LRT-1 Lockring Tool – Bosch® Gen 2

LRT-1 Lockring Tool – Bosch® Gen 2

More info:

Precisely machined for a perfect fit, the 8-notch tool removes and installs the lockring that retains the front chainrings found on Bosch® Gen 2 e-bike motors after crank arm is removed.

• Fits Bosch® Active Line (chainrings less than 20 teeth), Performance Line and Performance Line CX models
• For lockrings with 50mm outside diameter with 8 notches
• Replacement for Bosch® 0275009003 tool
• Torque wrench compatible 3/8” square drive
• Constructed of 4140 heat treated steel and plated for long life

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Readers Comments (3)

  1. עומרי מורג December 2, 2020 @ 8:12 pm

    its 3th gen on the video on trek fs5
    now its the 4th gen and the small and light motor

  2. We are starting to see more e-bikes in our bicycle shop so this is a helpful video. More videos with e-bike servicing would be nice. Thanks for sharing ;<)

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