Mark Sparx Custom Sondors Electric Bike in Brooklyn

Mark Sparx Custom Sondors Electric Bike in Brooklyn

While visiting Greenpath Electric Bikes in Brooklyn, New York I met a gentleman named Mark who had purchased one of the Sondors fat tire electric bikes and proceeded to outfit it with gear and accessories for his commute in the city. Mark has increased the range of the bike by adding larger batteries and he got help from the two local shops, Greenpath and Propel. His pannier bags contain different batteries (one 36 volt and one 48 volt configuration). His bike has custom yellow accents to help motorists see him and he wears a cool motorcycle helmet as he cruises around. Mark has owned the Sondors since its first release in 2015 and it’s still running strong. He added a Cycle Analyst ebike display from Grin Technologies, this panel improves control over the two batteries and to adjust speed. He uses vinyl to create yellow accents on his black bike and purchased the fabric from a shop in Times Square. He’s working on some custom wiring to keep the bike looking clean and said the bike has had no issues riding in the rain or snow! Even water and sand at the beach. He crosses the Brookly Bridge and Williamsberg Bridge regularly. I was particularly impressed with Mark’s front rack because the Sondors did not come setup for that initially, it’s another custom job. Mark said he’s 5’9” and weighs about 240 lbs and the standard 350 watt motor has held up great. Apparently he usually rides around with speakers and a JBL setup so he can have a good time at block parties!

You can read my full review on the original Sondors fat tire ebike here: EBR was paid to perform this review #Sponsored We try to be honest, thorough, and fun! Comparison tools, shop directory, and forums at:

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  1. Great video an Interview,Mark seams to be a great guy with Great modifications and his Sondors bike.

  2. Mark Sparx. When are you getting your own channel so we can subscribe to it?

  3. Super cool, he reminds me of Tracy Morgan lol. Dope bike nice work. What up Brooklyn!!!

  4. I love Ebike reviews, but this guy is the most boring ever.

  5. I like Mark Sparks. Smart Guy.

  6. Whipped and Dipped December 7, 2020 @ 8:18 pm

    Batteries are subject to premature failure and they do not
    honor their warranty’s. This company is useless

  7. The seat?

  8. Brandon Heinrich December 7, 2020 @ 8:20 pm

    Good job on bike and video! Thanks for sharing

  9. LordShockwav Gaming & Advice December 7, 2020 @ 8:22 pm

    Love the video💕 I hope. He gets his own channel one day 👍🏽

  10. You found a really nice, interesting guy. Great "man on the street" interview.

  11. why did you ask the poor guys for his weight

  12. It is cool that someone with serious ebike street cred is named Mr. Sparx.

  13. Very cool bike. This is why i LOVE Ebikes . Anybody can find a bike in their price range and customize to their own specs. The possibilities are endless.

  14. Watching in 2019. Looks great.

  15. "Dude I caught you on the perfect day" 😂😂…that’s a fact you definitely did bro!!

  16. That guy is so gassed😂😂

  17. i live in nyc i will keep an eye out for him

  18. I bought my body float at that location. I wonder how many times a day he gets harrassed by NYPD. That yellow seems to make him a target.

  19. When making a video please show more of the bike/ product. The guy is very handsome but I want to see the bike

  20. how do I obtain a replacement charging battery

  21. Everyone is missing the playing card in the spokes trick. Vroom

  22. Awesome Sauce! Can you get me more info on that LCD screen from Canada that helps HP? Thanks in advance!
    I have a Fat & a Thin! These have got me riding again after a 20 year layoff!

  23. it’s time to get live it’s time to represent Sunset Park what time is it shalom

  24. Motor sounds knackered m8

  25. what rizers did he buy?

  26. NYC rocks for its bike lanes. Love riding there.

  27. Love my fat bike I love it ride on ride bikes an ride safe

  28. Such a nice guy

  29. kyle patrick maducdoc December 7, 2020 @ 8:45 pm

    i like the video but i didnt press the like button. 444&4 looks good already 😂

  30. so fucking proud, i love it aha!!

  31. Mark seems to be a nice person! However the other guy DID his turn signal 😂

  32. I see him a lot …….. they stoled my e-bike in that area ….
    I have a picture of my e-bike in the Facebook link

  33. LittleMissLurker December 7, 2020 @ 8:49 pm

    What a wholesome video. This made me glad

  34. cool dude

  35. Cool byke

  36. Jeepdogs Camping December 7, 2020 @ 8:55 pm

    niiiice ,just ordered mine

  37. Great video, I wish there were more like it..

  38. Mark is awesome…I totally want him to customize my bike!

  39. This is such a lovely conversation. But lets not ignore rasicm. I wish we could all talk to eachother in this manner.

  40. What a cool interview really enjoyed it

  41. it would be great to see what people use to Lock these Ebikes up Cort .

  42. Tracy Morgan looks good

  43. Looking at electric bikes and found your video. Looks like fun. Thank you and Mark for all the info. Fun times!!!

  44. Mark Sparx seems like a cool guy

  45. Seriously, e-bikes are the future. Cars are yesterdays news. Free yourself from your gas guzzling machines and start living a better life. You will save RIDICULOUS amounts of money by ditching your car and getting an e-bike.

  46. Thx cuz💵💰🤺🏆🥇ima mode mine when I get my ebike bike 1700 watt 32V battery

  47. Rare fellow. Ride safe Mark.

  48. What a lucky day to meet up with Mark Sparks! Good interview, and interesting to see what he has done with his bike. I have always heard that New York people are not friendly, well this shows that’s not always so. Great video!

  49. *The bike came on time and in excellent condition☞☞>**х **   I assembled the bike myself in 20 minutes, with the tools that were provided with the bike. Assembly is minimal and simple and can be accomplished by anyone. Prior to doing the assembly, I accessed a YouTube video of someone assembling the same bike and simply followed their lead. The battery came with a partial charge. Once out of the box, I started charging the battery during assembly. By the time I was finished, the battery was fully charged.*

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