Nakto electric bike review: A $599 Amazon e-bike

Nakto electric bike review: A $599 Amazon e-bike

The Nakto 26″ electric cargo bike isn’t sexy, but it will get you around on the cheap, at just $599 in white ( or $648 in black (

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  1. Lizette Flores April 6, 2021 @ 11:18 pm

    And that’s on privilege “cheap $600 bike” last time I checked, lots of people can’t even afford a “cheap” $600 bike

  2. I bought a Nakto cargo bike so I would have one that wouldn’t tempt thieves as much as my other bikes and wouldn’t cost so much to replace. I have put almost four thousand miles on it. It is easy to control and the frame fits me. The forks bottom out if I run over a shadow. The left crank falls off every few miles. The front wheel seized up in under three miles. The drum brake surprised me. It never needs adjusting, it doesn’t grab and it’s very predictable. The chain guard is very fragile and only lasted a few hundred miles. The seat lasted for about two thousand miles. The motor overheats and turns off. The fenders are sturdy. The gears and derailer are holding up well. I am surprised that this is the bike I ride the most when I have much better choices parked right next to it. I like it. I am ashamed that I like it but I like it.

  3. can you take off the basket??

  4. Don’t get this bike. I had it for like, 10 months and the battery crapped out on me. Company’s customer support sucks. Looking for Amazon refund now.

  5. With over exploited people work everything can be cheaper.

  6. You get what you pay for.

  7. what type of battery fuse and where did you get the spare?

  8. How to buy it?

  9. had one for 2 years, one of the best purchases of my life but it depends on your travel distances. This bike saved me so much money. however the version I have is better, metal front basket and a different stand

  10. I have owned this bike for a long time and used it to get too and from work, as well as a couple appointments Herr and there. I loved this bike, and my only complaint is if you loss the 2 keys it’s a pain in the ass to get a new one. You really hit about 22 miles an hour (I used an app to track) while pedaling and I was about 220 pounds. I was always on flat ground so I can’t speak about his fuse breaking, but I’d give the bike a solid 4.5/5 as an unexperienced buyer.

  11. I bought the Nakto Classic a few months back for my wife, basically the same bike with a slightly different shaped frame and solid fork. Works quite fine for my wife and even pulls my 250 lb. body without much issue. Rim brakes are marginal, but nothing dangerous. Certainly worth the money. No fuse issues with ours.

  12. How fast can the basket be removed?t

  13. Marcia Cardoso April 6, 2021 @ 11:30 pm

    I have one I love it !! Nakto♥️💞

  14. Lol at the battery joke! Quick question, what has better acceleration between the Lectric XP and the Juiced Scrambler? Is the difference a lot? I’m considering canceling my order and switching and I’d love your input. Thanks!

  15. A friend of mine has a nakto camel e bike and he loves it, he rides it all over the place and has had no problems with it 👍.

  16. Other than a propensity to knock out the fuse, plenty of value.

  17. This should be the average price for e-bikes. Can’t understand the overpricing in what I suppose is a competitive market…

  18. Stacy Beecroft April 6, 2021 @ 11:35 pm

    You said the PAS is either on or off. What speed will it get you too?

  19. Thanks to capitalism and milking the covid-19 pandemic the prices on these things have been jacked up.

    For over glorified bicycles with motors on them they should at the very least make them better quality I mean it is the price of the motor that makes it more expensive
    everything else should be relatively reliable

    bought the men’s version of the bike to commute to work on a daily basis
    was limited to this option because I couldn’t afford something that cost more money than my yearly income

    Paid 700 for it after tax and that was the clearance sale reduced price

    It is inferior in every way shape and form to e bikes built in the 1990s

    Coming out of the box it had heavy rust like thicker than what most bikes have been sitting outside for 20 years have on them the rest was coming out of the attachment between the gooseneck and the forks and was so thick it could not be brushed off
    I will be surprised if the bike last longer than a year before it is complete and total garbage

    Sitting outside like all the other bikes do and my dogs peed on the Wheel ., there was rust where they peed in less than 24 hours OTHER bikes sit out there for years before they show signs of rust., the paint on the bike itself though appears like it might be durable but that remains to be tested
    the cheap plastic basket looks very girly but is probably the most important feature on the bike if you don’t want to carry stuff in a backpack

    the horn is an embarrassment and it sounds like something you would put on a three-year-old child’s tricycle

    Nonetheless I’ve tested it and people completely and totally ignore the horn even when they’re blocking my path and I’m sitting three feet behind them you but when they put the bike together they obviously knew the horn was totally ineffective and they provided the cheapest Bell possible to go along with it you can find the Bell on the shelves at Walmart for about $3 and
    It is also a sound that people ignore / they might cock their head periodically and wonder what it was
    actually have to come to a dead stop speak up and say hey excuse me any and every other horn or Bell I’ve ever had and people at least look and step to the side

    The reason I needed an electric bike is because my legs are damaged this bike is in capable of climbing the hill that I have to get over to get to work the ebike I had before was the original ebike from 1997 and it had no problem doing 25 miles an hour over the hill the top speed on this thing feels like it’s under 20 miles an hour and it has a maximum of a 6 mile range before it is completely dead taking a total of over 4 hours to charge

    For a low-budget bike the seat actually looks pretty cool but it is really uncomfortable and it Wiggles

    Massive amounts of money must have been spent on marketing research to make this thing as crappy as possible I dread having to call on the warranty for everything that’s going to fall apart on it customer service is a nightmare especially on crab products
    It is the cheapest ebike I could find sadly the more expensive ones are much better

