KRK ROKIT 5 (Gen 4) Studio Monitors Overview and Audio Demo

KRK ROKIT 5 (Gen 4) Studio Monitors Overview and Audio Demo

KRK ROKIT 5 (Gen 4) Studio Monitors Overview and Audio Demo
In this video I will give you an overview of the KRK Studio monitors that I purchased to complete my studio setup. Wow the sound is full and amazing.

KRK Studio Monitors
KRK RP5 Rokit Speaker
KRK RP7 Rokit Speaker
KRK RP8 Rokit Speaker
KRK RP103 Rokit Speaker

KRK Subwoofers
KRK 8S2 V2
KRK 10S2 V2
KRK 12S2 V2

Audio Cables
3.533 to XLR

The new 5″ KRK ROKIT RP5 G4 (Generation 4) bi-amp professional monitor takes music and sound creativity to a whole new industry-level. DSP-driven Graphic EQ with 25 settings help condition your acoustic environment while offering new levels of versatility in a studio monitor. Matching drivers made with Kevlar庐 ensures the same sonic integrity across all frequencies. A new scientifically designed speaker enclosure and front-firing port offer exceptional low-end extension and accuracy, punch and flexible room-positioning. The new powerful, yet efficient custom Class D power amplifier drives the speakers evenly and more efficiently at reduced operating temperatures and improves audio integrity.

Music That I Use Epidemic Sound

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0:00 Intro
0:49 Unboxing And Specs
3:29 Accessories
4:20 Sound Test

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Readers Comments (41)

  1. I’m watching this video with the KRK Rokit 5 G4 Speakers

  2. Daniel Stefanescu-Opreanu November 26, 2020 @ 7:27 pm

    Wonderful review ! Peace !!!

  3. Amazing review. Now listening to the ROKIT 5 sound review 4:20 through my $10 speakers

  4. Hi Steve! How big is your desktop? Also, great videos. Thanks!

  5. i had the chance to compare the rp5 & rp7 at my local music store! i enjoyed to sound on both but i must say the rp7 sounded way better in definition & clarity overall its just has that extra something that makes all the difference

  6. The last song of regueton what it os?

  7. great video!!

  8. Would you recommend these over the Yamaha hs5s?

  9. Awesome reviews, keep it up!

  10. thank you steve!

  11. Just ordered these after considering the AudioEngine A2+. A little concerned about fitting these large monitors on my desk setup. What are your desk dimensions? Seems to work fine for you.

  12. These suck

  13. Ankan Chatterjee November 26, 2020 @ 7:42 pm

    Hey amazing review! Loved it man.. also really amazing sounds from the playlist bro.. please share your playlist!

  14. I also have a Mac 2017. Will I need a sound card for my iMac? Or is the sound quality from the iMac good enough. Quite new to Production so I鈥檓 not too sure

  15. throwing hands with the first person to dislike this video. thanks man

  16. Thanks for another awesome video T Steve

  17. KRK ROKIT 5 (Gen 4) and Focusrite 2i2 are the common combo for noobs LOL. The Adam T5V, JBL 305P and the Presonus Eris E5 XT are far better from this. Audient 1D4 is better than Focusrite 2i2 or 4i4

  18. You the 馃悙

  19. Mine arrived today after waiting over a month. Excited is an understatement, they look and sound mint !

  20. No te entend铆 ni verga no se ingles
    (Buen video jajaja)

  21. Nice set up Steve and also some tracks there bro

  22. Hi Steve, I do a lot of radio broadcast production and voicework. Would you recommend these for what I’m doing?

  23. These speakers is what I needed to complete my system. I recommend upgrading if you have a studio or a gamer. WOW!
    KRK Studio Monitors
    KRK RP5 Rokit Speaker
    KRK RP7 Rokit Speaker
    KRK RP8 Rokit Speaker
    KRK RP103 Rokit Speaker

    KRK Subwoofers
    KRK 8S2 V2
    KRK 10S2 V2
    KRK 12S2 V2

    Audio Cables
    TRS to XLR
    3.533 to XLR

  24. good job Steve. just subbed

  25. That’s great review. They are definitely nice speakers. But may I ask, what microphone have you been using for recording ? The sound is AWESOME. It is a condenser and unidirectional, I think. Did you make any editing on sound ? Even with post editing I think, after KRKs, the mic used for recording is just great . May I ask what mic is it ? Thank you. Everything is good in this review, the KRKs, video and sound. Keep up the good work

  26. Sound good even though only watching on tablet

  27. How would you rate these compared to the Yamaha HS5, and to the Focal Alpha 50, from a mixing perspective. Thanks for the detailed review.

  28. Hey! please make video on "worth buying krk rokit 5 g3 in 2020"..

  29. Thanks appreciate your work on these videos

  30. just discovered your channel, love your reviews! Could you also do like a size comparison to like a ruler 馃榾

  31. Just got mine a couple days ago haven’t hooked them up yet but wow they sound great!!!

  32. Thanks for the video Tech Steve. You got my support! #Blackpower

  33. thanks a lot for this!

  34. Patrick Au-Yeung November 26, 2020 @ 8:13 pm

    I just got mine in White Noise. The Rokit 5 packs a punch, but still is very clear on the mid and high end for mixing. Good review, thank you. BTW are you using YouTube Music? You like it?

  35. Great review and really professional vid. Keep up the good work! Looking forward to getting my hands on these speakers.

  36. i came for the speakers, feel in love with the music playlist when you were testing, Is it possible to share that playlist. Thanks.

  37. holy shit, an audio gear channel with great audio :^oooo

  38. I have a Yamaha p125 digital piano. the lowest A note is 27.5 Hz. What monitors do you recommend for such a piano? what model and diameter of the woofer?

  39. Thinking on buying these dope speaker, pair it with focusrite interface and hook it into my smart tv.

  40. Great speakers but I prefer the 5.1 for Gaming and Movies but this speakers looks better than my LG 5.1 home theater

  41. Good video 馃憤 Ordered my pair of these today, but have to wait 2 weeks till they arrive 馃槶

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