KOREA MILITARY sausage&vegetable fries! simple and delicious!!!

KOREA MILITARY sausage&vegetable fries! simple and delicious!!!

prepare onion , bell pepper , carrot , grind garlic , tomato ketchup
FIRST! slice with stick all the vegetables
SECOND! fries sausage until booming all
THIRD! put onion and keep fried, when almost finish put carrot
FORTH! put grind garlic and keep fries
FIFTH! put tomato ketchup enough after fries put bell pepper and mixed
——- FINISH—–
thank you so much watch my first video even it’s weird but please watch with fun and cute
next time i will make more fun and upgrade my video and thank you so much again♥
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  1. 고공의 포켓몬 도감 April 13, 2021 @ 12:19 am

    Wow, I got hungry after watching this video. 😂😂

  2. 히어로키친HeroKitchen April 13, 2021 @ 12:33 am

    even little bit weird… but seeing with fun and cute haha buy i will really hard effort make it more fun and good video! thank you so much!

  3. 역시 조리병 출신은 다르단 말인가

  4. Feeling of Comfort April 13, 2021 @ 12:37 am

    This korean food is bloody impressive! Everyone should try making it! 🍖

  5. 아주 좋았따아

  6. 요즘은 고양이도 영상을 찍네요ㄷㄷ

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