JETSON BOLT PRO – I got my Jetson Bolt Pro for $299 from Costco and love it. It’s time to start accessorizing this bike to be more useful. In this video I install a rear bicycle rack ( ) for more storage and cargo options. I also added a strap on water bottle cage, as this bike does not have frame mounts for a bottle cage and a cellphone mount. In my prior video i installed folding pedals ( ) for easier storage.

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Adding the rear rack to the Jetson Bolt Pro allows me to carry more cargo during my rides. Whether we are going to get lunch or to the market for groceries. It also prevents rear splashes from puddles. I am using my 10+ year old rear padded bike trunk that mounts on with Velcro. There are other similar bicycle trunk bags online ( ). I also plan to mount a crate to hold larger times such as lunch and drinks.

The Bell rear rack ( )mounts to the rear seat post and can hold up to 20-45 lbs of weight. It comes with struts that mount to the frame, however i will not be able to use them as my bike tubes are too wide. I will keep less than 20lbs on this rack. I like how it is adjustable and that it comes with bungie tie down cords. I typically just using it to holding my bicycle locks ( and stuff.

For the bicycle water bottle cage ( ) its a simple $10 strap on one similar to the one I have on my Vilano Atom electric bike. As for cell phone holder ( ) i got the same generic plastic silicone holder i used for a few years.

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  1. I haven鈥檛 been able to find anything that shows how to secure the bolt pro with a Ulock and/or cable. Do you use a cable in addition to the Ulock to secure the tires as well as the frame? I鈥檝e yet to buy the lock because I鈥檓 not sure how to lock it up. Ever think of making a video about securing this particular ebike?

  2. How much air should go in it?

  3. cool setup. I’m currently using a rack that attaches to the mounts by the wheels. I have a detachable basket with hooks that I put on the side like a pannier for when I go grocery shopping. Its great because I can bring the basket with me in the store so I know how much items I can fit and also my bike won’t take up so much space when I lock it. I’m waiting for the official baskets to come back in stock tho. I was only able to secure the rack to the mount that isn’t near the breaks so I don’t feel comfortable place 20Ibs of items in the basket.

  4. nice content

  5. Great review 馃憤 I got the jetson bolt. Wished the pro was available in Canada 馃嚚馃嚘

  6. how do you like the seat? I have this Bike too but I’m thinking of going with a banana seat instead.

  7. I got the same bike and rack. I was able to use the right side bracket. Had to drill out one of the existing holes by the axle, but it help secure the rack a little better. Nice review 馃憤

  8. Try a collapsible crate.

  9. do you know how to install the Jetson mirrors please?

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