    So I think its girly basket is actually functional I like the cheap flimsy latch that closes the opening & will have to find a way to paint it and hope the paint sticks to plastic

    The rack behind the seat is actually fairly decent and I cannot complain in any way shape or form about it to date but then I haven’t put much weight on it yet I plan to attach baskets to the side of it for when I go shopping I believe it will hold the weight and see no reason why it won’t the tires have really good traction for cheap skinny looking Wheels although I probably shouldn’t have said that because of the manufacturer sees this comment they’ll change the wheels out for something less effective I don’t think the basket will last long I’ll probably have to replace it soon but I do like it even if it does look like crap and is made out of cheap plastic I might actually invest $30 in fiberglass material to plaster over top of it make it stronger the headlight can’t stay in place it keeps falling off I’ll have to find a way to replace that probably by duct taping a flashlight in place the seat will have to replace soon I imagine of a break off on its own soon enough and won’t be worth the hassle to get a warranty replacement

    my advice if somebody is dumb enough to buy this bike and they’re throwing it at his garbage it’s worth salvaging

    But you’re still better off buying a kit from a bike shop for a couple hundred dollars more and having a regular bicycle converted into an e-bike

    because this thing is going to cost a fortune to maintain I mean you have to replace the light the seat the handlebars suck ass the baskets not going to last long the rims are rusting and the gooseneck is bound to snap off for the forks because that’s rusting out from the inside

  20. Magellanic Light April 6, 2021 @ 11:35 pm

    Dorothy wizard of Oz picnic basket LMAO 🤪😂

  21. I bought one for my 75 yo mom. She will love it. She went on a 20 mile ride up Zions national park on rented ebikes that was uphill one way but she will live riding around her neighborhood and close park for exercise

  22. Juliano José Da silva April 6, 2021 @ 11:39 pm

    Como posso conseguir UMA?

  23. Omar Maldonado Aguilar April 6, 2021 @ 11:40 pm

    I recommend this bike, its components are of good quality and I have a year with it and nothing has failed me.

  24. patricia tonge April 6, 2021 @ 11:40 pm

    Sounds like a good first bike for going to College or just a daily short commute. Good summary. Can’t argue with the price either. The basket has to go!

  25. Does it fold?

  26. If this model come to india with 20000 indi rupees. Its become huge hit in india

  27. I have one of these and have ridden it over 400 miles so far with no problems so far ! I also have one of their "speed green" models . It has over 1300 miles on it . Still has original tires and brakes and no issues eather.

  28. Closed company like communicating with the dead probably would be easier

  29. Sammie Mohammed April 6, 2021 @ 11:52 pm

    Excellent review thank you

  30. Saddletramp1200 April 6, 2021 @ 11:52 pm

    I have an Ancheer 26" and it’s a great bike. Worth way more than the 600.00 I paid Amazon.

  31. Opinion Matters April 6, 2021 @ 11:53 pm

    Love how electric bikes are getting better in price and quality for what you pay for. All bikes will have battery assist one day

  32. hi all ….this is a smart watch for less than $10

  33. Thanks for another budget bike review. This one isn’t my style, but it’s nice to see there’s a good range of reviews for people who can’t drop a grand. Now, I’m wondering just how many of these 250w motors are actually 350w in disguise? …and does it really make that much of a difference?

  34. Chris Qualtrougeehjdd April 6, 2021 @ 11:56 pm

    I understand these things cost a lot of money in general but….. In no way is $599 ultra budget lol

  35. Got one a few years back, was ok for a while.
    Ended up, using the frame for another build

  36. That is nice

  37. This bike is underrated.

  38. What is he using to film ??

  39. Lorrie Mccarty April 7, 2021 @ 12:02 am

    This is not a great bike, It is not pedal assist as advertised. The speed cannot be adjusted. Once you start peddling it takes over and is very DANGEROUS! Do not want to buy this bike unless you want a moped.

  40. The Heart of Brunswick is your Community Radio Station April 7, 2021 @ 12:02 am

    Where can I buy it from Melbourne Victoria Australia

  41. What’s up with the weird cloud formation @0:58sec mark. It looks creep

  42. 9399572036

  43. I bought a tail G electric scooter 48 volts 350 Watts and I can get more than 25 miles I go to work and come back with no issues, is a 48 volts 12 hour battery and it’s pretty good not only that is not lithium is lead acid the only difference I think is the weight but I can go up to 26 miles per hour 👍💪

  44. Harold Jackson April 7, 2021 @ 12:06 am

    Just a quick question. I have ordered three e-bikes and as of today only received one from Rad Power Bikes. One of the other bikes got shipped back to the sender for some resin that I don’t know. The other one was from Nakto, "I ordered it through AMAZON" a folding cargo bike. The Nakto has been on the way for over a month now and they keep saying it’s on the way. Can I ask, who you order your bikes from? And do you have the same issues I have in trying to order e-bikes? Thank you, Harold Love the RadWagon!

  45. Hey Micah,
    Did you just say NATKO at 00:20?
    Love your reviews!

  46. Not a "sexy" bike but to be fair, it is elegant and dignified. No need to be apologetic about the components or features on this bike for the money. I guess if you have ridden high end e-bikes, anything below $2,000 seems not very capable.

  47. What class bicycle is this? Class 1 class 2 or class 3?

  48. Mark and Marie April 7, 2021 @ 12:13 am

    Where do I locate this fuse of which you speak?

  49. What a complete sack of fucking shite.

  50. How good is the bike in the long run? Does the battery sustain bumps on sidewalks? Can it be used as a daily commuter even in a snowy weather? How good are the breaks?

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