KRK Rokit 6 Active Monitors Review

KRK Rokit 6 Active Monitors Review

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The instantly recognisable KRK Rokit 6’s are a near-iconic design that’s proved popular with DJs and DJ/producers alike. We take a closer look at them, and present you with the full review over on the digital dj tips website at htpp://

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  1. With regards to the 3 separate inputs, what happens when I have 2 or 3 different cables plugged in at once? 

    which cable takes preference?

  2. Just a warning to anyone looking to buy these speakers: I bought two of them 5 months ago and never abused them, never blasted any sound through them and just yesterday the right speaker went out. It doesn’t operate anymore. It powers up but I cannot get any sound through it, even when I use each of the 3 inputs and judging by what other people have said, I’m not the only one who got f*cked like this. These speakers are a LOT of money, I paid $400 for the two and the one just crapped out on me for absolutely no reason. But that is not the worst: Try to find someone who will fix it. I called up Gibson which owns KRK and they basically told me to drive 400 miles away to the nearest "authorized repair shop" because the place I bought mine at does not have a repair shop and it’s too late for a refund and of course you have to pay for the repairs, no warranty F you. So basically I paid $400 for shit speakers that lasted only 5 months. I’ve been in the recording biz for close to 30 years, NEVER in my entire life did I EVER have a speaker go out on me like that unless it was a simple fuse being blown. This thing has a fuse, the fuse is OK, the electronics do not look burned out, it just does not work anymore. This isn’t computer science, it’s simple electronics and it doesn’t work, this really pisses me off.

  3. Rokit not Rockit

  4. Glowbox Production February 2, 2021 @ 8:21 pm

    do they? im thinking of getting them but im making sure

  5. I posted on Steve’s video about the similar Pioneer 8" speakers, I’m torn between these and the similar Pioneer 6" speakers… basically same price, Pioneer has the standby mode thing… and my wife says she likes the "not yellow" ones better,  will the Pioneer monitors do the trick?   Thanks again for all that you do! 

  6. hey phil could you please give me ya honest op. What would you spend the cash on, the KRK 5 or 6’s or the new Pioneer S-DJ05 5". ive looked at alot of reviews for both and I don’t know. I’m a scratch dj who plays Drum N Bass and Hip Hop. I also produce my own tunes as well. I would really appreciate the help matey. Thankyou heaps for all ya informative reviews again Phill.

  7. Will the cables that came with the kontrol S4 for the audio outputs be able to plug into the speakers?

  8. Hey phil I am on your forum and stuff, but i have a question. For dance electronic music and some hip hop could i use a smaller rokit than the 8 or because of bass that would be the minimum. The other question is if I could use a keyboard in the maschine software?

  9. 01:156"circumference=<2"diameter.  Still giving a like.  The 100th like.

  10. G7Trader G7Trader February 2, 2021 @ 8:33 pm

    Is this a good upgrade from Pioneer HPM-110?

  11. hi mate , I’m wanting to buy some off theses , threw my macbook , what leads will i need , please , a few people have said different cables but which would be best (cheapest)

  12. nodayliketomorrow February 2, 2021 @ 8:35 pm

    can someonePLEASEEEEEEEEEE help me….i have these speakers and a motu 828mk3 audio interface….running with mac…dont have logic as yet anyway i am not getting sound out of these monitors correctly…1. they are connected through main outs on the motu with xlr only at the moment. at 1st get sound only out of one monitor when mic plugged in preamp. and no sound from internal! no sound from itunes or video wats wrong?? how do i get cds to play and come through monitors

  13. if i am using these with a traktor audio 2 where there are only two outputs (one for speakers and one for monitoring audio) then will I still be able to plug both speakers into the sound card?

  14. Great video Mate!

  15. If the speakers are 49-20khz ,and you are using them @ home for your dj setup by plugging them into the booth/master out of your pioneer mixer,Should you then theoretically buy an external eq to cut the bass frequencies below 49hz,otherwise you may have a muddy/distorted bass line from the krk 6’s,,,What are your views youtubers..

  16. M-audio bx8 sound better than them

  17. Hi there. I’m new to djing and I’m interested to purchase an active speakers. I’m currently interested to purchase either the KRK rokit 6 or Pioneer SDJ05 for a small room. I play House music. Also, how about the bass for either speakers? Which speakers will you recommend and why?

  18. Do you still use them, did they break in some point of time, or were there any irregularities with them ? I read some reviews about how they are build from cheap material that breaks over time … so that’s why this question ….

  19. new to speakers, but can i just ask why you say never use these studio monitors to party?

  20. I have the krk rokit 5 model. each time i plug straight to my laptop it give some horrible noise from the background. Can you help please. any advice?

