Nakto Super Cruiser Review – $1.3k Fat Tire Ebike

Nakto Super Cruiser Review – $1.3k Fat Tire Ebike The Nakto Super Cruiser is a value priced fat-tire hub-drive electric bike that is not only capable but has features like a suspension fork, wide plastic fenders, battery integrated headlight, and locking ergonomic grips. Electrically powered by a 500 watt Aoma hub-drive motor that is engaged via both a thumb throttle and cadence based pedal assist, features a high capacity 48v 12ah battery and large display. Makes use of a 6 speed Shimano Tourney TZ system with a thumb dial shifter up front and 160mm mechanical disc brake rotors in the front and back. Crank arms are made for shorter people, bike isn’t exactly a cruiser due to the forward handlebar and more narrow saddle, keys must stay in battery when riding. EBR was paid to perform this review #Sponsored We try to be honest, thorough, and fun! Comparison tools, shop directory, and forums at:

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  1. Love the reviews, but would like to see more long-term reviews.. I was seriously considering buying this bike, glad I didn’t. Apparently the Hub Motors are no good. Almost every long-term review same story, these motors don’t fare well with hills and heavy Riders. Almost always blow with a 48 volt battery. Sounds like they do okay with a 36 volt but what’s the point of that.

  2. I would love to see some reviews of all the new 2020 bikes from major manufacturers and less of the upstart brands.I eagerly await your videos and am disappointed when these cheap bikes come up again and again.I suppose charging a universal service fee, your going to get more upstart brands needing promotion. Would like to see you review the new Focus, Cube,Marin, YT, Felt bikes etc.. thx

  3. Great review. I have this bike an you put up a spot on review.. I do agree this bike is a ton an a half of fun to ride. I am 5’10 160 pounds an at times it struggles up a hill. I will make it up, so that matters. The components used on this bike are not the best. I’ve replaced the rubber grips cause they simply wore down to the hard plastic, pedal assist needs replacing as the sensor on the bottom has broken away. I’m not sure from what cause. the derailleur broke causing the chain to sag, that was replaced. a few other troubles, i.e. brakes needs constant adjusting, plastic thumb throttle broke. Kick stand broke. Don’t expect much out of the front headlamp. The handle bars are placed well an gave me a good sense of control. Mine is just over a yr old with 500 miles on the reader. I get up to 25 miles an hours, a bit more maybe. I use it for small rides of 3 or 4 miles. Examples to the post office or to the drug store, or such places. Once I buy a brand I tend to stick with it, but I think my next eBike will be ecotric or Addmotor. I’m not sure but maybe even Anker. I have come to enjoy the fat tire style. eBikes. Warning if you don’t want people stopping you asking you…WTH is that thing?? don’t get this bike. These mad max badboy looking style bikes are head turners.

  4. Dodgy electronics, notice the 00.0 mph at 16:50 makes me wonder what other issues are lurking beneath.

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  6. This is a great bike for the price just need to upgrade the fork, seat and add a suspension seat post and 170mm crankset. Pedal assist wastes battery time so I’ve turned it off and just use the thumb throttle when I need extra power. I’ve also set P09 @ 50 which allows a top speed of 30mph. By the way the 2020 version of the super cruiser has only one good thing going for it which is an aluminum frame everything else is 👎. 400 watt motor👎, 10ah battery👎, control screen reduced in size and integrated into the bar clamp👎👎. Mag wheels👎👎👎.

  7. I’ve tried, BUT I just cant take this guy seriously or watch his videos with the Katy Perry glasses and the George Jetson helmet……

  8. Rebecca Wischmeyer December 13, 2020 @ 9:36 pm


  9. Big

  10. Anyone interested in buying one I have one for sale. I purchased 2 but now only need one. Can give great deal on it. Still in box

  11. Would NEVER recommend this bicycle to anybody. As soon as I bought this bike it started to fall apart. First thing is it really shows how cheaply made some of the electronic parts are on this bike like the controller which fried on mine in the first 2 weeks of ownership. You are better off going to a local bike ebike shop then dealing with Nakto. On top of that Naktos customer service is total crap, they do not care about your problems but want you to buy a $1,000+ ebike. Please viewers if you read this comment take my advice. Don’t want you to end up in the same situation as me.

  12. For Snow only.

  13. can you use throttle and paddle assist in same time with 0 start…i mean start right away with the throttle and then if you want just paddle assist to use motor….im asking cause it looks like mine you have to switch it in between 0 start and none to use it …

  14. kickass review! i feel like the reviews have been generally getting better, much better test rides lately!
    this review made me change my opinion on this bike, not to shabby at all.

