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  1. Hello would the krk 10-3 be good for listing to rap music please let me know

  2. Boundless Love Impact Ministries By Minister JayJae February 16, 2021 @ 9:38 pm

    review of the Mackie Mr8 Mk3 monitors!

  3. im wondering which would be better quality components / build and better sound ect , im between the focal alpha 80 or the krk rokit 10-3 g3…. still undecided which one to get šŸ™

  4. will you please do a review of the Mackie Mr8 Mk3 monitors!

  5. BTW the rokit 10 is better than even the 12s. lower frequency range. Subwoofer is not needed at all

  6. I have a small home studio, 16x16ft, and just ordered Rokit 10-3 because I couldn’t resist to my inner desire to rock all my internals with the best sound. The small ones look just like some laptop speakers, not serious. Does that mean that I’m in the trouble now? I thought I can adjust all of the levels to fit comfort needs. They will be placed about 7 feet from desk.

  7. Maximilian Kohler February 16, 2021 @ 9:53 pm

    Hey man nice video, so i got myself the master & dynamic mh30 a few days ago and i really like them. I also want to upgrade my pc speakers in the future, i dont have to so anything with Music production but i think two monitors with a subwoofer would suit my needs. I saw the behringer nekkst k6 and the k10s subwoofer today, did you hear them yet?

  8. You should do a giveaway for the 4 or 10 or anyone of the Rokits ….. I really need one because my logitech speakers wire is about to give up on me. šŸ™‚

  9. had the rokit 5 speakers for nearly a year,got them from a pawn shop in uk,i dj as well as produce my own music,these speakers are workhorse,nice sounding,handle really well,one of my best buys ever,spot on speakers.nice.

  10. can i use the smaller ones for serrate dj intro,my room is not so big so smaller would be better

  11. the rokit 4 are not bad at all. got pair of them and must say they sound very good for the size, the bass is more than you can expect from them and they loud.

  12. Thanks bro….first time I hear that itsn’t flat sound and the relation size monitor/room…..that’s very important….thanks for your review

  13. are KRK Rokits good for mixing? i kno u can not get a real true mix out of them because of their colored frequency response but i have a pair of AiAiAi TMA-1 Studio Engineered Young Guru flat frequency headphones i also mix with and i can go back and fourtth with the headphones and Rokits if i was to purchase the Rokits… but i was gonna get the Yamamha HS8 because those are good for mixing but they’re pretty boring. whats your suggestion?

  14. Bless up, people. Help please. I got a recording studio and soĀ I bought two of these monitors(KRK RP10^3 G3)Ā a couple of months ago but I have noticed something about them; there is one of them that is more louder than the other. So is it suppose to be like that or they both speakers suppose to sound the same? I am kinda worried because I couldn’t send them back to the seller in Amazon since I live in Africa and shipping costs is crazy high. Please help. Thank you in advance.

  15. nice review

  16. I guess you forget to mention the rotation feature on the mid and treble for near-field use in smaller rooms..

  17. I’m a dj for hobby.I have 2 turntables and a Z2 mixer,do I need an amp for these or can these monitors just connect to the back of my Z2?

  18. PROS – Flat Response, CONS – Not Flat Response . . . . which one is it? Very important point as one of the KEY criteria for a monitor speaker is that it has a flat response.

  19. Any thoughts on hooking the 10s up to a TV for home theater use šŸ¤·ā€ā™‚ļø

  20. got a 2×3,5m room. Krk rokit 10 is way to much, there for im buying it.

  21. Boundless Love Impact Ministries By Minister JayJae February 16, 2021 @ 10:24 pm

    review of the Tannoy reveal 802s monitors!

  22. Yes, I understand your point that you do not wish to recommend it to your viewers working on a small srudio. However, take my word…beliece me it sounds still great in near use in mid size room…but everybody has a different taste though…

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