Liv Vall E+3 2019 electric mountain bike unboxing setup and tour

Liv Vall E+3 2019 electric mountain bike unboxing setup and tour

Unboxing setup and walk around of the ladies Liv Vall E+3 Electric mountain bike.

Link to my unboxing of my men’s Giant Fathom E+3 electric mountain bike –

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  1. 29:20 i like the little girl’s voice behind the camera , may god bless her

  2. Link to the unboxing of my men’s version of this bike which is the Giant Fathom E+3 electric mountain bike –

  3. скучная жизнь у вас

  4. Another GREAT! job on the review Paul and most of this video was very much like watching the last one you put out apart from the bit on the end where we got to see the bike in action. They look really good too mate though I have to admit at those prices I will stick to pedal power :)))))). In saying that though I came across this Mountain Bike the other day that cost £8,250 and that does not come with pedals either and I often wonder what on earth the world is coming too lol…

  5. great review 🙂

  6. Great review ,now go and get them muddy ,I ride one to work most days but off-road is when they are at their best .

  7. thanks for vid

  8. Thanks, was hoping to see how much power and acceleration it had without pedaling, perhaps from stopped and a motor only top speed..

  9. I have an Amit-E that has had nothing but issues since I purchased it in new from my local dealer in 2019, and LIV/Giant is refusing to stand by their warranty. The local dealer, Glacier Cyclery in Whitefish, MT has been incredible in dealing with all of this, and they are as disappointed in Giant as I am. Giant refuses to replace the bike, even though it’s spent hours at the dealer’s shop in less than a year of ownership, it’s had the defective motor replaced, and has ongoing battery and electronic issues that have ruined almost every ride I’ve taken it on. BEWARE OF GIANT AND LIV BIKES, as they won’t stand behind their product when things go wrong.

  10. No quick release on front wheel??

  11. This should be the Big Box channel. You do love big boxes. 🙂

  12. Who clicked for the thumbnail ? C’mon now !

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