Mean Tweets – Tom Brady Edition

Mean Tweets – Tom Brady Edition

Tom Brady is one of the all-time NFL greats, which means he also gets some all-time hate. But Tom is a very good sport, so we asked him to read a bunch of terrible things written about him on Twitter and he did so enthusiastically, proving that he’s even the GOAT of #MeanTweets.

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Readers Comments (50)

  1. BelowAverageLuke February 13, 2021 @ 8:22 pm

    I see they excluded the tweets about his son and trump..

  2. Tom Brady more like John Wick

  3. I think he is pretty successful & he seems genuine…. Why people hate him???

  4. He makes out with his son

  5. Those mean comments came from losers that are jerks

  6. Who that was just great does anyone know how to stop sounding like the dumby ELMO

  7. Tom Brady is the type of guy everyone wants to be like!

  8. Corvette Enthusiast February 13, 2021 @ 8:28 pm

    Dog eating chocolate and puking in my socks is where I draw the line.
    ___________line drawn.

  9. He is like john wick

  10. The shiny club karunagappally prevent because creditor noteworthily decide since a eight bronze. gainful, yummy afghanistan

  11. Tom Brady celebrated with Eminem without me

  12. He took this one on the chin hole like the champ he is

  13. no tweets about how he makes out with his son? alr

  14. Not a single tweet of Tom kissing his son. I’m disappointed kimmel

  15. k but why he holding the phone like my dad? lol my mans sight

  16. Well QBs that don’t run last longer 🐐

  17. I like how he only got mad when they talked about his dog lol

  18. Tommy sayn: To all you HATERS I just won the SUPERBOWL!!!😚😚😚

  19. That’s way to much botox

  20. I’m surprised no one said anyone about him kissing his son…

  21. Damn I love TB12!

  22. Im here from meatcanyon. Surprised no one calls him out for kissing his son

  23. How can you hate on a genuinely nice guy who won 7 championships and is married to Gisele büdchen? All we can be is jealous

  24. “That’s f*cked up!” – Babayaga

  25. I’ve seen a tweets that are way worse than just kids calling him a butthole

  26. Did we not learn from John Wick to not bring someone’s dog into this…

  27. not a word bout how his tongue be down hus kids throats

  28. Jimmy kimmel says butthole a lot in a lot of his jokes, so I think a few of mean tweets were actually Jimmy and his staff writers lol

  29. No wonder he blew the chiefs out, Jimmy gave him all the motivation he needed with these mean tweets. 🤣🤣🐐🐐🐐

  30. winnerizzy football7 February 13, 2021 @ 8:58 pm

    What happen to his face bruh

  31. OMG ! who said those words ! i’m sure they ‘re Not Human !

  32. That last one bout his dog obviously pissed him off ☠️☠️☠️


  34. Jeffrey Sullivan February 13, 2021 @ 9:01 pm

    Noting to see her… Just avacado tequila.

  35. Gage the Demon Slayer February 13, 2021 @ 9:04 pm

    I love how they left the @ of the person uncensored who talked abt his dog

  36. Keep the dog out of this. Btw Tom the GOAT.

  37. Jimmy Kimmel that’s Not cool to Brodcast this Mean Tweets on the Internet .I think larry David was right about poeple in the End i Agree !

  38. Everyone here after putting money on the Chiefs.
    You’ll be ok.. you’ll be ok.

  39. This makes me love him

  40. Stéphanie Labbé February 13, 2021 @ 9:10 pm

    He can be the best QB, even when he holds his cell phone at arm’s length to read it. What a man!

  41. Pumpkin's Corner February 13, 2021 @ 9:11 pm

    I hate tom brady because he’s a cheater, sore loser and supported the Orange fascist. I cannot stand him. I also hate Gronkowski.

  42. I’m just saying, you’ve never seen Tom Brady and John Wick in the same room..

  43. Tom Brady went John Wick real quick about that dog 🐕

  44. What’s that song in the background? Can please someone tell ?

  45. Tom Brady is the GOAT no doubt, all you haters need to go f— yourselves!!! Your the the man Tom

  46. Tom Brady extremely awkward for being that famous

  47. The dog tho 😂

  48. Tom Brady is Thanos

  49. this is why he won

  50. Next year, when he has 8 rings, they are gonna hate him even more.

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