  21. can you use these with just a laptop and fl studio, or do you need some specials cables to connect it

  22. G -FORCE - DANIEL GOLDSTONE February 2, 2021 @ 8:46 pm


    like to ask a question

    I have bought these speakers for music production but i have bought an xdj rx 2

    would u use them with that? or are they no good?

  23. thanks for the euro price.

  24. is the Live Wire 3.5mm TRS Dual XLR(M) Patch Cable 2 Meters, balanced or unbalanced?

  25. hey i have a question. how did you hook up your monitors to your pc? beacouse mine are beeping constantly. i now use rca to 3,5mm jack directly to my desktop. any solutions?

  26. What monitors would you suggest for RnB, Hip Hop, House.. ? ‘Cause they’d obviously need a good bass. They’re gonna be my first monitors.
    Thank you!

  27. How can you practice or even listen music in that kind of a room? The reverb/bounce is awful. You should get it acoustically treated.

  28. The mackies have a bump in the low-end coloring kickdrums. and their quite small. The HS series are precise if listened in a well treated room with little reflection else they tend to get bright. Never listened to the vxt before.A surprise would be the tascam vl-a8 which have less bass than the hs80 but sound more powerfull and more detailed in the mids and low

    The 6 are good hifi speakers with really round bottom and the cones are bright instead of orangy in the adds.

  29. Hi! In my Krk rokit 6s I hear a whiz sound from the yellow round dot in the middle, and i know that is normal. But additionally I hear a hum sound from the back. Is that normal?

  30. You can’t just say "this sounds better than this" as it’s a very subjective area: try and listen before you buy.

  31. The bass port being on the front is probably because most people would buy these for a small home studio where there’s a good chance the speakers will be placed fairly close to a wall. A back port would be facing the wall and might produce some unwanted bass frequencies. Would that make sense? Also, I think you meant to say 6 inches in diameter?

  32. What’s the difference between those and the ROKIT 6SE

  33. my krk’s has something majorly wrong with them… bought them they were fine and sounded fantastic but when i moved house and tried using them after moving, a horribly loud buzzing sound started coming out of them :S

  34. Hi I’m so confused about the balanced and unbalanced capabilities of this speaker.

    At the back of my A&H Xone 42 mixer, there are two XLR Main Outputs (one for L and one for R). So I’m assuming I need TWO balanced XLR Mic cables (???) with a male and female tips? Will that work? I’m trying to buy the cables from Amazon and they keep coming up as Mic cables. Are they the same? I’m a noob to this.

  35. would it be a mono or stereo signal since is a Y cable?

  36. Not to be the elephant in the room, but people buy monitors for the wrong reason. You can produce and such with normal speakers, but if you’re not mixing audio, why get them? Also, there is so much noise bouncing off of your walls, what would be the point in having these set up in there if you have no acoustical treatment. It beats the purpose of having monitors.

  37. hi everyone! sorry for my ignorance but can i connect this in my pc without an audio interface? just with simple minijack at the back of my pc, im looking monitor for music production and its my first time buying one of them so, i dont how it works i have been producing with headphones like my entire life and want to try this out

  38. G7Trader G7Trader February 2, 2021 @ 9:03 pm

    Does this have a pre amp inside or just a power amp? And how do I connect it to my laptop? My laptop has 3.5mm headphone jack

  39. Krk rokit 6 or RCF ayra8?

  40. Do you think getting the KRK ROKIT 8s for 200$ is a good deal ? For both of them? Or should I save up for some hs8

  41. Hi Phil, do you know any good sites where I can buy two wall brackets for these speakers?

  42. I hate to break it to you, but once you start paying bills, you realize that money never falls out of the sky. I seriously don’t mean to troll, I just read that in your comment and I felt the urge to say something.

    Another great review Phil!

  43. Your review has sold them to me…cheers Phil 🙂

  44. Great review Phil as always. I am massively torn between these in white and the pioneer SDJ05’s. purely for mixing/dj-ing. Please help me decide!?

  45. is it possible to set up two of these to a traktor s2?

  46. Sir, please help me here. what is the difference between the rp5 and r6 just the name alone. and i saw one r6 which is a passive yours is active. im confused

  47. I’m just looking a for a good speaker to connect to the back of my projector (3.5mm output) for a back garden movie night of about 6-10 people! Looking for good, distortion free volume. Will one of these do the job?

  48. thanks, i dont know if you know anything about them but currently i used a monster beatbox ipod dock, apart from stereo imaging how would these compare? and how do they compare to say the yamaha Hs50’s or 80’s? Sorry for the questions

  49. do these work fine for producing club music in a small room ??? i would really like to know…

  50. Glowbox Production February 2, 2021 @ 9:17 pm

    yeah, i listened to them and found i liked the adam f5s best

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