KRK Rokit 7 G4 RP7G4 vs Yamaha HS7 || Sound & Frequency Response Comparison

KRK Rokit 7 G4 RP7G4 vs Yamaha HS7 || Sound & Frequency Response Comparison

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All the tracks used in this video can be found here:


-Sound recorded using Zoom H6 recorder
-Frequency measurements done in semi treated room using UMIK-1 microphone
-Levels matched using SPL meter
-All tone controls set to neutral

Readers Comments (50)

  1. The low end just disappears on the HS7s!

  2. Original Track wins!

  3. KRK So much better 👍🏻👍🏻

  4. When they play the "Original Track" what does it means?

  5. to my hearing KRKs are a bit closer to original in this video. not sure if it is better for mixing, but it translated mids better than hs8. hs8 way to crisp in this comparison – you may consider compensating for that high end when mixing

  6. Yamaha better at all KRK sucks

  7. Marcus V. B. Siqueira December 31, 2020 @ 10:32 pm

    Do you know witch one offers less hiss and such?
    I have seen a couple of those sound reviews but i find them hard to decide…..
    I play bass also than mixing, is these one of the right one for bass player?

  8. So I’ve ordered the RP7G4’s. I’ve tested the sound, and it’s incredible. Only thing that’s worrying me is that I see a LOT of people complaining about the idle noise being annoyingly loud. Has anyone experienced this? Can anyone recommend an alternative?

  9. Rokit for me, and I dont even have watched the video yet lol

  10. Yamaha is really flat and for make music and mixing that´s the key.

  11. Literally makes no sense to play sounds through the speakers and record them to hear through a set of speakers without that frequency response

  12. Cual me recomiendan?? De esos

  13. Thank for that video! One of those which will make an audiophile, haha. Love it, just ordered krk they are banging. It also made my appreciate more my beyerdynamic DT 880s. krk should pay you for it!

  14. you can tell quite the difference, for me it sounds better the KRK Rokit 7

  15. KRK Rokit 7 G4 + Beyers DT990pro – thoughts?

  16. Rokits definitely sound much warmer, and heavier on the low end, I wouldn’t need a sub if I mixed with these for sure. Too much color for me, makes it easy to get lazy on mixing heavy bass and so I think majority of music listeners won’t have high end gear and so low end doesn’t come out As much very well on car/phone systems but not so much it’s a big deal.

    Yams I went with them cuz to me they sound thin on the low end and cleaner on the high end, extremely flat and so adding the sub boosts the low end through the hs8 and you get a nice clean full spectrum. My sub sits only at the 30%iish range (10’clock) and it’s almost to much bass for me. Makes me really work on developing my bass sounds and creating fuller spectrums, however beware. Track from -30db to -18db for most high end instruments, since highs are so clean it’s easy to remove them And over do your bass if you’re not good at gain staging.

    I threw some ferrite rings all over my system , and I got no hum whatsoever and my hiss is only audible from 18 inches away in a silent room. I sit 1 and a half meter away from the speakers in a home studio .

  17. Please forgive my ignorance ; but I’m listening this comparison with my Sennheizer HD650 headphones , and besides the rock track Yamaha sounds pretty boring dynamically speaking , however I’m guessing KRK will fatigue your hears after one or two hours of continuous mixing.
    Honest question : What pair of speakers in the same price range would you recommend for listening , mixing and recording music like Aphex Twin , Jon Hopkins , Burial or Andy Stott ?

  18. Krk Win. I have hs5 & krk g4!

  19. I think you should bounce back from the original to the speaker not from speaker to speaker. You are trying to compare the original with speaker not compare the speakers themselves. I was surprised that to my ear, the KRK was more faithful. Yamaha’s added more air to the original recording. I had a pair of HS8’s and I got rid of them due to ear fatigue. Formerly I had a pair of first generation rp5’s. I thought I was upgrading at the time. I should never have sold them. Maybe I’ll try the new 7’s.

