks. If you clamp them from the back, how much clearance space from the wall does the space need? In inches. Also how long is the platform

  13. nice video but why are you rapping

  14. how do you keep the monitors from falling off the stands? is there some kind of clamp mechanism to keep them on the stands?

  15. Pietro Giannoccaro February 5, 2021 @ 8:55 pm

    I’m really thinking about buying these stands, but I have a doubt about the vibrations on the floor and desk, how was your experience about it? Do you still suggest them ? Thanks in advance for any reply.

  16. Het Nederlandse engels blijft toch altijd wel leuk te herkennen!!

  17. My asked where you bought them from because the one sweet waters or zzounds has only on clamp on but yours has 2 clamp which exactly what I’m looking for.thanks

  18. I don’t think they can ship it to the USA , no option, too bad that’s what I need

  19. If I were to mount them on the back side of the desk, how further would I have to have the desk from the wall?

  20. This is EXACTLY what I was looking for yo thank you so much

  21. Do they deliver outside UK?

  22. Would you still recommend these stands? Thinking of grabbing some. Thanks in advance.

  23. What microphone stand and isolation shield do you use? I see that combination everywhere but can never figure out what the products are.

  24. Can I also put the krk rokits 6 gen 2 on this stand?

  25. Eyyyyy 100th Sub Les Go

  26. Was just looking to buy these and wanted to know if the base that holds the speakers are able to spin right and left… I can see they do so thanks for the video. Nice set up

  27. Fijne video, dankjewel!
    Ga ze meteen bestellen.

  28. Jake Bacon Digital February 5, 2021 @ 9:23 pm

    How long will these take to get to the US? Are they even in stock i can’t read anything on that site. I pre-ordered the ones on sweetwater but they are note expensive and I ordered them months ago and there is still no release date in sight. I really wnt clamp on ones like this because i have a standing desk.

    Also do you think they will fit 8 inch monitors the yamaha hs8?


  29. what kind of monitor is that?

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