modifying the ecotric fat tire bike

modifying the ecotric fat tire bike

EcoTrick electric fat tire bike

Giddy Up! bike seat

Acomfort cargo rack

Wald folding baskets

allgreenB-SOUL tool bag

handlebar extender

Victagen bike light

FJQXZ fender flares (doesnt fit at all on the eco tric fat tire bike)

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  1. Have you thought of maybe putting beach cruiser bars would that work?

  2. I found out where you are from saw your licence plate. So it is not North Shore In B.C. , I got taken for a ride. still thanks for the video.

  3. How is the bike holding up? How many miles have you put on it? also, how "weather proof" does it seem? Great videos! thanks for sharing your experience!

  4. Thanks so much for this video…I’ve been looking all over to find a bike rack that fits before I purchase the bike. Sadly, no bike rack no bike so I’m so glad to see one that fits since this is the bike I intend to purchase. I did notice that there are fenders on eBay that might work for you….

  5. To anyone concerned about full fenders…I bought the ones for the civibikes cheetah…took a couple of trips to the hardware store… But I ha e them installed, they don’t move or make any noise.

  6. Do you think it’s possible to upgrade the suspension? I am planning to buy it and upgrade the suspension later.

  7. i need to loose weight, i notice in one of your comments you was 230ish, did you loose alot by riding this E-Bike? that be great for me, i be using petal assist and some pure electric power knowing im out of shape.

  8. Thinking about getting the hammer for the trails. Everybody gives these bikes awesome reviews. Do you think that bike would be able to handle a 52 volt battery as is?

  9. is the bike still strong or did the battery die?

  10. Tks for your sharing and your support to ECOTRIC!

  11. I’m loving the bike man. I went for my first ride today. I’m 245 lbs, and I made it 17 miles before the battery died. I rode in pedal assist 4 & 5, and I tried the throttle for about 30 seconds. Does this mileage sound normal? I know the bike is advertised to go about 30 miles on pedal assist but that is for someone much lighter than me. Thanks

  12. just got the same bike rode it almost 30 miles the second day ..i didnt want to get off lol

  13. How fast is it and can it handle trails?

  14. Robert Steinhaus February 4, 2021 @ 8:33 pm

    I found the review very helpful to me.
    I am especially grateful for the link to the Wald folding baskets.
    (Grade for the review is an "A")

  15. Bro I could put my puppy in the side cargo basket and it would be like a side car

  16. Thought I would come back and share my mods with you I made so far.

  17. Your back cargo rack is somewhat a rear mud flap. Don’t really need a fender back there.

  18. so is the motor a bafang motor? curious about the controller as well. the battery looks like one that would be easy to get a spare? appreciate you making the vids on this bike!

  19. I have this bike and dammit I love it , especially now that I installed some fenders on it … literally everytime im out in public with it, I get compliments and it’s led to some pretty awesome convos with people I don’t even know lol

  20. Attach that rear fender to the underside of the rack believe me if you do any riding in the rain that will help you tremendously I have a shity little one on mine and it sucks

  21. Thank you for your informative Video! This is the bike I’m getting, can you provide the link for the bike rack in your video.
    Keep up the great work, Britt

  22. Hey I love your videos! Very imformative. I am looking at getting one but I can’t find anywhere if the bolt on the left side of the bike can be screwed off to fit a bicycle kids trailer. I want to pull my kids around and I don’t know if it has a similar setup to other mountain bikes. Do you think a trailer can be attatched? Or even an adapter like this one. Bike Trailer Hitch
    You’re the only person I’ve found who is informative and knows his stuff. I apologize for the questions.

  23. THE SNOOZE BUTTON February 4, 2021 @ 8:49 pm

    Any one have any ideas or have you tried to switch the brakes. I cant get used to the front brake on the right hand side

  24. Can you give me the link for the basket on the back? Do you still love it?

  25. Thanks for the mod video, I love mine and keep adding items as well. So now I have a few other things to think about. My favorite mod I have done is an extra battery and a cargo rack to hold it. Now I can go 40-60 miles when I am out.

  26. Hey brother I just bought one 3 weeks ago and I need to get the cruiser style handlebars Stanley’s mountain bike bars I broke my neck when I was younger and these bars are killing me and getting a hold of the company sucks do you know of any way to get ecotric handlebars

  27. Thanks for all your great videos. I put the exact same set up for storage over the rear. Love it. Have you had any luck finding a set of fenders that work well with this set up? Thanks again.

  28. I have the stationary basket like that that does not fold that I think I’m going to try and put on my bike. You can use that for a mud flap. I used to wrap plastic bags around mine when it was raining over it stopped it from flying up all over me but if you put something else on it part of a fender in the front we don’t need a fender in the back

  29. What was the total amount of bike with all the add on’s ?

  30. i only seen you pull one cargo rack out, looks like you got two, maybe im wrong, thanks for sharing your bike with us, im for sure im getting one. i live in the country, 6 miles out of town and from work, be great exercise! oh and i hope your bike is still running strong!

  31. Really enjoyed the video! You think you can add a Tesla car battery for better range?

  32. *This bike is awesome🚲>**ε44** .. if I didn’t have a second job I wouldn’t even need my car! Great ride use iit for 20 min 🚲 commute to and from work. ( that’s 40 min of exercise that i get ) love it, love it love it!*

  33. Nice video, do you think you could replace the handle bars with cruiser style handle bars to get a more comfortable ride? Thanks

  34. Rear fender – zip tie to under side of rack

  35. William Penn jr. February 4, 2021 @ 9:13 pm

    you should’ve bought the rack and mud flaps that are designed for the bike. They cost a little more but it would’ve saved you the hassle of trying to figure out how to get it all to fit.
    the cages are really cool looking though.

  36. You really dork-ified it. But I guess going for cool points wasn’t the objective.

  37. What is your opinion of this bike for a heavy rider 300# I have bad lung and heart so I need some assist? thanks

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