Lawmaker responds to Taylor Greene's tweet about transgender daughter

Lawmaker responds to Taylor Greene's tweet about transgender daughter

Rep. Majorie Taylor-Greene (R-GA) tweeted an attacked Rep. Marie Newman’s (D-IL) 20-year-old transgender daughter after Newman displayed a Transgender Pride flag outside of her of office which is directly across the hallway from Taylor-Greene’s. The two lawmakers are at odds over a piece of equality legislation that Taylor-Greene opposes.

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  1. Lilia Nicomedez March 6, 2021 @ 9:45 pm

    Is she a she or he?

  2. Science makes people born blind, deaf, very short, conjoined twins, disfigured faces and bodies, they use to say blacks were not people this homophobic woman will someday face karma

  3. Why is she beefing when she looks like a man her damn self!!! Gtfoh

  4. Interested party March 6, 2021 @ 9:47 pm

    Rep Marie Newman has the right idea… She devotes her attention to working FOR THE COUNTRY, NOT TO SERVING HER OWN INTERESTS… I think MTG should be expelled for Congress, and for life. Enough of this SHIT! Her QANON support VIOLATES her oath of office. MTG should be working to serve the country, not her own agenda.

  5. Wait a minute… this demon put the flag out to show MTG what the alphabet people are? Who’s the bully?

  6. Qanon’s ugly Tom petty.

  7. Wow, I’ve been reading all the comments… It’s unfortunate that most of everyone’s take away is about Green and her side of politics.

    Here’s my take away…. Im a parent…. I really feel that identity politics is damaging and confusing to anyone’s children….. Your HR5 bill is actually damaging to your country…. People can decide for themselves of what or who they want to identify with when they are adults, but come on people do you really want the government, your federal government to intervene on how a parent raises their children…… Forcing equality will actually cause inequality….. Learn from. Our mistakes here in Canada, try and be reasonable not prideful!

  8. Freewheelin is a real "open" Cancel Culture "Person"…….no offense…oh yeah…wwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  9. Women shouldn’t be in Congress.

  10. And Adam is one of the most important people IMO to the party because he really quite centered and that’s what we need is a no bullshit guy or girl in Congress that stands up for the rights of all

  11. MoreGun FreeMen March 6, 2021 @ 9:58 pm

    The strange time to hear this CNN spin that male and female is, in the words of deep state speak, a conspiracy theory.

  12. Honestly. Do we really need a headline like this ? Effing ridiculous. Effing high school. Dump Twitter and get to work!!!

  13. Jasilyn Wray-Jordan March 6, 2021 @ 9:59 pm

    Someone please tell her that sex and gender are not the same thing…

  14. The Mouse that Roared March 6, 2021 @ 9:59 pm

    What business is it of Margie Greene’s what anyone else does with their own body? How would their right to equality take anything away from her?
    It’s people like her that make the world such a shithole.

  15. I’m tired of people saying “being transgender is against God, so we shouldn’t support it!” I’m sorry, but when has anything in America been “For God”?

  16. How do we get rid of her? Greene, that is.

  17. Gender is a isn’t a biological term, it’s a social/cultural one. This means you can literally say there’s a million genders and you would be correct. I think what you mean you say “there’s only two genders” is the biological term “sex”, but even then you’re wrong. There’s six different combinations of chromosomes a person can have, there’s six biological sexes.

  18. Greene should go back to her new district. Residents need to make sure she lives in the neighborhood and she doesn’t hide in her luxury home and life in her previous district.

  19. Newman sure looked that she was daring Green, so why is she surprised.

  20. Jonathan Medrano March 6, 2021 @ 10:06 pm

    So the woman that doesn’t believe in "Global warming" and says that forest fires are caused by a jewish space laser is telling us to "Trust the science"… are republicans immune to irony? or just simply hypocrites?

  21. Alan Brent Hermann March 6, 2021 @ 10:07 pm


  22. People and animals are born male or female, unless there is a birth defect. This is just a fact; politics shouldn’t come into play.

  23. I love the way Marie Newman laughs off MTG’s sign and changes the subject to IMPORTANT matters that she is working on for the people.

  24. mireya pascual March 6, 2021 @ 10:11 pm


  25. Why is her indifference to transgender wrong? Is she not permitted her belief? Her opinion? Her voice?

  26. mireya pascual March 6, 2021 @ 10:12 pm


  27. Why does Greene seem to be the only smart one here.

  28. mireya pascual March 6, 2021 @ 10:15 pm


  29. So you wound the woman up on purpose. Then when she reacts you get the Clinton network involved. Lol. Haven’t you got enough on your plate with I don’t know what I am at home.

  30. Why is MTG still there? Isnt she banned yet?

  31. They need to just fire her already

  32. Marjorie Taylor Green is a shock jock, she thinks shocking people is going to make her "famous", she’s famous alright, she’s becoming known as the child of the Congress. She needs to be removed because she’s not working to help her constitutes, she’s got her own personal agenda. She is never going do a good thing in Congress, she is always going to be acting like a spoiled brat.

  33. Wackos

  34. Justin Gunderson March 6, 2021 @ 10:22 pm

    The fact that we are having this debate is mind boggling. “The party of science” denies the established fact there is only two sexes. And this whole idea of trans people being victims and they are so traumatized that we need legislation to protect them 😂😂😂. SOFT

  35. whatever it looks like Vince band guys are really transgender

  36. Science says gender identity is a spectrum and is not just simply being male or female basing on the genitals.
    Taylor Green is so moron that she doesn’t even realizes her ridicoluos signboard is negating science.

  37. Carlos Espinosa March 6, 2021 @ 10:31 pm

    Only in America….

  38. Science doesn’t even agree with her. It’s not so black and white. XX and YY are the basics they teach in elementary school. I remember being in a college level embryonic development class, and my professor, a very old and very southern man, asked us to be kind to people because everyone develops differently (hormones influencing how we grow in those very sensitive first few months) and that’s not a bad thing.

  39. Alan Brent Hermann March 6, 2021 @ 10:34 pm

    GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP !!!!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  40. Rychy St. Vincent March 6, 2021 @ 10:34 pm

    This Greene woman is the kind of person who’s trying to replace that orange dude. She’d wreck the ambulance coming to save her mother if it would get her in the news that night and the people who voted for her are sadly mistaken if they think she’s fighting for them. They are the matches she strikes to light her bottle rockets to fame.

  41. There is only 2 sexes, but more then 2 genders, sex is scientific identity, gender is personal identity

  42. Taylor Green is such horrible. Does she think she is a Christian spreading so much hate. Seems like she follows the teaching of Satan instead of Jesus.

  43. I'm just saying March 6, 2021 @ 10:38 pm

    She doesn’t wear a mask and she hasn’t got the China virus then I guess she’s proved her point..

  44. Marjorie has never heard of children being born intersexed.
    Which is a REAL thing that happens.

    She doesn’t even know science.

  45. WE LOVE YOU Marjorie !!! POTUS 2024 !!

  46. 2 Genders Only March 6, 2021 @ 10:39 pm


  47. We’ll ignore tha racist and dangerous stuff Dems have been doing? Apparently conservatives can’t have opinions. Oh ok..

  48. Trust the science….MTG is Trump’s demon seed.

  49. Why does Rep Newman’s support of her child matter to Rep MTG? That’s a parent-child matter. Why weigh in on Rep Newman’s acceptance of her child? It’s not like the child is a murderer or criminal…or an insurrectionist, or a climate change denier or….

  50. Mr Leon Ds Rvls March 6, 2021 @ 10:42 pm

    Boycott cnn and youtube!!

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