L&M @ NAMM 2020: KRK Studio Monitors

L&M @ NAMM 2020: KRK Studio Monitors

Jimmy and Sabor of KRK show the new Rokit Classic 5 monitors which is a re-introduction of the G3 model of the RP-5, as well as a new White Noise finish for the G4 RP-5s.


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  1. You could have spoken briefly about the V6 S4’s in the background as they are clearly displayed in the video as well.

  2. Mâtrïc dj Milligan March 18, 2021 @ 11:19 pm

    Hello I have a question about the KRK G4 7 speakers. Buy two KRK G4 7 monitors and when it is turned on it emits a white background sound "ssssss", this wave sound is heard up to 1 meter. Unlike KRK G3 monitors, there is no such strong white noise. I need help and have an answer. Thank you

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