KRK ROKIT 7 G4 Studio Monitor Review

KRK ROKIT 7 G4 Studio Monitor Review

KRK ROKIT 7 G4 Studio Monitor Review –

Clarification – The 7-inch model was not an expansion to the G4 line, and was a part of the original launch.

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Readers Comments (10)

  1. UltraelectromagneticPACK January 2, 2021 @ 10:28 pm

    Hi..can I use this to a country that uses 220v 60hz? Also what is the best cable trs connector to use to connect to a audio interface? Planning to buy 2 of these.

  2. …and Kevlar is bullet proof!

  3. Just arrived today krk 7 g4
    I can say they are absolutely amazing.
    I sold my VXT 8 and I can say these have similar sound.
    With my Korg PA4x sounds beautiful!!!!

  4. I have a Yamaha p125 digital piano. the lowest A note is 27.5 Hz. What monitors do you recommend for such a piano? what model and diameter of the woofer?

  5. Emanuel De Costa January 2, 2021 @ 10:54 pm

    Class D, worse quality …

  6. So, the G4’s are not bassy as the earlier ones? Also, would these be a good bet for an untreated room. Thanks!

  7. are these good for parties of 20

  8. I had these and loved them. No one makes a monitor in this price range that uses the same exact material for both tweeter and woofer much less kevlar. The midrange on these is perfection and the top end sounds different and unique from everything else on the market being kevlar. I dont think there are currently any studio monitors or even hifi speakers that use kevlar for the tweeter at any price range. I loved them so much I returned them and upgraded to the V8 S4s.

  9. Marc Pagani Drums January 2, 2021 @ 11:14 pm

    I just got the Rokit 7 G4, and the first thing I noticed is that the woofer is actually 5.5" in diameter, not 7" (and that’s measured from the far outside portion of the rubber ring to the opposite side’s far end of the rubber ring). Am I crazy? Could you measure your Rokit 7 G4’s woofer and confirm?

  10. Hello just want to ask rokit 7 G4 vs HS7?

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