  20. Just listen how Krk disappears as soon as u tune in not every speaker can do that , they do this 3d thing that is very helpful when you mix, i have Yamaha HS8 i love them for what they are but they lack depth

  21. Yamaha HS8 top

  22. Krk, just realize after hearing must of your channel, bass presence is very important for me

  23. se nota bastante la diferencia, EN miS OIDOS suena es mejor el KRK Rokit 7

  24. Most people miss the point with their comments… you don’t choose a monitor because it sounds fuller or deeper, it should be as neutral as possible; and by the way it’s totally impossible to know without doing measurements in YOUR room, because each room creates resonant peaks and drops at different frequencies, a perfectly flat monitor may sound garbage in a bad room. (and most rooms are bad, especially small or cubic ones). its’ fun to listen to speakers in this video but keep in mind it gives you no useful information for chosing one over another…

  25. yamaha sucks

  26. Yamaha HS7 vs Yamaha HS8 please

  27. Digital Stereophony December 31, 2020 @ 10:57 pm

    09:51 Frequency Response Graphs


  29. the rokits sounding horrible imo, no details when they are playing. I always love the looks of em , but soundwise i need tell alot of friends which uses them, to put the lows down when they play there new music on my genelecs 8040

  30. I can’t hear shit!


  31. Yamaha, Genelec and Focal stil are the best

  32. Pointless test 😂

  33. Monitor speakers are so flat

  34. the hs7 sound V shaped. Clear highs, decent punchy bass, where’s the mids?

  35. I had Yamahas before but I think I am going to give KRK a try

  36. As i want them to be as neutral as possible so i can trust them regarding my guitar sound (using Fractal FM3 or Line6 Helix), which is more soundwise reliable? KRK has better bass, but, is it real?

  37. This is shit. Record with a mic some speakers then listening the recording in another speakers and re-record the track from the tested speakers with another mic just to downgrade the sound with YouTube compression. Own both of it. They are just great. Krk are the best if you have walls behind them, Yamaha are the best in a controlled environment. Both are just fucking great

  38. Yamaha hs5 hs7 hs8 for ever

  39. JeffDeficitDisorder December 31, 2020 @ 11:04 pm

    My thing is, the Yam’s sound too flat. How can you get a good mix on something that sounds so flat and expect it to sound good on other speakers? The Yam’s sound like they are in a can. The KRK’s sound WAY better with better bass response and better frequencies in the mid to high end. They just sound like an overall more open and better sounding speaker than the Yam’s. My vote goes to KRK. Anybody else have a cheaper yet more comparable option to the KRK’s?

  40. frederic maillart December 31, 2020 @ 11:05 pm

    Bonjour, trop bien vos tests. là au moins on peut se faire une bonne idée. Merci

  41. Be warned those KRKs have really bad bass…

  42. TOP review. Thank you. For the studio work is Yamaha the winner in my case.

  43. the yamaha sounds like a Cheap horn

  44. The rokits definitely have more bass which im not sure is good for edm mixing. It might cause you to think you have enough bass in your tracks but in reality dont. The Yamaha’s are more even all around (flat). Basically if you want more bass, and mix in more bass youll actually hear it. You dont want to hear too much of one thing when mixing unless you actually add it and not the speakers. I would go with the more true sound, hs7.

  45. Both are bad.

  46. I want studio monitors that sound closer to the original. In my experience, using too flat monitors brings me to remove too much high frequency and add too much bass. Any suggestions around 300-600€?

  47. I have quite a big room (not square, 5mtX3mt) and I want to buy studio monitors. Mainly for listening, plus some DJing. Not for producing. I mainly listen to electronic music, hip-hop, jazz. Any recommendations between these two? or krk 5? or focal alpha 50?

  48. The live sound heard directly by the ear is not the same as the sound that captures a microphone and then we listen.

  49. Krk g4 7 vs Kali Lp 6? Who win for you?

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