  15. Nice bike. And it is a good price. What material is the frame? Is that a standard battery form factor? Ie, can I get another battery for it without buying the battery from Nakto?

  16. Companies selling at this price point are using lots of off-the-shelf parts (motor, gearing, battery) on a number of pre-designed frame molds. Hydro-forming steel tube or aluminium has to be done at scale to make it cost-effective. Bikes from many different companies/distributors/re-sellers look very similar. Motor and Gear hardware etc, as well as color may vary but many of these bikes roll out of the same factories in China and are configured according to the contract specs from the North American buyer. If you want to know why other e-bikes go for $5000 or (much more)…..they are likely custom frames with higher end hardware made in smaller runs at greater unit cost.

  17. 28 mph makes this a pretty good deal

  18. Where can you find those kind of fenders on the bike


  20. Good review, but man, you do not have "sticky" at all..!

  21. I want to get a suspension seatpost for this bike and at 9:26 you show an SP12 NCX seatpost however they only have 4 sizes.
    You mentioned this bike has an unusual size of 25.4mm and the SP12 NCX only comes in 27.2mm X 400mm
    27.2mm X 350mm
    30.9mm X 350mm
    31.6mm X 350mm
    So why did you recommend this seatpost when they don’t have the size to fit this bike?
    Where can I get a decent suspension seatpost in the 25.4mm size to fit at the same price point of 109.95? Thanks!

  22. Great review ! Glad you took the advice on not holding the camera. The ride was a true journey over real terrain. You always do a great job 👍 I own a Nakto fat tire bike. I have a different model. Just be aware that you can’t raise the stem or handlebars which can be an strain on your back if you ride for long distances bent forward.
    I found a way to change my stem out with a skilled bike mechanic and a part I got off eBay , it worked , but it can’t be changed under normal circumstances. Nakto is low end but I love my bike. I have the mini cruiser 20 inch.

  23. I’ve had one of these before. Let’s just say never again

  24. Michael Zimmerman December 13, 2020 @ 10:04 pm

    Wait, i didn’t hear a review???? What is "a performer"? W

  25. I really like this bike. Had mine a few weeks now.

  26. BFT – Big Fat Tire? Just a guess. lol

  27. Why do offroad first on a cruiser smh just ride

  28. Mine died at 2.5yrs. Some type of electrical problem. Turns on but then goes off immediately. I paid $1000 for it and really wouldn’t recommend getting one. It was great until now.

  29. Are you going to review the eahora AM100?

  30. BFF stands for “Beefy Tire” 🙂

  31. Great value for the money . I’ve had mine up to 50 KM. The M5 display used on many bikes can easily be changes from 1-5 PAS to 0-9 PAS 0 giving no assist. The controller is 28 AH will pull over 500 watts . The frame is incredible with powder coated finish I wiped out a few times barely a scratch where a aluminum frame would have bent like a pretzel. Running on the beach I reduce air pressure to 15 PSI handles a lot better normal road 30 PSI .Tire repair simple with quick release on power chord. I put a adjustable angle on headset from Amazon $15 for more comfort. Best of all replacement parts are availiable from Nakto in California the carry everything my other e bike takes weeks to get simple parts.

  32. Is not that strong I see

  33. Lol the speedo isint even working right….

  34. Have you found an electric bike that is good for your long legs? I have a 36inch inseam and am looking for an electric bike that is nice for a tall. person

  35. COOKIEGALLETA Lopez December 13, 2020 @ 10:20 pm

    Don’t buy fuse ALWAYS burns after a couple of miles and again this company is the worst!!

  36. What’s most appealing about this bike for me is the price, but that’s it. It seems both on and off road capability is compromised too much designing a cruiser frame with a 90 degree stem and straight bars.

  37. RAD Rover, all day. Sorry Nakto, your bike should be priced around a grand, tops

  38. I almost got suckered into nakto. A buddy of mine bought one…I went with ecotric instead and built a commuter I’m 2600 miles in and didn’t miss a day commuting to work in the South Dakota winter. He on the other hand has an ebike that he put about 300 miles on that no longer works. Nakto bikes are trash. Stay away. The crazy part is I paid 800 bucks for my bike 😂😂💪.

  39. Your going to prematurely wear out a ebike like this going off road and hard use. It’s just a nice stylish cruiser which needs a few upgrades.

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