My new Xtreme XB300li electric bike

My new Xtreme XB300li electric bike

SO, if I’m going to give a rating.
I would rate this Xtreme XB300li
a 10 out of 10!

At first glance, the quality looks
questionable are things like the
seat, pedals and grips. They are
very BASIC quality, but WILL DO
THE JOB! No big deal. Who
cares about those. Other than
that, the main parts especially
the frame, wheels, crank,
handlebar, rear rack and even
not to mention the whole
electric system and battery look

Well anyway, all in all I REALLY
based on my first ride, even with
pedaling ONLY!

So what made me decide on
this Extreme XB300li??



3) Like the permanent area for
battery and controller.

4) The lithium battery. NOT SLA

5) disk brakes (first bike I ever
owned with disk brakes)

6) Like the twist and go and
assistant modes.

7) advertised to go 15-20 on a
charge and top at 20 mph. (BUT
as of this video, I have not tried
this YET. So I don’t know if it
really does or not. I’m yet to try

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  1. New Electric Bikes March 9, 2021 @ 10:00 pm

    Great video….This bike is available at our online store

  2. Anyone know where I can buy extra battery?

  3. do you have a swollen tongue?

  4. Colombian Flag March 9, 2021 @ 10:03 pm

    i want in e bike for are way to expensice

  5. Kmart has the XB-305-SLA for $584.00.. 

  6. great video! thank you. i’m highly thinking about getting this bike. question.. do you like this bike? Also, can you send me a link to that speedometer/odometer? i’m getting it. thank you

  7. hello thanks for the electric bike review, i was on the endless-phere forum and i found this bike with $20 off compare with ebay prices . i just spoke to the owner of the site and the customer service was pleasant so i put in my order, ill try to do an unboxing videos when i get it. check it out for yourself here :

  8. Your video gave me the confidence to buy an "assembly required" ebike package. Sellers or suppliers should post something like this with regards to their products.  Very informative, thanks!

  9. thank you so much! i have a few questions thoght… . is it pretty strong and durable? does it take alot of electricity that your bill goes up? 

  10. Daniel Sparrow March 9, 2021 @ 10:11 pm

    hi, I’m wondering is the bike a small bike I’m 6 foot and it’s hard to tell thanks.

  11. Thank you Now how has it performed since you got it few years ago ?????

  12. Didn’t want to go cheap with the SLA battery huh?

  13. oh ,so nice

  14. I bought one recently and love it.  great bike.  lots of fun cruising around!

  15. Reinaldo Gonzalez March 9, 2021 @ 10:15 pm

    I wouldn’t charge such a big battery on top of the carpet..

  16. Daryl Martinez March 9, 2021 @ 10:16 pm

    thanks for uploading your video. it really helped me figure out how to put on the tail rack. i had to buy extra allen bolts because mine was missing one.
    my bike also came with an extra part. i thought it was a water bottle holder but when i finished the project there was that left over part that didn’t seem like it goes anywhere. there’s nothing in the instruction manual that addresses that part.

  17. hi i just got a e bike and was wondering what does the red button do??

  18. Top speed ? Does it really do 20

  19. Thank you for making this video, and we are glad you love your new XB-300li. If anyone is interested in an XB-300li or any of our line of X-treme electric bikes you can check them out at

    Thanks Gilbert!

  20. CR3WProductioz March 9, 2021 @ 10:21 pm


  21. do you still have the bike .And how do you like it .  Thanks

  22. 2 questions, can you take off the rack without having to make any modifacations to the bike, such as different lengths of screws etc? also anyone know how to take off the limiter? and or get a better battery compatible with that big slot.

  23. Is it possible to switch the throttle from the right handle to the left one?

  24. Hi Gilbert, How is this bike’s ability to go uphill? I have to an uphill climb on my way home of 300′ in one mile. Would this bike do it? With or without peddle assist?

  25. great post thanks!

  26. Anyone know where I can buy extra battery?

  27. Nice review.

  28. I bought one about 4 years ago still running. Anyone know how to upgrade battery, motor and bms? I need more power.

  29. Would you sell your bike ?   Thanks

  30. That’s a good video . Gilbert Arciniega Do you where Can I get  the motor  controller?
    because Xtreme S  don’t have it on stock.
    Thanks for the video!!!!

  31. Thanks for posting this video! I plan on buying the XB-310Li for this coming summer. Your review was by far the longest and most detailed one I’ve seen. You did all the filming yourself, and had your babies in the background, and you still managed to put out the best tutorial on this bike I’ve seen, all done from the view of one of us, a potential buyer. Thanks man!

  32. Good review… you didretty good riding single handed you must be an experienced rider. Thx you.

  33. im getting this bike soon and this video definitely helped…thx a bunch 

  34. Very nice video indeed Gilbert! Can you please tell us where you got the LCD display for $10? also, does the controller comes with wires to to hook it up or did you have to wire it up yourself?

  35. What gear is the throttle and pedal assist most effective on? This is my first non-single speed bike.

  36. Nice video and I like how you started the video from scratch I should have done it like that to.

  37. I just got the exact bike. on throttle only, it goes 16-17mph with me (I weigh 195lbs) on pedal assist it can go as fast as you pedal. The assist motor only takes you to 16-17. Everything faster than that is all you. I can take it to 20 ,but its mostly my own power. I just use throttle only to get the full usage out of the motor.

  38. Great Electric Scooters and Bicycles March 9, 2021 @ 10:50 pm

    If you’re interested in buying one just go to they have now the XB-300LI for just $599 instead of $749 until 08/15/2014

  39. Thanks Gilbert for your quick reply. It was very helpful. Sorry for my spelling error – I guess it would be hard to "peddle" on a bike.

  40. Thank you for greatly enlightening me….dude you rock.

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