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  1. SleepTalkers Realm February 22, 2021 @ 9:47 pm

    I have an really old version of these – yep, the 5" ones. Going on 20 years and they’re still cranking! KRKs are great!

  2. Just got some yesterday. Been DJing for two, almost 3 years. Now I’m ready to get in to creating.

  3. The bass on those speakers is just amazing! I was shocked when I’ve first time heared them in my friends’ studio…With good mixing console they produce enough bass needed for quality music production. Amazing how good they are and how celar and natural sound they produce…Best value for buck for sure…

  4. Review? Is that what they call commercials nowadays or what? I’m confused…

  5. Have you compared them to other monitors? I had a direct comparison between the Focal Aloha 50s and I have to say the Rokits stood no chance!

  6. If I have a small room will the 7 or 8 inch be too much for me? I’m using some desktop Logitech speakers now

  7. I have the KRK 6s. Would I be let down by the base response on the 5s? I need to downgrade to a smaller pair of speakers because these are just too big.

  8. to much bass to produce

  9. These or Adam audio t5v?

  10. Dude I loved your video, especially the part of you explaining how you can’t show an example the speaker quality! lol thanks man

  11. martsave martin s February 22, 2021 @ 10:03 pm

    is the tweeter sound "sweet" ? thank you for this video

  12. i have first generation KRK ROKITS 8 , are the new gens better ?

  13. Michael Richardson February 22, 2021 @ 10:04 pm

    Hi I noticed on the stands you have acoustic foam that the monitors sit on, what are they called please

  14. Audio is out of sync

  15. Great

  16. Great studio monitors:) We have them in our studio. Check them out at our live webcam page:

  17. Yo Brotherman, first time landing on one of your vids. I did a quick search on KRK 5" and you popped up.
    I have KRK 8’s but the 5’s are just supreme on a desk studio set up. I have a powered 10" sub that completely complements the 5’s

    I watched your vid and gotta say EXCELLENT presentation, practical advice and smooth delivery !

    I subscribed.

  18. Blah blah blah…How about frequency response analysis, etc.? All of this could have been condensed to 1 min.

  19. yo nigga i sud get this

  20. Here’s a review from Amazon may be found interesting:
    "Overall, I think these are really nice monitors for the price and are the perfect size for my home studio. They sound good, look good, come with all the connection options you would expect from studio monitors and the low frequency, high frequency and volume trim pots on the rear are a nice addition.

    I would have given these 5 stars if it weren’t for one "feature", the built-in 30 min. auto standby function. I gather this is KRK trying to be green and help you save power but I see this as a nuisance and completely unnecessary. Not only do I use these for home recording but I also use them to listen to music at low volume while at work during the week. Herein lies the problem, if the monitors do not detect an audio signal of what KRK considers sufficient strength, they will shut off on their own after ~30 minutes. I note that even though the sound shuts off, KRK thought it would be ok to keep their logo illuminated (don’t want to save too much, do we?). Annoying at best. I am more than capable of turning them off when not in use to save power when I decide it’s time, not when some electrical/audio engineer, focus group or corporate clown sees fit. The least they could have done was give the end user the ability to either adjust the standby signal threshold or disable the auto standby completely, maybe via a potentiometer or dip switch on the rear of the monitor. Honestly, I’ve considered returning these monitors numerous times because of this single "feature"."

  21. Best description..thanks..

  22. How do you connect these speakers to your computer? Some kind of DAC or audio interface? What’s the best strategy here?

  23. He’s right I have krk 5s and 8s. I love the sound of the 5s but my mixs low end takes a hit.. 8s I need my 8s for bass and kicks. Put them together it’s perfect.

  24. Last serenade productions February 22, 2021 @ 10:20 pm

    I juat orderd the truths. Didnt get krk cause they was a little more. Do you think truths are great for mixing still? Well behringer is on back ordef i may end up getting krks classics since there a little cheaper

  25. Thanks for the review!

  26. These are good sounding speakers BUT problems with large caps going bad & black goo on boards causing issues. I fixed mine by changing caps, fixing solder trace and cleaning off black goo. Just know the quality is so so but tone is good when they work.
    One of the hack/fixes for crackling is to push in up on dials on back. I haven’t tried a deokit cleaning of pots yet. Mine still has a loud pop on startup I am still chasing down. I have rockit 5 g2’s.

  27. recordingrevolution February 22, 2021 @ 10:21 pm

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  28. Where can o get them for $300?

  29. Got those. 😎🤟🎸🎤🎼

  30. this is very useful . thank you

    I like that you don’t do an audio example, as you say,
    it depends on what you’re referencing on as a viewer .
    Thanx recordingrevolution I just got a pair
    + this is helpful to me.

  31. Thanks man these speakers help me get my first placement 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  32. Thanks for the recommendation.

  33. They look cheap with that plastic

  34. You look a TAD bit like Derek Carr


  36. Thank F someone said that recording audio samples of speakers makes no sense. I have no idea how people are not aware of that they’re still not listening to the speaker from the review, that’s literally impossible.

  37. Is rokit 5 comes with a pair or single peice ?

  38. ive just bought these. i got a rca to 3.5 audio cable which i plan to plug into bluetooth adapter. does it matter about getting a audio face for these?

  39. I am wondering about Presonus Eris 5 – real monitor equal clean sound, rich mid range, great dynamics…..but the design of KRK is the "king in the castle", you buy only because it looks great – then what???? sound??? well….anyway who cares that there is bass boosted and nose muffled sound…. it is famous KRK – so you can`t deny because everybody say, that the are great monitors…All have KRK so you should buy too!… -But there is muffled sound, cuted midrange……. Response: "somenting is with your hearing that you hear boosted bass in monitors…others can not be wrong!"

  40. It is feasible to even put a microphone up to the speaker at least let us get some kind of sense of what it sounds like instead of nothing bad review

  41. Hey Graham, 8 years later would you say these are still a good idea. Thanks.

  42. I have bought some KRK monitors 5" black stealth edition, there’s no problem listening to music while they play loud, but when I lower the volume, they shut off  after a while, so I have to boost the volume again so they switch on.  Is this type of function normal for these monitors?

  43. do you need two, or is this speaker okay with just one?

  44. I can only afford a single unit of Rokit 5…should i go for it or buy a pair of Presonus Eris E3.5 ?…I’m a bedroom producer

  45. I have a pair of Boston acoustic cr77 speakers. I love them.

  46. I like your video ‘s a lot. They are very helpful. What I want to ask you. What do you think of pitch correction like autotune and melodyne? Do you use it and what woud you recommend? I on’t want the T pain style tuning as an effect but a tool to clean up in a simple way the vocals. Vocals that are prety good already but maby slightly of. Thanks for your info. Mike

  47. useful review, thanks!

  48. Very nice info br I am just wondering sound from KRK and Bose S1pro which is more pleasant to listen ( clear higha with tight bass) spending money also main factor but if u can pls let me know thanks

  49. i gotta speakers missing overthere because im actually using this rn NO WAAYYYY 6:08 XD

  50. Fabulous review. You are smart, I like you.

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